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I love my friends and spend my online time Satyr farming, building and bulldozing.....and most importantly with Serina!

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Friendship is the only cement that will hold the world together. Woodrow Wilson

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Tech, building virtual worlds

Music I Like

love classic rock and oldies

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I rarely watch movies, but when I do, I just want a silly laugh

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Friends-Grid Welcome
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Visit the Haunted Trails this Halloween season. From the central grave your way out....explore the zombie forest, witches house, , haunted church, burning building and apocalyptic city where Zombies roam freely...trying to kill you! Find the hidden tunnels under a main crypt and jo...
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Friends Casino
3 0 Casino 0 Users
Experience over 200 casino games, the extensive auto & art collections, Threadz Boutique, Topless Club and sexy entertainment!
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Surfing, Sailing and Swimming underwater! This region is all about water sports and exploring new areas! Witness the beauty of the vibrant coral reefs and their residents, from the colorful clownfish to the majestic lionfish. Be fascinated by the graceful movements of the manta rays as they ...
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You are trapped on a barren Apocalyptic island. Zombies are ready to kill you....your only chance for survival is ANNIHILATION! You grab a Glock...and get in the fight for your life! Your job is simple.......Annihilate all the buildings and zombies before they kill you. As you rev ...
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friends-grid offers some amazing regions that are unique to opensim. From the underwater worlds with more than 5,000 fish and marine animals to the casino that leaves people in wonder; friends-grid gives people a reason to come back. Whether someone is a thrill-seeker who loves adventure ...
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What is friends-grid?

* small enough to be personal, big enough to have some cool areas to explore

* people - yes real people….not campers

* unbelievable sailing

* surfing on three different waves

* horse riding through the jungle

* extensive coral reefs

* mermaid fantasy area

* Xinashi and Oh Hello Clothing store

* extensive satyr farms

* Annihilation zombie killing rp

* new areas being developed

* friendships from around the world

If interested in renting, please contact Grid Hostess Zuzu Bahro. You may also contact Serina Gee or Safine Mahoe.

We will gladly provide you with a free trial home for 2 weeks to let you see how friends-grid is….and to see if it is a good match for the virtual life you desire.

At the completion of your two week trial period, we will provide you with a free full sim island with 10,000 prims available.

We are looking for people who want to be involved in our community. Our people are what makes friends-grid special!

If you want to make some new friends, and be a part of this amazing place, contact Zuzu Bahro on OSW today. @ZuzuBahro

Sailing with friends
today at 12 noon

sail, jetski, speedboat

we dont care....just bring some rum for us to steal!

Head to Friends Marina to start

Sail with Friends
Sunday at 12 noon

I don't know port from starboard....I get real confused on the sailing talk, and the headwinds have made me say some really bad words at times. You see.....I am not a sailor.....but I have learned to love sailing
...........and I do know how to have fun!

We have a group of friends who sail every Sunday at noon.. Last Sunday we had 5 sailboats and we were escorted by two airboats!

We try to be our fellow boaters.....but occasionally there might be a bump or scratch ...(some days we all need brakes on boats) ; ) If you bump boats, we dont get all mad......but, you just owe two bottles of rum and a bikini top ; )

This is not quite as structured as the Palm Beach Yacht Club, but I think we have a lot more fun! We take things a little less serious than some Yacht Clubs. In our group we have some expert sailors and some novices and some speedboat drivers......but that makes it perfect!

If you want to meet people, but don't sail, come on out and join us! You can ride with us or drive a speedboat. We don't have attitudes, but we do have fun!

Here's the important info

Waypoints - any place with rum to steal
final destination - who knows
SF Sail - ok (preferred)
winds - I use e 25, but don't care what you use.
trim - manual or auto
Bwind - ok
Speedboat - ok
Airboat - ok
Jetski - ok
bikini on - ok
bikini off - ok
Smiles are required!

* boats are available or you may rezz your own

photo by Serina Gee

Just wanted to give a shout out to the team that has made friends-grid totally rock!

Sometimes the techies get overlooked, and they are the people who make this virtual world possible.

friends-grid is not a simple job to run….it is probably a pain in the butt because I have a minor addiction to scripts.

These guys are how I hosted a huge party yesterday with 31 people and 8,000 scripts in that region alone…. with no lag!

Thank you hosting4opensim
it is a beautiful morning to tour friends-grid

1. Stop by my friend Nico's Oh Hello store on the Xinashi region. you gotta be styling while you tour!
2. head to the Friend's Marina and do some sailing
3.Take an upclose look at the 17 waterfalls pictured here
4.head over to Aquamica to see an amazing underwater could spend hours in this huge build!
5. go to Friends Stables and ride a horse to the satyr farm , and on to the rain forest jungle
6. Take out frustrations at roleplay sim Annihilation.....smashing buildings and shooting zombies
7. Surf and wind surf at Aquamica
8. Explore the Darwin Eco Project
9. try the Yoga at Xinashi

and most importantly.......make a few new friends!

if we are out, come back again, we would love to meet you!

pic & landscape by Pin DeLuca
friends-grid is OPEN!

What is friends-grid and the Friends region?

friends—grid is a sailing community (connected regions) that was built by a group of friends in 2023 and is owned by Safine Mahoe. You don’t have to sail, but if you do, you will love it!

Friends are the only thing that is important in Open Sim, nothing else really matters. As Woodrow Wilson said , “Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.”

