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Throw on me all stones, even if you are in sin...

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About Myself

It is impossible to understand me
I live in the graveyard of civilizations.
Here are born and died almost all of ancient civilizations.
Here in the land has more bones than soil.
Here fights in rural pubs are larger than your wars.
Here, time is measured in thousands of years.
Here things are not old, rather ancient.
Here even the sun rises just a habit.
I live in Bulgaria. Accept me as i'm or forget.

My Interests

I have no divine origin, I am not black, nor disabled, I am not retired.
I belong to and am excited only by the ordinary two genders of the old testament of the bible, and I share the moral values there.
I'm not a creative genius and I don't have the gift to copy illegally from SL.
When I'm in the mood, I repair other people's scripts or write my own.
Ah yes and I belong to the despised group that accepts OpenSIM as a game and I like to look pretty on screen.
Don't wait likes or friendship from me. Too many bad things happened. Too many bad words were said.
Does not matter. I OWN my server, my butt and i don't care what you say for me!

If your SIM not have like from me and continue to be in top 50, then you really is not for top 50!

I'm Looking For

New rule: If you're so angry or illiterate that you can't read and understand a sentence, there's no point in having a conversation.

Favorite Quote

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.
Jiddu Krishnamurti

Music I Like

Films I Like

"Black Cat, White Cat",
"Arizona Dream"
"White Sun of the Desert" -

Books I Like

My Heroes

thousands .... from Cheng of T'sin (Qin dynasty) to Hristo Botev. You not know them? Poor you:(


Server: VBOX VM 3core, 2Gb RAM, SSD, 100MB/s fibernet

My Regions

3 0 169.254.x.x:9000:Ukraine 0 Users
A friend asked me to create this region to remind us of what we created in the real world… Please without "like"'s. Normal human cannot like whats happen. Every second a new $10,000 is absorbed in aid to continue the war in Ukraine, and every time $50,000 is raised, another Ukrainian soldier d...
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12 18 169.254.x.x:9000:BestFakeSIM 0 Users
BEST FAKE SIM CONTEST ENDS! May see results in OSW top20 .... No matter how much you don't like the truth, it doesn't change the facts. No matter how many times you repeat lies, they will not become truth. You are only spoiling the good impression of your other actions... As of today, all my a...
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7 2 0 Users
=========== MAKE BABIES NOT WAR! ================ WARNING! GRID IS ADULT ONLY! IF NOT LIKE - LEAVE IMMEDIATELY! Adult means adult in the REAL world and there are no exceptions. All children disguised as adult avatars will be banned immediately. Recommended dress code - completely naked...
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11 1 0 Users
Lagoon is closed, private only sim . Shop is moved to Bordello. ==================================================== As of today 18.12.2022 , all my avatars and all local users are in beacons exclude list and not counted as visitors. I no longer want to participate in any way in this shameful...
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Everything "new" is the well-forgotten old...
The problem with nudity and children is not that the children are naked or that they are doing anything!
The problem is in "Peeping Tom"!

From the hysterical reactions of the majority, I understand that you do not know who he is. Well read about the naked noblewoman and perverted voyeurs and pedophiles and .... know yourself in this legend (or truth?)....

NineZero: The problem is having a child avatar with a profile saying that the child avatar is a 'bad girl' and is a slave to another avatar, not in people saying 'hey, this is not okay to make and use sexualize... 7 days ago
One milion dolar question:
1.Why few hour account start to hate against us?
2.Blows hate and shots few hours and.... POOF - disappear
3.After 30seconds NEW few hour..... -->>> go to #1

4Guess why i recognise all these from one only message:)
The rusty locomotive of forgotten history...

100 years ago, on 23/09/1923, in a slightly more advanced country, the people rose up and stopped the first attempt of fascism to seize power. The uprising is drowned in blood by the fascist government, but it still succeeds because the government falls from power and the fascists never succeed in fooling our people again.
Unfortunately, after only 10 years, fascism succeeded in another country and is still fooling the more naive people of the world.
Little evidence remains from that time.
In front of the train station in the town of Stara Zagora in Bulgaria, the locomotive of modern history is rusting... Yes, that's right, with this locomotive with the iconic number 555, more than 100 years ago, progress moved across half of Europe (try to find more of his long history).
Lost or intentionally deleted pages of history, changed facts... Maybe you also need safe transportation for the future? The locomotive is here, it hasn't escaped...

