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I love my friends and spend my online time Satyr farming, building and bulldozing.....and most importantly with Serina!

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The statistic that really matters: desolation!

I questioned Hypergrid Business' measure of landmass as a means for how good a grid is. So I looked at their October's "most active" grids stats from HypergridBusiness, and worked out some spreadsheet magic. The difference is, that I look at the number of actual logged in users (concurrency) in relation to the number of regions the grid has (single size equivalents). And this gives a much more usable metric as shown on the graph.

For OsGrid for instance, this means for every user that is logged in, there exist 201 regions on the grid; 200 without people, and 1 with a user.

If we want to bump into a another live person on Wolf Territories, we have to travel through 2611 regions!

It is no surprise the microgrids do well here. They make the grid no larger than is reasonable for the grid's concurrency.

Best in this graph is of course Second Life, with 0.6 regions per logged in user. That means every region in SL, has on average about 2 users in it.

Data file available at (you can repeat the test yourself)

NB. data measured at 19:30 UTC, usually when most OpenSimmers are online
NB2. the concurrency reported by Alternate Metaverse is most likely incorrect/fraudulent; correcting this to 60 (like when there's an event/party) yields a desolation of 167 regions per logged in user.

A few pictures from the Halloween Party! Thank you to everyone who came and those who helped make it all possible....and of course Miss Safine who makes Friends Grid possible!

Lunaria Emporium is back online

There is a large selection of realistic Cemetery / Halloween items at the Emporium on Wolf territories Grid. Click the Magic and Mysteries sign in the lobby to go to that floor. Click the Gothic sign in the lobby to teleport to the full cemetery on display.

HG Address: Emporium - Main Store

Limo: hop://

See all my Halloween/cemetery items on the Kitely Market here:

this.. today.. now.. and always..

RemmyRavenhurst: Yes pray for the world and also do something today that will make your small part of the world a better place. Pick up some rubbish, call a neighbour to see if they are ok. Compliment someone, give yo... 2 months ago

New Items in the Marina Store - Come take a look !

Hello Folks - Just letting you know that I have put out a new Upcycled clothing Item at the Marina Store.
If you havnt already joined the Discord Group I encourage you to do so ... Here I will post all the new items in the Marina Shop. Hope you Enjoy !
Hypergrid International Expo opens this Friday and sessions start Saturday in multiple languages!

HG Address: Welcome

For full information go here:

TrisTH: thanks for thinking about the subtitles, I will try to remember and attend 2 months ago
▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ Best OF REMIXES PARTY ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂ ▁

Best of DJ CRAZY remixes / die besten remixes von DJ CRAZY

Saturday / Samstag 30. September 2023
starts ◕12:00 OS time / 21:00 Uhr europ.

No Dresscode/keine Kleiderordnung

▶ good mood / gute Laune
relaxed atmosphere / lockere Athmosphaere


░░▒▓◙█◙█◙ CC-CLUBREGION 2 ◙█◙█◙▓▒░░

Inside Veri's Memorial at OSFest

One of my parcels at OSFest is ready to go. This one promotes my Luxor region on Wolf Territories grid. The small structure in the center is a memorial to Veri McMaster and there's a song playing there titled 'Moments' by Sid Acharya - it is not a stream so just make sure your sounds are turned up and after about a minute you will hear it playing.

Here's the hop: hop:// HG Address is Just look for the Egyptian structures.
Voice in Opensim is a vexed question, and whilst most of us don't use it for a whole host of reasons it is a very useful thing to have. But, so long as there has been a 'free' alternative, most have been happy to use Vivox. For most people Vivox is probably fine, but for some there is one very big downside to using this service: it eavesdrops.

Some years ago I was working on an Opensim based solution for remote meetings, a place where we could virtually meet. Probably the most important criteria was security and privacy, so obviously Vivox, with its policy of eavesdropping was a non-starter. I had become aware of the Whisper project, but that only worked with Opensim up to 0.7.6, and whilst the module was then still available, it isn't now. Also, the Whisper project itself was abandonware. In 2014, Zetamex announced a bounty for anyone finishing the work on the Mumble-Whisper voice module, and started a crowdfunder, which predictably, this being Opensim, raised the derisory sum of $62 from four backers...