The Friends region is the heart of friends-grid. On this region, you will find Friends Stables, multiple satyr farms, trails through the rainforest, a large Marina to assist with your boating needs and the most beautiful waterfalls you will find anywhere!

In addition to the Friends Region, you will also find teleports to : Xinashi región with Oh Hello store, Annihilation role play region, Aquamica region with some of the largest and most detailed underwater worlds, Clearwater II with the Darwin Eco Project and many other regions being developed.

A limited number of free rentals are available, however, we are looking for people who want to be involved in our community, not simply collect free houses on every grid.

If you want to be a part of this amazing community, please contact Safine Mahoe if online.

If I am offline, please message safinemahoe2 on

Our Ubers look a little different...

but it is a ride you will never forget!


opening June 15

You are trapped on a barren Apocalyptic island. Zombies are ready to kill you....your only chance for survival is ANNIHILATION! You grab a Glock...and get in the fight for your life! Your job is simple, Annihilate all the zombies before they kill you.......and explode the buildings! As you rev up the Humvee engine, adrenaline pumps through your veins. You are determined to survive and take out as many zombies as possible. You speed towards the first building, knocking down any zombies in your way with the sturdy vehicle.

Once you arrive, you leap out of the Humvee and start firing your Glock at the approaching hoard. With each shot, you take out multiple zombies, their bodies falling to the ground. But more zombies keep coming, forcing you to keep moving and shooting.

After hours of intense fighting, the sun begins to set on the barren wasteland. You realize that you've been successful in your mission - all the buildings are destroyed and the zombies have been vanquished. You breathe a sigh of relief as you climb into the Humvee, battered and beat up but alive.

As you drive off into the sunset, you know that you've survived the apocalypse. You've fought with all your might and come out on top. You feel a sense of pride and accomplishment as you begin your journey towards a brighter future.

Annihilation Region


opening June 15

Witness the beauty of the vibrant coral reefs and their residents, from the colorful clownfish to the majestic lionfish. Be fascinated by the graceful movements of the manta rays as they glide through the crystal-clear waters. Marvel at the intricate patterns of the sea horses and the slow and steady pace of the sea turtles.

Dive deeper into the depths and discover hidden treasures within the shipwrecks and hidden caves. Observe the diverse marine life living amongst the submerged structures, such as schools of fish, crab, and eels.

But the real magic begins when you enter the fantasy realm of the mermaids. Immerse yourself in a world of enchantment, where you will find these mystical creatures singing and dancing alongside dolphins and other sea creatures.

As you explore, you will find yourself lost in the wonder and beauty of this underwater paradise, where imagination knows no bounds. Experience the thrill of being immersed in this world, where nature and magic come together in perfect harmony.


opening June 15
Enjoy riding a horse through the rainforest, pausing to enjoy the beauty of the waterfalls and listening to the tranquil sound of the cascading water. The lush greenery around you is teeming with life, and you can hear the chirping of birds and buzzing of insects as you make your way through the rainforest.

The horse beneath you is well-trained and sure-footed, carefully making its way over the rocky terrain and across streams. As you ride, you take in the sights and sounds of the rainforest, feeling a sense of peace and relaxation wash over you.

As you approach a majestic waterfall, you dismount from your horse and take a moment to admire the stunning view. The cool mist from the falls hits your face, and you feel rejuvenated and invigorated.

You spend some time at the waterfall, enjoying the tranquility of the rainforest and the power of nature before mounting your horse once again and continuing on your journey.

As you ride through the rainforest, you realize that this experience is one of a kind and something that you will never forget

, taking in each moment and feeling grateful for the opportunity to experience such beauty.


opening June 15

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12 Stars ! Seriously.... I absolutely love this place and I want to mention another reason why I love it. You shop without lag! Kudos to AMV and Cat.....I have been to their stores many times and never had issues. If you are having a hard time getting into the Holiday Spirit this year.....this is the one stop you must make! I LOVE IT!!!


Outstanding Halloween/ autumn display. Thank you! Take time to visit all


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Lunaria Emporium - Main Store

Lunaria is a place that leaves me in awe. I simply cannot comprehend the hours that Luna has put into her builds. Lunaria is a great place to shop, but also just go for a walk and explore. I happen to own many castles, club house, lounge, haunted cemetery, Christmas decor, airship, color changing rugs and more! Even if you don’t want to buy anything, this place is worth taking a look aro...

I Love You

I do not make it as often as I would like, but I love You has probably become my favorite go to place for a weekend dance. Why? Well the answer is very simple.....the people! I notice one person here made a comment about 99% of people are bots. This person has no Clue! Let me share a typical Saturday when I go dancing: Bobbi says Hi....we chat about building, farming and ...

Covert Gadgets

I would love to give a good review to this place......but unfortunately I cannot. I believe in finding good in every situation.....but am very upset after what I witnessed just now. My height is 1.66 meters or 5.45 feet...same height that it has always been. When you land at this wonderful place.....there is a greeter board that shows your height. It listed my height as 4' 9 inches or 1.4...

Erotic Freebies

Large selection of adult products. Super friendly owner who is extremely helpful and kind!

I Love You Events Village

Great place to party with friendly owners Debz and Bobbi. Enjoy the music and make some new friends. They have the best DJ's here!


good region with lots of items to help your build. Owner is a very kind and helpful person


Excellent build and a friendly owner. The details in this jungle are amazing and this creator is very friendly. Take time and explore.....this is a must see region!

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