CyberGlo CyberStar: Now that's a grocery hauler! My GT can only carry so little b/c of tiny trunk and tiny back seat. Who live there? midgets? 3 months ago
Firestorm blured appearances
Please tell me why Firestorm under linux always shows me blurry photos in appearance. On same computer under Windows pictures is ok.
If I choose Select photo after a while only this photo is "fixed". After a reboot, they are all blurry again.

Jerralyn Franzic: I'm using 6.6.14 in Linux. I don't have any issues with blurry photos with outfit phots. Uploaded to my Alternate Metaverse account. The Linux viewer doesn't use any Windows DLLs. The Linux FS viewe... 3 months ago
Why ARPA, Oracle, IBM, M$ and all others is nubs but we is gods....
Today I came across an amazing discovery, the most amazing handpicked collection of articles in the yellow press on the subject of servers and DNS. If your admin is pushing something like this ... think about it:

Pagane: Using own primary/autoritative DNS for games or non bussines servers is irresponsible and incorrect! This know - all OpenSIM servers who not collect money from visitors MUST BE DynamicDNS. Why? Bec... 4 months ago
How to make simple and working sales box for store
1. Build a cube on land
2. Go to content tab and drag/drop inside content all items what will sale. Items, not boxes!
3. Now go to General tab and set Name and Comment
4. Mark "For Sale:" checkbox
5. Select "Content" with popup menu on right
6. Set price 0$ Zero
7. Check Access right checkboxes down. (All without "Move"!!! Or anyone will move box!)
8. You may add photo from "Texture" tab

This is all.
Peoples will receive folder named in #3 with content of your box and no need to use sandboxes, restart etc...
Can OSW disable fake "one day" accounts used for hate?
Is there a limit to how many accounts you can make here?
There are people who make new accounts daily just to insult and lie.
If you want to criticize, do it like me - without hiding.
Using hundreds of one-day accounts with stupidly identical names that betray you is a treatable mental illness.
Well, at least I tried to be nice and...

You are now at Absolution, Absolution (127, 93, 29)
[12:43] Lexxy Luxx shouts: COME IN PAGANE, BITCH
[12:43] Nancy AO: 400% memory free
[12:43] Lexxy Luxx shouts: COME IN !!!!!
[12:43] Lexxy Luxx shouts: FACE ME!!!!!
[12:43] Lexxy Luxx shouts: You had a lot to say, just now.... come on!!!!
[12:44] Lexxy Luxx: You better say something I wanna here, or you are history
[12:44] Pagane.Succubus nice club
[12:44] Pagane.Succubus full with peoples
[12:44] Lexxy Luxx: Nice club? after you bitched at me ????
[12:44] Lexxy Luxx: I kicked everybody... problem ???
[12:45] Lexxy Luxx: You and that cunt, Dan Banner... all you do is bitych at people an start drama.... fuck off
[12:45] Grid: Teleport completed from hop://
[12:45] Grid: The region you have entered is running a different simulator version.
Current simulator: OpenSim 21.08.09 NextGen Universl (Unix/Mono)
Previous simulator: OpenSim Yeti Dev (Win/.NET)

Ellen: Wow what a scary person. 9 months ago
I continue to fail to understand how many alternative accounts a mentally unbalanced person with an incomplete elementary education can come up with instead of learning to read basic English.
And my God, enough of scaring with "your lawyers"! If you had actually talked to a lawyer at least once, you wouldn't be making such a large number of threats.
I want to apologize to all Adachi visitors who had to listen to all of this….