Even at the time, it didn't look as if the bounty would be claimed, as Vivox was still a viable option, so of course that's what people went for rather than for an independent voice solution for Opensim. I did try to contact the person behind the project at the time, as I would have liked to have supported the project, but they did not get back to me. The project I was working on didn't progress, but more because of the high entry threshold of Opensim/Second Life. I still have the OARs I made for the project however.

The EchoVoice project announced in late 2021 offered some promise even though the project was looking for $60k in initial funding. A cynic might think that raising a sum like that in Opensim is just pie in the sky, and so it proved. Thus far the project has raised $775 of the needed $60,000. Hypergrid Business described the project as suffering from 'delayed funding'.

And now that Vivox seem to be about to follow through on their decision to close off access to Vivox for most users of Opensim there is now a clamouring. The writing has been on the wall for a very long time, and there have been alternative voice projects launched from within the Opensim community that have been ignored.

At the end of the day we need to take responsibility for our own project. The Opensim project needs lots of things. Opensim needs its own viewer project with all the SL only gunk removing, and arguably a more formally organised Opensim fork project is needed to properly progress the project. But I doubt that any of this will happen because no one will cough up any cash. I know there are some users of Opensim who are extremely cash-strapped, but I reckon that most could afford the odd pound/dollar every once in a while to support projects in Opensim. Even in my most financially straightened times I could always find the odd couple of quid for causes that are important to me. Now that I'm somewhat more financially secure, I can afford to indulge more, but like most, I understandably want to be sure that any project I contribute cash to has a better than evens chance of reaching its goal.

There is only one way we will get the things we want in Opensim, such as a voice module, and that is through paying for them!


Some people commenting have adopted an intemperate and abusive tone when making comments. I've deleted a few, (and blocked one persistent offender). Some people have also posted irrelevant comments, which have also been deleted. Please keep comments civil, respectful and on topic.

Arielle: The first question should be how many actually use inworld Voice on a regular basis anyway? I suspect the percentage is small. 3 months ago

Avi Worlds Party ... Aww sorry the pics came out very small :(

PinDeluca: Linda , Reggie and Pin - on the line dance ! 3 months ago

PinDeluca: Serina and Zuzu at the party 3 months ago
Rogue Galaxy, has been making a name for herself amongst the virtual world's Boomer, GenX, & Millennial communities at her Classic/Southern Rock Shows! Even though Blues is her passion.. she also sings classics from bands like The Stones, The Beatles, Bonnie Raitt, Eric Clapton, Janis Joplin, ZZ Top, SuperTramp, Bob Segar & Many others!

Rogue is a long time SL resident (16+ years) & OpenSim (3+ years), who's purpose for being in the virtual worlds is Live Performing, Hosting Live Music Events, & bringing people together through music. This soulful, raspy, songstress performs music for all tastes and occasions, spiced with humor and a warm personal touch.

» Шhen: ❈ ∵∴3:p - 5:p ∵∴ ❈
» Dress: ❈ ∵∴ CASUAL∵∴ ❈
» Ride: hop://

These wetsuits are sexy and functional for surfer babes that want to stay hot and cool at the same time. Cheers!

HerbieHaven: The group of regions where Lilly has her Monterey Bay sim also have scuba gear, tanks, regulators, fins, weight belts, swim ao, masks, snorkels and some great shark scuba diving areas in the Farallon ... 3 months ago
Doing a little infrastructure work on the sponsor region at OpensimFest, including adding a new EEP

For all OSFest exhibitors, merchants, and sponsors, the grid is now open for adding your builds and displays. You can find full and complete information regarding all aspects of accessing the grid and setting up here:

There are still spots open in all categories so make sure to register for yours today! If you wish to participate as an exhibitor, performer, or merchant, please go here to register for a parcel: then click Register on the top menu line. Once you have registered go to the web page mentioned at the top for information on how to proceed.

