Lilo Wunderlich 12 months ago
I remember carima in SL. We often played RP there. I miss RP much and sometimes I have a look here on this page, to see if there are people. But there ist only one person on the region everytime I watch here.... so sad.
Heinrich 11 months ago
Hello Lilo,
Carima includes more than 40 sims the traffic/online counter is placed on Carima-Center sim So it doesnt suprise that you see most time not that mutch ppl online, because RP happend on another sim.
Eldarwen Waffle 3 years ago
This palce is hyper-griddable just confirming as of Nov 2019 <3
Reverend GreyGhost 4 years ago
Why can't I hyper grid to this region? :(
Copper 6 years ago
A marvelous sim, continued from sl (what sl :-)) A must see for all medival time lovers. Friendly people!

Copper loves it (even as a Star Trek fan lol)
dkunstman 6 years ago
Beautiful region to explore. IMO, definitely worth checking out. Allow enough time for everything to load before you set out to explore.