To be clear, I am posting without comments:

[13:33] SinBay Visitor List: User Betty.Fashionista leave region Bordello after 00:10h
[13:33] Minord.Loup is online.
[13:34] Minord.Loup is online.
[13:35] Grid: Teleport completed from hop://
[13:35] Grid: The region you have entered is running a different simulator version.
Current simulator: OpenSim Yeti Dev 20ef1d6 (X64/Unix/DotNet)
Previous simulator: OpenSim 21.08.09 NextGen Universl (Unix/Mono)
[13:35] Adachi Copykat Grid: Pagane.Succubus Welcome to Adachi, CopyKat Grid
You are now at Lagoon, Adachi (128, 127, 21)
[13:35] Pagane Succubus: kiss all again
[13:35] Mike.Ravenheart wb tequila
[13:36] Tequila.Bade thank yous
[13:36] Adachi Copykat Grid: Mike Gallery Welcome to Adachi, CopyKat Grid
[13:37] Betty.Fashionista Γεια σου Βουλγαρα
[13:38] Nancy AO: 6399% memory free
[13:39] Adachi Copykat Grid: Mike Gallery Welcome to Adachi, CopyKat Grid
[13:39] Betty.Fashionista tou say that people are noy yaling
[13:39] Betty.Fashionista you say that people are not talking
[13:40] Betty.Fashionista and you likr to join regions that people are talking
[13:40] Betty.Fashionista Pagane , i am talking to you
[13:40] Pagane Succubus: this is not my region dear:)
[13:41] Pagane Succubus: and learn little english
[13:41] Betty.Fashionista does not matter if is your region
[13:41] Betty.Fashionista you say that regions have fake population and you like to ralk
[13:41] Betty.Fashionista talk
[13:42] Betty.Fashionista so talk
[13:42] Betty.Fashionista i am here
[13:42] Pagane Succubus: are you think is not true?
[13:42] Betty.Fashionista so talk to me
[13:42] Pagane Succubus: want to make small tour and to play with bots?
[13:42] Mike.Ravenheart maybe she doesnt want to talk to you
[13:42] Betty.Fashionista since this is your problem , that you do not find people to talk
[13:43] Betty.Fashionista i am here and real
[13:43] Betty.Fashionista talk
[13:43] Adachi Copykat Grid: Mike Gallery Welcome to Adachi, CopyKat Grid
[13:43] Betty.Fashionista Mike shut up
[13:43] Pagane Succubus: what is YOUR region what you protect?
[13:44] Pagane Succubus: where want to inspect bots?
[13:44] Pagane Succubus: oh sorry, Sacrarium is closed:(
[13:44] Betty.Fashionista no baby had an issue that regions are with fake population and you want to party and talk
[13:44] Betty.Fashionista so , party and talk ...i am real \
[13:45] Betty.Fashionista spanks pagane butt
[13:45] Betty.Fashionista so talk you Bulgarian idiot
[13:45] Pagane Succubus: sorry, i not like girls, find some lesbian:)
[13:46] Betty.Fashionista lets go in a regio with real people
[13:46] Betty.Fashionista together\
[13:46] Betty.Fashionista and i want to see you talk
[13:46] Pagane Succubus: and are you forget who speak wrong and lead to kick out and close Sacrarium??? YOU!
[13:46] Betty.Fashionista lets party together
[13:46] Pagane Succubus: bye dear:)
[13:47] Betty.Fashionista lets go AMV
[13:47] Betty.Fashionista what to talk idiot
[13:47] Betty.Fashionista lets go
[13:48] Betty.Fashionista you idiot , your issue is not the people in a region ...your issue is your Bulgarian idiot head
[13:49] Betty.Fashionista tell me
[13:49] Betty.Fashionista talk to me
[13:49] Betty.Fashionista talk
[13:49] Betty.Fashionista speak
[13:49] Emmy.Lou oh was ist los hier
[13:49] Emmy.Lou [de→en]: oh what's going on here
[13:49] Emmy.Lou ich spüre negative schwingungen^^
[13:49] Emmy.Lou [de→en]: I feel negative vibrations^^
[13:49] Pagane Succubus: someone to have at least ONE question why was all "drama" in OSW???
[13:49] Betty.Fashionista speak you idiot
