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Oggi scrivo perche sono veramente arrabbiata e ritengo che non sia questo il modo in cui si dovrebbe "giocare" nel metaverso .
Troppe invidie , troppe paranoie ...appena entri in una land subito che ti vengono in I.M. per dirti che non si può copiare non vi sembra di essere tutti un po troppo ridicoli?
Capisco i quelli che gia copiano roba degli altri che vogliono???
E poi diciamocelo quasi tutto quello in open sim è stato "rubato " da second life con programmi non proprio leciti e legali!
Quindi dico uno lascia il "copia" non vedo perche non copiare....diverso è se come detto prima si usano programmi non leciti e allora è giusto protestare .
Poi a volte vi dimenticate che questa NON E' LA REALTA'!
Qui non ci si sposa davvero...non ci si fidanza davvero non si va a letto a dormire davvero......VIVETE LA VITA REALE CHE E' MEGLIO!

TrisTH: more of the same from my post today.... 8 months ago

There are 7 of us, me who made the grid for the others, and 6 students, who rotate. We don't even change our avatar, we still have the same clothes, skin...

We like to go to the list of new regions to see what people have made new. If you don't want us to go, why advertise them on this site?

If you're afraid we'll rip you off, we dare you to find something on our grid that's not for sale. Even, when there is some special work, we post it and next to it we put a link to your grid (as in the case of Cherry Manga, Flora, Lani...).

We are not your competition in anything, we don't rent regions, we are not interested in users (although they are welcome if they prefer to be here).
As we said in another post, if someone wants something of what we do, ask us, we almost always forget to put it in copy or for sale).

In fact, the Welcome region, we have made it with links to this site and to places that we believe that anyone who comes to Opensim should know, because of their work.

On the other hand, we are disappointed with the people... it is sad, when they pass by you and even if you say hello, you do not receive the slightest sign of friendship. This is what hurts us the most (in our homes we are always forced since we were kids to say "hello" when you arrive and "goodbye" when you leave), indifference is punished with a "scolding".

We are so few and this is the relationship we are looking for... not even a "hello"... but a "don't come closer, I won't let you".

So, after this rambling, I leave you with the image of the endangered species of freshwater fish, which I'm sure we have stolen from Kittely or some similar site :))))

Long live freedom and death to the Troll!!!

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News at Elas fashion have fun and all a Good time :)

Sabrinastav: The truth?... an EXCELLENT job. Congratulations and thank you very much for sharing these beautiful creations. The way I see it, the spirit of Opensim is there. Many many Thanks for you job !!! 11 months ago
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