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RubyTuesday 5 months ago
I've been there many times, never landed in the water, the landing point is set...that's so weird, and there are all kinds of things to see as soon as you land...are you sure you were on the right sim???
Valkar 5 months ago
This was the 2nd time I had tped to the place. Both times I landed in the bottom of the ocean using coordinates transferred to my map from opensimworld. ther last tiem I found the tp platform and tped to the dky club THis time there was no mntion of the new club on the tp platform.and I fly around the sim looking for the club
NewBeginnings 5 months ago
Thank you, for the information about landing in the water sorry you got all wet , there is a teleport that take you to the club please try Again let me know smile, sorry you Missed out the event it was a blast . and it's a boating community 3 clubs One in the sky 2 on on the land .your welcome there any time . free home for people to rent . Oh i remember you I sent you A teleport and welcome you but you were busy shopping in my house and on my land , picking up thing I hope you found what you needed have a good day !