[13:49] Betty.Fashionista Emmy is not your case ..dissapear
[13:50] Betty.Fashionista speak you idiot Bulgarian
[13:50] Betty.Fashionista talk
[13:50] Betty.Fashionista say something
[13:50] Adachi Copykat Grid: Tessy.Peace Welcome to Adachi, CopyKat Grid
[13:50] Betty.Fashionista what to say ?
[13:50] Betty.Fashionista you idiot
[13:51] Emmy.Lou betty whats the problem?
[13:51] Emmy.Lou [de→en]: betty what's the problem?
[13:51] Emmy.Lou i was afk
[13:51] Emmy.Lou [de→en]: i was afk
[13:51] Betty.Fashionista Emmy leave us alone
[13:51] Emmy.Lou haha
[13:51] Emmy.Lou [de→en]: haha
[13:51] Pagane Succubus: people, no need to speak... he is looser
[13:51] Emmy.Lou here?
[13:51] Emmy.Lou [de→en]: here?
[13:51] Emmy.Lou youre not alone here
[13:51] Emmy.Lou [de→en]: youre not alone here
[13:51] Betty.Fashionista talk you idiot Pagane
[13:51] Betty.Fashionista you do not have a voice
[13:52] Emmy.Lou xD
[13:52] Emmy.Lou [de→en]: xD
[13:52] Betty.Fashionista Emmy please...
[13:52] Frankie.PepperHorse Lmao
[13:52] Frankie.PepperHorse *eat popcorn*
[13:52] Mike.Ravenheart atleast she has manners and a good personality
[13:52] Betty.Fashionista :)))
[13:52] Betty.Fashionista Speak idiot Bulgarian
[13:52] Betty.Fashionista Pagane
[13:52] Betty.Fashionista i am here
[13:53] Betty.Fashionista talk you idiot
[13:53] Frankie.PepperHorse That starting to sound like a broken record ~
[13:54] Betty.Fashionista you are an old shool Frankie :)\
[13:54] Tequila.Bade grabs some of frankie's popcorn
[13:54] Betty.Fashionista Pagane idiot
[13:54] Betty.Fashionista i am here
[13:54] Betty.Fashionista talk to me
[13:55] Betty.Fashionista you do not like regions with bots cause you want to socialize
[13:55] Mike.Ravenheart im sure pagane isnt the first girl to turn you down and definetly wont be the last why not just move on
[13:55] Betty.Fashionista socialize with me you idiot Bulgarian
[13:55] Tequila.Bade Betty this is tiring. She obliviously isn't talking to you and you are ruining the vibe here
[13:55] Betty.Fashionista Mike plese not your job
[13:56] Betty.Fashionista Tequila is my job
[13:56] Frankie.PepperHorse IT starting to get on all of us nerves
[13:56] Tequila.Bade nods
[13:56] Betty.Fashionista why you all care my discussion with the idiot pagane ?
[13:57] Emmy.Lou weil du es im offenen chat machst
[13:57] Emmy.Lou [de→en]: because you do it in open chat
[13:57] Frankie.PepperHorse Because you doing it in the public chat , bring your shit with her in Im's
[13:57] Betty.Fashionista close your eyeas
[13:57] Betty.Fashionista eyes
[13:57] Betty.Fashionista Pagane ...IDIOT
[13:57] Betty.Fashionista i am talkingto you
[13:58] Frankie.PepperHorse Blacklisted ....
[13:58] Frankie.PepperHorse the joy of silence
[13:58] Betty.Fashionista and i will cry :))))
[13:58] Betty.Fashionista Frankie
[13:58] Adachi Copykat Grid: Mike.Ravenheart Welcome to Adachi, CopyKat Grid
[13:59] Betty.Fashionista you know how many blacklists i am ?
[13:59] Betty.Fashionista but you do not know how many wishlists i am
[14:00] Betty.Fashionista no Emmy
[14:00] Adachi Copykat Grid: Tessy.Peace Welcome to Adachi, CopyKat Grid
[14:00] Betty.Fashionista i will solve it public
[14:00] Tessy.Peace hello all
[14:00] Frankie.PepperHorse Isnt it nice when you block someone, and they probably goin on how awesome they are
[14:00] Lara Baby: maybe she mute you
[14:00] Frankie.PepperHorse Hi Tessy ^^
[14:00] Pagane Succubus: kiss Tessy
[14:00] Betty.Fashionista maybe Lara
[14:00] Frankie.PepperHorse I mute her too
[14:00] Adachi Copykat Grid: Welcome to Adachi, CopyKat Grid
[14:00] Tessy.Peace kiss tessy