OSFest sponsors are those who support the grid monetarily to help offset the server and technical costs of running a short-term grid. Their support ensures the grid is free to everyone. If you would like to become a sponsor, go here to register where you can choose a support level you're comfortable with:
CopyKat Grid Tribute Club
The Tribute Club is a dance and hang out place for old friends of the CopyKat Grid and new friends of the CopyKat Collective. Visit the new pavilion with storyboards that tell the tale of Oni and the beginning of Adachi in 2008... Central

Join us on Discord:

KatKakoola: It's a beautiful place and well worth a visit! TY Nico x 3 months ago
It's that time of the year again when OSFest is nearly ready to open the doors of a new grid to exhibitors, merchants, and sponsors to start placing their creations before the official opening on September 15th. I know I've been working on my new exhibit since mid July.

OSFest (OpensimFest) is a big event with tons of exhibits from multiple grids, including individual exhibitors, merchants, and artists, as well as educators and grid owners. Each year they create a grid just for the festival with multiple regions and tons of performers that lasts 2 weeks. At the end they have a large celebration just before the entire grid is taken down until the next year.

If you wish to participate as an exhibitor, performer, or merchant, please go here to register for a parcel: then click Register on the top menu line. Once the grid opens you'll receive a parcel number by email.

OSFest sponsors are those who support the grid monetarily to help offset the server and technical costs of running a short-term grid. Their support ensures the grid is free to everyone. If you would like to become a sponsor, go here to register where you can choose a support level you're comfortable with:

For those of you who would like to attend, you can find the calendar of events here:

To hear all the news before everyone else, join our Discord here:

Star Ravenhurst: I had no trouble registering from the website and I joined the Discord server with no issues. I plan on being a volunteer for some hours and a Hostess for some time and helping out in any way I can. I... 3 months ago

Its great to see everyone migrating to Discord :) Thanks to All who have set it up and are taking part. I have a feeling it will be alot of fun !

Safinemahoe2: Huge thanks to Sora for making channels and organizing! 3 months ago
How to make simple and working sales box for store
1. Build a cube on land
2. Go to content tab and drag/drop inside content all items what will sale. Items, not boxes!
3. Now go to General tab and set Name and Comment
4. Mark "For Sale:" checkbox
5. Select "Content" with popup menu on right
6. Set price 0$ Zero
7. Check Access right checkboxes down. (All without "Move"!!! Or anyone will move box!)
8. You may add photo from "Texture" tab

This is all.
Peoples will receive folder named in #3 with content of your box and no need to use sandboxes, restart etc...
UPDATE: Thank you Dee.Ferry for providing me with the Blueberry - Frappe - Bodysuits fat-pack! The vendor now includes the black and the white versions of the bodysuit, as well as the gold.

Be both smart and sexy in this outfit. I'll supply the beautiful outfit and you supply the brains. I mean, I don't include brains with the outfits! That would only attract decidedly not sexy zombie shoppers.

oh HELLO: A Zombie Free Zone

I think the "Blueberry - Frappe - Bodysuits Full - Athena Gold" is part of a fat-pack. If you have it, kindly sent it to me, or tell me where to get it. Thanks!
My passion is building large architectural structures and regions for commercial, spiritual, and entertainment purposes, and doing them with highly detailed surfaces and textures. While I am not primarily in the business of making smaller items, in the process of making a venue I inevitably end up adding furniture, lighting, and accessories that match the style. A lot of these I make myself, but some, like this beautiful Art Deco Lamp, which will be part of my new OSFest build, I source from 3D modeling sites.

The first photo is of an original lamp from the 1920s, currently available on Etsy for about $300 usd. The second is the 3D model by Katmit developed for 3D printers. I purchased it on Renderhub for $12 and it came with an Extended Use license. After a lot of work with faces and UV maps I was finally able to get Firestorm to let my version upload, which is the last pic. I was meh about the plain globe, so I replaced that with something more interesting and added my light script. This little project took a lot more time and effort than I planned for, but I'll spend many happy moments sitting at the bar just looking at this lovely piece of art that began life a hundred years ago.

