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i own ldu regions on osgrid, i am a little cat most of the time, i dj at my kittycat cafe and marina resort in ldu, i speak my mind so beware.

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the world is a big place for a small lil kitty and being small shows you how big this world is.
i may be a small kitty, but... its a big place.
tread carfully, as you may step on me.
look down, as you may miss me.
i may be small but i have a big heart, take notice and you may see that being small has its rewards..

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Christmas-Island 0 Users
christmas has arrived - a place for everyone to enjoy. feel free to visit.
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The-Marina-Resort 0 Users
Boating, sailing, Fishing, Hang Gliding & a small coffee & bar area to relax in
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KittyCat-Cafe 0 Users
KitttyCat Cafe is here feel free to drop by anytime - we ask that no child avatars permitted on this region, this will result a ban or removal thankyou!!!
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LDUMall 0 Users
LDUMall is a voice activated region, feel free to come explore the stores, everything from classic avis to mesh avi's. we are here for your shopping needs.
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G'day guys you due to me being in hospital again I have been away 18 days I am in respite now for another 14 days my regions are closed until I get back miss you guys

hi all due to my mums passing i will not be on much i will keep the mall open when i am onlineeeeeee sorry this may cause ppl not to see my other regions at this time....

hi all due to me just came out of hospital my regions are closed till i recover, if u need the mall open let me know and i can bring it up for you guys. cheers

LDU had a major crash so I am repairing it, we will be up ASAP for those who added me within the last day or too will have to redo it again. Its going to be a long day HEHE!!!

new look mall hope u like it

about ldu grid
hi just to explain to every1 that we are a voice enabled grid and we do type as well - as a rule we do take the time to greet people. I do understand that some people cannot use voice, but you must understand as well that some residents are unable to type, so I must accommodate that way as well.

if anyone has a issue please contact grid owner (me) inworld.

or leave a message.

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Bell Town

very well done this place is excellent I give it a full 5 stars - it is a fun place with all different things to enjoy I cant say how im so impressed with it its fantastic, keep up the good work...

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