[14:00] Tessy.Peace kiss pagane
[14:00] Tequila.Bade hiya Tessy
[14:01] Betty.Fashionista hello idiot Pagane
[14:02] Betty.Fashionista where is your big mouth ?
[14:02] Adachi Copykat Grid: Ernest.Moncrieff Welcome to Adachi, CopyKat Grid
[14:02] Betty.Fashionista you acused regions that you arwe going and nobody is talking
[14:02] Tessy.Peace hello idiot betty, time you leave please
[14:02] Betty.Fashionista so talk
[14:03] Betty.Fashionista i am here
[14:03] Betty.Fashionista yo yalk
[14:03] Betty.Fashionista talk
[14:03] Emmy.Lou hi ernie :D
[14:03] Emmy.Lou [de→en]: hey ernie :D
[14:03] Betty.Fashionista fuck you Tessy not your bussiness
[14:03] Emmy.Lou welcome
[14:03] Emmy.Lou [de→en]: welcome
[14:03] Ernest.Moncrieff heya Emmy, hi all
[14:03] Betty.Fashionista talk Bulgarian idiot
[14:04] Tessy.Peace i will not fuck people like you
[14:04] Tessy.Peace i want to have fun here
[14:04] Betty.Fashionista why you accuse all regions people are staying without talking
[14:04] Betty.Fashionista so talk
[14:04] Betty.Fashionista Tessy ...please not your issue
[14:04] Adachi Copykat Grid: Sophia.Love Welcome to Adachi, CopyKat Grid
[14:05] Betty.Fashionista Talk you Bulgarian idiot
[14:05] Betty.Fashionista say something
[14:05] Tessy.Peace it is my issue. i cannot have fun here
[14:05] Lara Baby: c'est fou à quel point certaines personnes sont très connes
[14:05] Betty.Fashionista close your eyes
[14:06] Adachi Copykat Grid: Ela.Gwain Welcome to Adachi, CopyKat Grid
[14:06] Betty.Fashionista is not your issue Tessy that the Bulgarian idiot accused all grids and regions about fake traffic ?
[14:06] Ela.Gwain hello everybody
[14:07] Betty.Fashionista but is my issue Tessy
[14:07] Tessy.Peace i do not close my eyes. your behavior is impossible
[14:07] Lara Baby: hello Ela
[14:07] Betty.Fashionista because the idiot said taht is going around and nobody is talking
[14:07] Ela.Gwain hi Lara
[14:08] Betty.Fashionista Emmy i would give a shit too
[14:08] Betty.Fashionista Pagane is the last i care about
[14:08] Adachi Copykat Grid: Ela.Gwain Welcome to Adachi, CopyKat Grid
[14:08] Adachi Copykat Grid: Ela.Gwain Welcome to Adachi, CopyKat Grid
[14:08] Betty.Fashionista but i found an oportunity
[14:08] Tessy.Peace best way is we all lwave a while
[14:08] Tessy.Peace leave
[14:08] Tessy.Peace see you later
[14:09] Emmy.Lou if someone needs a dance...
[14:09] Emmy.Lou [de→en]: if someone needs a dance...
[14:09] Emmy.Lou lick me
[14:09] Emmy.Lou [de→en]: lick me
[14:09] Emmy.Lou i mean.. click
[14:09] Emmy.Lou [de→en]: i
[14:09] Lara Baby: lol
[14:09] Mike.Ravenheart well i like the first option lol
[14:09] Lara Baby: not lick ?
[14:09] Tequila.Bade licks Emmy
[14:09] Lara Baby: yes
[14:09] Tequila.Bade I mean clicks
[14:09] Emmy.Lou jaaa leckt mich doch alle
[14:09] Emmy.Lou [de→en]: yeah lick me all
[14:09] Emmy.Lou xD
[14:09] Emmy.Lou [de→en]: xD
[14:10] Betty.Fashionista i am leaving ...thank you for tolerating me
[14:10] Betty.Fashionista kisses to Oni ...i taught her many
[14:10] Betty.Fashionista and give alike to my flickr
[14:11] Emmy.Lou hey iam on youtube^^
[14:11] Emmy.Lou [de→en]: hey iam on youtube^^
[14:11] Betty.Fashionista
[14:11] Emmy.Lou xD
[14:11] Emmy.Lou [de→en]: xD
[14:11] Betty.Fashionista bye you idiot Bulgarian
And, otherwise, to Dorena's joy, she won (at least according to her). I give up and watch as the gang of out-of-control brats start ruining everything.
Who am I talking about? Well, look at the top 50, there are 5-6 SIMs with real visitors. Everything else is the avalanche you unleashed by enabling bots. I am gone! Fix yourself!

