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For the past 3 days OpenSimWorld has been unreachable either by Singularity or Firestorm, the difference is, Singularity says unable to connect, destination refused connection, and Firestorm says, 'Destination location unavailable, you have been moved to a nearby location" which by the way is Lbza Plaza.

And being that I use my osgrid account to directly log in to OpenSimworld, I don't need an HG address, also, I can ping with no problems, all other regions on osgrid I can log into , but not OpenSimWorld
For one, I noticed some of the items in the sellers truck are not even available on the farm, such as Sugar, Feta, Thread, Beer, Raisins, Butter, Tea Leaves, Pot (is that Marijuana?), and Rug.

2nd, the kitchen has 2 items that don't have scripts, and they are Paste plate, and Apple Pie.

3rd, the SFMarket NoMoney box, doesn't allow Onions to be sold or bought for less then or greater then $10.

And lastly, the storage rack doesn't allow Water to be stored, and there are no extra storage barrels.