Mystic Darkstone Design 2

Mystic Darkstone Design 2
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Merchants there Include, but are not limited to The BEO, URefined, Angel D-Signs, Valerianas Fantasy, KOOL TECH. There are still open store units available to rent.
All stores in this Mall have an exclusive contract with Mystic and can only be found in the Mystic Continent, where Mall stores are parceled for their own land settings.

At the center of Mystic Mall II you will find the Mystic Estates Realty Main OfficeI. Mystic is currently the largest and oldest Real estate company in Island Oasis. No worry that you rent with us and we close. We ARE here to stay. We offer full grandfathered Elite sims with no avatar limits and max prim count limits.

6 themed mall regions:
Mystic Mall I
Mystic Mall II
Mystic Mall III
Fashion Village
Builders Emporium (classes taught there)
Iridium Plaza
Each region sized mall has exclusive Merchants found only on the Mystic Continent, and support our merchants with free advertising, free web-based customer service that they can use with any grid, each store is searchable and not lost among the masses of a mall, each store has its own landing point and can set its own LM logo, stream and description. Plus FREE listing on our website

We have Mystic Strip Mall (no exclusivity agreement) for sml-med sized stores where you can rent as many side by side stores and have the walls removed to connect them into a larger store. Residential and Commercial land outside the Malls in a variety of parcel sizes all the way up to whole regions. Store names are in land descriptions so they are searchable. Cost effective pricing.

In addition to our 6 themed malls and our strip mall we have regions that offer residential or commercial land in a variety of parcel sizes from 3328sqm-1/4 sims.
Diamond Isle
Sapphire Isle
Mystic Isle I
Mystic Isle IV

Mystic Subdivision, located on Mystic Isle III offers an affordable alternative to the Free land offered in Island Oasis and allows you a commercial option. The homes in the subdivision are ready for you to furnish and allow you to change the stream. Ground level is for residential use only. Each home comes with a pre-defined skybox area on the same parcel that you can use as residential (park, 2nd home, garden) or use as a commercial area (small store)

There are several landscape areas for residential tenants to use for boating, exploring or relaxing. Visit Mystic Escape for a walk on the beach, cuddle spots and a small dance gazebo.


LEGENDS VENUE AND TAVERN is a welcoming blues environment that features live performers and DJs through out the week. Often free gifts can be found there.

IRIDIUM Ballroom is a high end establishment, open 24/7. Live performers and DJs weekly.
Come dressed to impress in your finest formal wear. Meet the dance partner of your dreams or bring a date.
The Ballroom features 2 balconies for more privacy and has an ocean view. On the outer walkway of the Ballroom there is seating for those special conversations and relaxing. At the entrance is a bar area for you to fellowship and meet others.
Free formal wear is provided for males and females if you do not already have your own.
In the front of the Ballroom in the Plaza are are 2 garden park areas with couples seating and the Plaza is surrounded by shops to offer accessories and semi-formal and formal wear.

Now hiring greeters, hosts, DJs, real estate agents and more. Become a part of the Mystic staff.

Photos & Posts
Looking for a FREE store location? I am willing to trade social media posting for store space. If you have facebook and other social media accounts and are willing to post Mystic news, events and merchant sales info let me know. I will trade you: your efforts for a FREE store.
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AlysinDarkstone 2 years ago
Authentic and original Mystic land, creators and owners, (Officially) Est 2010. Mystic Estates is a subsidiary of Mystic Darkstone Designs, founded in 2010. Mystic Isle Estates and Mystic Darkstone Commercial Estates and Darkstone Kingdoms are all Divisions of Mystic Estates. The owners have a collective experience in virtual real estate ventures since 2006 (under a variety of "Mystic" names) in a myriad of virtual worlds when they officially formed Mystic Darkstone Designs in 2010. (we hadn't registered anything anywhere til 2010 which is the official date) Please do not confuse newer land masses, regions and other virtual world locations with the ORIGINAL "Mystic" aka "Mystic Darkstone" formed in 2006. We have never been one to seek the spotlight but rather enjoy creating but we do get others confusing newer Mystic locations, with ours. 11 years and counting as Mystic, Mystic Darkstone or Darkstone is a long time, so just wanted to clear that up. Of course there will be many in many virtual worlds to use Mystic as a name, we understand why... it's a cool name, which is why we chose it. The current Mystic team has been together since 2007 with the original core team beginning in 2006 and adding to it in 2007 and again in 2008.
coder 3 years ago
Commercial Grid..
AlysinDarkstone 3 years ago
The grid Mystic is in is called Island Oasis and it is a Hypergid accessible grid. It used to be a closed commercial grid with no HG access. That changed quite some time ago. Private region owners have the right to choose if their private region is HG accesible, thus giving its residents the power to choose but your comment that it is a commercial grid isnt true. The region that you are posting this comment on is Also HG accessible as you can clearly see from this listing on :)
AlysinDarkstone 3 years ago
Mystic is also hiring for
Assistant Strip Mall Manager
Assistant Subdivision Manager
AlysinDarkstone 3 years ago
Mystic is hiring for most areas.
DJs (Legends and Iridium)
Hosts (Legends, Legends Game room, Iridium)
Greeters (IIridium)
(light roleplay) Bartenders (Legends and Iridium)
Iridium Plaza attendant
Real Estate Agents
Iridium Ballroom Manager

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