Dorena Verne: You stop harassing users? Hope you stick to your own words.. 9 months ago

Enough of pretending to be innocent! The moment of truth.

  • I approve of the current rules and urge everyone to follow them.
  • I approve of the current rules, but I want to be able to pay a fee to raise my rating above the competition.
  • I would like to remove any visitor ratings at all.
  • I want to cancel all restrictions. The right belongs to the strong and the impudent!
Vote (33)
Let's clear things up.
This is OpenSIM World here, there are written rules and they unequivocally prohibit any form of bots that change the number of real avatars reported by the beacon. It doesn't matter if you're modifying beacon or bot code, or bringing in avatars that have been asleep for weeks using a text client, or multiple windows, or…
Today, 13/03/2023, this is rules.

No amount of tantrums, threats or drama can change the fact of breaking the OpenSIM World rules.
If someone does not like the rules, they can choose from the following options:
1. He wags his tail and leaves like a beaten dog.
2. Start a CIVILIZED discussion about changing the rules, introducing paid bots or promotions or whatever you want to suggest. If the idea is good Satyr might like it and change the rules.
3. You continue to act like village tariqats, lie, threaten to present yourself as special and super worthless.... and naturally you will be reported and blocked.

Everything else is mindless hysteria and is curable, but not here!
The choice is yours....

The topic is about the rules. All offtopic will be deleted from this post!
Sorry for bad englis.

Pagane: First. Huge gratitude, honor and respect to the entire OpenSIM world team and to Satir personally for their tremendous work. And now on the topic. How and why You may not always understand why I do t... 9 months ago
Want facts? OK Dorena! Your reporting and shaming will be public. Today I again visited the world famous and over visited Xenovar region from your server Yes, the one that is already 6th in terms of attendance and popularity in OpenSim. Professionally organized region with fixed working hours of the 6 bots that drive the boat. Supposedly protected from landing on it and sitting on it. Trying to talk? Not possible with bots. They are at work. Every morning XenosYifu turns on his computer and activates 6 windows with 6 AFK "avatars" or actually bots! After 12-16 hours of tiring paying in silence and without a single movement, the working day ends and XenosYifu goes to sleep...
Ok, I agree, the problem is with me. I don't like that 5-6 people here have created a network of twins and copies imitating activity.
I understand that you work on paid projects and investors want results. Yes, but the money comes from OUR taxes! I am your employer and you are lying to me!
No matter how much you scream about my sins and how miserable, untalented and bad I am, the facts are that I work and pay taxes. And you and your company steal from me and people like me.
The truth is that it's full of real creators, but no one can see them because you and your friends have occupied OpenSIM, you've clogged the first 50-60 places in the leaderboard with fake regions with no content.
It's time to clean our house of thieves and crooks.

KrisTina: Is Pagane right? imho yes, is this being taken care of in a mature manner? no making a post here or in the chatbox isn't taking care of this in a mature manner, all you have done is make public drama,... 9 months ago
Връх Шипка е свято място, което не търпи нечисти думи и недостойни постъпки. Връх Шипка е място, в което се стъпва като в храм - с вяра в сърцето, смело, но тихо, защото под нозете ни стоят костите на опълченците, които браниха този връх до последен дъх. Днес, когато честваме 145 години от Освобождението на България, ние се прекланяме пред паметта на хилядите знайни и незнайни българи, които, изправени пред избора свобода или смърт, избраха България

Mount Shipka is a holy place that does not tolerate impure words and unworthy actions. Shipka Peak is a place where one steps as if in a temple - with faith in the heart, bravely, but quietly, because under our feet are the bones of the militiamen who defended this peak until their last breath. Today, when we celebrate 145 years since the Liberation of Bulgaria, we bow to the memory of the thousands of known and unknown Bulgarians who, faced with the choice of freedom or death, chose Bulgaria
From Tue Aug 13 16:10:39 2002
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2002 19:40:46 -0000
From: Walter Bankovitch
Subject: Management Course
Status: RO

Lesson One:
A crow was sitting on a tree, doing nothing all day. A small rabbit
saw the crow & asked him, "Can I also sit like you & do nothing all day
long?" The crow answered: "Sure, why not." So, the rabbit sat on
the ground below the crow, and rested. All of a sudden, a fox appeared,
jumped on the rabbit and ate it.

