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New Mexico
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Part of the Native American Indian library "living history," set in the 1800's South West USA. The terrain theme hints at the New Mexican 4 corners region with red clay canyons and plateaus.
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wolf and wild canid reference library. Learn about and advocate for preserving these endangered animals and their wild habitat. The library features unique scripted prim "books" in the library, posters, displays and more, all available in the library.
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Rural farm built around Satyr's farm package
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Performers, live music and other events
Those folks who provide live music, perfomances and various in-world events who would like to make use of an additional promotional venue on which to promote and advertise your upcoming events may like to make use of our web site https://infinitemetaverse.org/ at no cost to do so.

You may read more about us at https://infinitemetaverse.org/about-us and then register, and I can add you as an editor so you may enter your event details etc.

Timber Wolfe
Webmaster, Infinitemetaverse.com

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Creation 3

“Creation” is absolutely very cool, I took the ride twice, now that was interesting! very artistic! Good job in every way, highly recommend visiting!

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