You will be able to see my full Art Deco venue at OSFest this September on the sponsor region.

Jasminecliodhna: lovely as always luna love your places 4 months ago

Chillin out at the Isis Club on Luxor before getting back to work on my OSFest build

I LOVE YOU >>>>>>> friends
Our friends from the ILU (Iloveyou) grid have had problems recently ... but are trying to get back to the OS world . If you are free, and want to , please come Saturday at 12noon grid time. for a Party , to welcome them back to the grid ! I wouldn't normally advertise other grids on this platform - but the ILU folks are our friends and i respect a friend of ours... Come if you can ....We are a Friends Army !

Serina Gee: Ooooh...if we are part of a mob....does that make us "mobsters", Miss?? 4 months ago

Took this of Melody swimming and enjoying being mermaids.

KaliStar: No worries I am glad you both like it! Took me a while to get a picture I really liked but when I finally got this one I was like yay! 4 months ago
To our residents and visitors

Last week ILY went offline due to a power supply failure that took out the motherboard and corrupted the main database of our server. We have now replaced the server and have got some of the grid back up and running from a back up. ILY 1 is now running and all those who had parcels on that region will have them replaced over the next few days.

We have replaced our broken server with one with a slightly higher spec, however the server had not faulted - it was zapped by high volts when the UPS failed during an Electricity Network High Voltage Fault in Manchester.

Sadly we have not been able to recover the database though we are continuing to try and repair it. That means we cannot recover the individual inventories of our residents and our residents will need to make new avatars.

Going forward our backups will be done to The Cloud instead of too our 2nd Network Server - this has added extra cost and increased security to the grid.

All those who have bought land from us will get equivalent sized parcels back and will get 6 months free rent as compensation.

We will need to rebuild the islands on ILY2. Sadly it is unlikely we will be able to rebuild ILY3 so we will not be replace the holiday homes that some of you had. We will in time build a new holiday home region.

It may be a couple of weeks before normal service is restored but we WILL be back and we hope you will stay with us.

Love Debz, Bobbi and all at I Love You i had that 1 year ago very sad i lost all but i had all oars and iars in a save harddisk at home. Now i have a cloud external and my home hard disk as second save! Good luck for a restart. 4 months ago

Took the Playful Girl out on the water today to do some more tuning. It was great to be able to get the spinnaker up and enjoy the wonderful islands of Friends Grid going passed.

Courreges Malatesta: Amazing boat !! 4 months ago
Miss Safine and the tech guys have worked their magic and the Annihilation region is back up. Reggie kindly assisted with some testing earlier so if you feel the need to take out a few zombies head on over!
We are currently offline due to a power supply failure that has taken out the motherboard and corrupted the main database - normal service will be resumed shortly once we have sourced a new water cooled server - we WILL be back!!

Lone Wolf: Get in touch if I can help in any way :-) 4 months ago
Luxor is my home and a place of meditation and mystery for spiritual pilgrims. The region rewards those who are patient, still, and listening, for there are quiet songs that will play at various locations if you stand and wait. Shared environment and higher graphics will complete your experience in this place of Peace. I am here often so please say Hi if you see me

Nothing is currently for sale here but eventually I'll open a little shop of antiquities.
Chakra Awareness-Beginner/Intermediate Wed 12:30-2:30
Chakra Awareness & Education @ Chakras In Motion, Magic,Alternate Metaverse Grid
Aprox. 2 hour class Starting at 12:30p GRID TIME (PST) on Wed 7/19/23 beginner to intermediate. Learn about the power inside of us all & how to use it to benefit health- Physical & Emotional, relieve pain, enhance creativity, communication, sexual experiences & more!
Voice enabled- you must be able to listen in voice but do not have to speak in voice.
Instructor Cataplexia Numbers

Thirza Ember: all this talent, plus you make an awesome booth... 4 months ago