Management Lesson?
To be sitting and doing nothing, you must be sitting very, very high

Lesson Two:
A turkey was chatting with a bull. "I would love to be able to get to
the top of that tree," sighed the turkey, "but I haven't got the
energy." "Well, why don't you nibble on some of my droppings?" replied
the bull. "They're packed with nutrients." The turkey pecked at a lump of
dung, found it actually gave him enough strength to reach the lowest
branch of the tree. The next day, after eating some more dung, he
reached the second branch. Finally after a fourth night, he was
proudly perched at the top of the tree. Soon he was promptly spotted by
a farmer, who shot the turkey out of the tree.

Management Lesson?
Bull Shit might get you to the top, but it won't keep you there.

Lesson Three:
A little bird was flying south for the winter. It was so cold the bird
froze and fell to the ground in a large field. While it was lying
there, a cow came by and dropped some dung on it. As the frozen bird lay
there in the pile of cow dung, it began to realize how warm it was.
The dung was actually thawing him out! He lay there all warm and
happy, and soon began to sing for joy. A passing cat heard the bird singing
and came to investigate. Following the
sound, the cat discovered the bird under the pile of cow dung
and promptly dug him out and ate him.

Management Lesson?
1) Not everyone who shits on you is your enemy.
2) Not everyone who gets you out of shit is your friend.
3) And when you're in deep shit, it's best to keep your mouth shut!

Here endeth your management course.


thedeeferry: Thank you Pagane! Short, sweet, funny, and to the point. No bullshit, lol d(☆▽☆)b Well done! 10 months ago
About MAC address filtering and some other...
I'm tired of reading blatant nonsense, magical and religious rituals and all such mechanical assemblies.

Here is a sample of the log file where OpenSim records my MAC address when logging in:
2023-01-06 00:34:15,354 INFO [LLOGIN SERVICE]: Login request for Pagane Succubus at last using viewer, channel Firestorm-Releasex64, IP, Mac 07b8bc77a881f8cd94e2671a8d604dc7, Id0 8722138d190a35f5ff85cea65ae3bce1, Possible LibOMVGridProxy: False

Hmmmmmm strange numbers….
And here is what my computer says about this same MAC address:
Link speed (Receive/Transmit): 1000/1000 (Mbps)
Link-local IPv6 address: fe80::cbbe:bf15:d2a:63b%11
IPv4 address:
IPv4 DNS servers: (Unencrypted)
Primary DNS suffix: lan
Manufacturer: Intel
Description: Intel(R) Ethernet Connection (5) I219-LM
Driver version:
Physical address (MAC): 18-60-24-98-80-49

Do I need to explain why ALL the writings on the matter are pure nonsense?!
The fact that one of the developers used the three-letter combination Mac, in no case means that this is the MAC address of the client's network card!!! MAC is not the same as Mac! Check for yourself.
How to protect your OpenSIM Server from hackers, priscila's etc.
Protect OpenSIM from hackers, Priscila's and DDOS atack is very easy, but most grid owners continue to not protect their grid and servers.

There is 3 simple step guide for admins:

1. Disable BUILD for all visitors, guests, friends..... ONLY OWNERS MUST BUILD! Priscila use THIS option to fill your sim with cocks!
About land: Options:
Edit terrain: NO!!! Only SIM owner!
Fly: yes, why not?
Build: NO!!! Only SIM owners!
Object Entry: NO!!! Only SIM owners!
Run Script: yes! or mesh body like Athena will not work properly
Safe (no damage): YES!!!
2. Always use router or at least software firewal:
On your router:
my server use IP port 9000-9010, some server may use 8002
don't open port 8003, 3306, 3389 or other numbers what you see somewhere!
config redirect
option src 'wan'
option name 'SIM'
option target 'DNAT'
option dest 'lan'
option dest_port '9000-9010'
option src_dport '9000-9010'
option reflection_src 'external'
option dest_ip '192.168.xx.xx'
list proto 'tcp'
list proto 'udp'

