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55 professional Musician Florida,AVAILABLE single. Switch Strictly straight. I don't rp. Professional animated gif maker ASK. No ESCORTS please. Jung says I am INF/TJ. I am a Scorpio.

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The waves are finally running in the right direction, and the textures are nice totally custom. I need opinions of the surfing action now. Let me know what you think after you come try the waves in world. Thank you!
OverWatch Sentry v 37. A bug was found in the code by "theprinceofamor". It's on line # 481, instead of an if statement it should say "else if". This prevented the whitelist for dinkies and other approved 'shorties' from working. It is now fixed. Please get your copy at Wizardry in the grid, or just change line 481 yourself. Thank you.

Prince Amor: Always amazed at your skill sir 2 months ago

Caribia Zsun: mm not true to me I have challenges with Blender and not even unsure about having fun cos it is how you take it ..=P 3 months ago

Happy Independance Day!
For those that don't celebrate I hope you had a wonderful day!

Symphony Vive: ty Happy 4th 5 months ago
UPDATE: The CopyKat Collective hosts the Tribute Club on their Collective Central Region: Central

Grand Opening of the Oni Kiri Tribute Region
Sat., July 1st, 12pm OS time
At Adachi in Blackswan

The home Adachi region has been recreated on the Blackswan Grid as a memorial to Adachi and a tribute to Oni. Adachi will continue to be a place to gather, dance, and share -- and make -- new memories.

Look for a comment here sometime soon about the region opening early for a sneak preview.

Please note: This Oni Tribute and Adachi Memorial is not a shopping region. The complete Adachi regions with shopping will be sponsored by CopyKat Collective members when we find an affordable server. The Collective members' shops and regions are now hosted on other grids. Visit these by way of the CopyKat Collective TP board at those locations and at Adachi.

Nico "CoolKat" Kailani: Hey! Does anyone have an Adachi tee? It would be fun to have them at the grand opening! 5 months ago
Fred asked me to post this:

DreamGrid is not ending. Updates with bug fixes will continue. There
may be a V6 which will have Opensimulator Dot Net 6 code from Opensim bugs may be reported at Dreamgrid support is available via

Thank you, Fred

Mistressdalgato: thank you for all your hard work in this 5 months ago