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∞ Humane Female Mature playing as a Female Avatar. The Tonal. Voice Yoga. Chua Ka. Body Sculpting. Arica Institute. Tensegrity. Nagual. Tibetan Pulsing. Insight. Sanyasini. Vulcan, Klingon.♥♥Love and more love for Miguel Rotunno, for his love, friendship, generosity, patience, works of art, sims, Isla Bonita and the magnificent appearance of Dee Ferry, the avatar, a living doll.♥♥Profile Photo by Miguel Rotunno∞♥My Forever Love. My Forever Friend.

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Respect is earned, as is friendliness. - Michael Burnham

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Call me stupid, I just do not understand why objects on sims for free sale are not full perm? What part of free don´t I understand?

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Love it already! Keep going grasshopper... :)

Autumn Leaves

Lovely lush landscape. As I walked about the sim, l could imagine the natural smell of fall in the air. Like a walk in the park in October. I will visit again. So serene and relaxing. Beautifully done. Kudos!

Old World Mall

So happy I found this sim again! Organized! Fast delivery! Will visit again and again.


Cozy, homey, sweet farm. Feel the love :) Felt like I was visiting an old friend.


Visited this sim before and still love this place! Found some unusual syfy-type skins this time. ¨Do your thing. Do it unapologetically. Don't be discouraged by criticism. You probably already know what they're going to say. ¨ AR.


Smooth, organized, easy to shop... really nicely done! Enjoyed the visit! Will visit again.


Outstanding! Quality products. Not the same old same old. Well done. Will visit again.

The Furniture Vault

I like the sim. No problem receiving copies of goodies. However, I find that the black on black on black walls everywhere overwhelmed my poor old eyes. :(( Otherwise... good place.


Cozy and cute. A nice place to visit. Easy to find shopping and some unique items. Especially like the seating on the dock.

Adventure Isles

I usually do not enjoy amusement rides, however, what fun I had at this park! So well done. The swan ride through the tunnel/cave is wonderful. So much attention to detail. Yumm!

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Misty_Falls 6 days ago
Anyone, knowing Klingon and Vulcan, is on my list of cool ... Cheers and Happy exploring !