config nat
option src_port '9000-9010'
option name 'OpenSim'
option dest_port '9000-9010'
option src 'lan'
option src_ip '192.168.xx.xx'
list proto 'tcp'
list proto 'udp'
option target 'SNAT'
option snat_ip 'WAN ip XX.XX.XX.XX'

config rule
option src_port '123'
option src 'wan'
option name 'opensimDROP'
option dest 'lan'
list dest_ip '192.168.xx.xx'
option target 'DROP'
list proto 'udp'
option dest_port '9000'

config rule
option src_port '1900'
option src 'wan'
option name 'opensimDropp'
option dest 'lan'
list dest_ip '192.168.xx.xx'
option target 'DROP'
list proto 'udp'
3. Make backups!

And, keep accusing me of being troll, canibal, ....(all what really is you) but if you not protect properly your server, screams will not help!

Pagane: Some dance machines or adult furnirure scripts ask for option guests to build. Guess whi create this scripts! Normal script use OSSL for this. 12 months ago
As of today, all my avatars and all local users are in beacons exclude list and not counted as visitors.
I no longer want to participate in any way in this shameful ranking.
There is no price for honor.
Whatever we say is a lie is a lie and breaking the rules is a violation. We all know which SIMs are breaking the rules and submitting fake attendance data. We also know why they do it.
I removed their names from here. Only shame remained.
I am ashamed to discuss this matter further.

Thank you for the stones with which you beat me.

Calm the hysteria!
no one wants you to close regions or stop your work.


Is it that hard?

All you know names of SIM with fake visitors list.
Again - i delete shame list.

Excuse me, but it is offensive to me to do this.
I don't know about you, with what impudence and shamelessness you shout that I am driving away the thousands of customers from your overcrowded SIM.
People leave OPENSIM because they go around the beacon popular places looking for PEOPLE and only find bots or abandoned avatars.
No one comes from SL to buy free rags (yes they are lovely!), people want to COMMUNICATE!!!

I know you won't understand me. It's just that you've already closed yourself up in your made-up happiness and don't want to go out and socialize. You can blame me for all your sins. do it! You can post from your dozens of clones created to mimic crowds of supporters.... Ban me, report me, shame me!

And don't shout that someone banned or restricted you! The only one punished in OSW is me, and again because I told the truth that the number of visitors was fake! I confessed and I was punished because the rules are like that!

Want me to delete this SIM and everything on it? OK, but will that erase the lie? Will it bring at least one new user to OpenSIM? Will it remove the six traditionally parked dolls from the new beach party region (yes, yes - the newcomers follow tradition)?


And don't worry, I won't make a new list. It's pointless, it's disgraceful.
P.S. No matter how much you don't like the truth, it doesn't change the facts. No matter how many times you repeat lies, they will not become truth.
You are only spoiling the good impression of your other actions...

Nico Kaliani: This post would be vastly improved by changing out the "OK" graphic with a picture of "Otay" Buckwheat Eddie Murphy. 12 months ago
After two weeks of waiting, I can announce the results of the competition.

The owner of a single network admitted that he was wrong and mistakenly placed a fake beacon. This network name is now hidden.
During these two weeks a new group is attacking the title and if I have time I will update the ranking soon.

You can see everything else in the comments and review ...
From charges of throwing a party on my sim where I've ridde ....... My sim is technically unable to throw parties. I will not comment on all of them.
I will only comment on the emanation of impudence and shamelessness:
The hard-working admins who work on their sim for 18 hours without a break...... Sitting, during this time they are visited by the well-known Priscilla, but they don't even get up... They use a steel version of viewer that does not block and allows them to work even lying down... I trust them :)
And finally they threaten me that they are like Google and they set the rules... I am dying of fear that I have attached screenshots.
Tremble, all of you! As of today, the OpenSim community has a new ruler….

SamuSmith: What is this here? Im on this sim and there is nothing only 2 cubes with fake sim informations pictures. Please remove this fake post that here is a shame 12 months ago
I understand that it is very modern and populist to support a cause that we know nothing about. Just because it already has a million followers on social networks. I also understand that you denounce anyone who deviates from the flock of followers. I also understand how easy it is to show a heartbreaking photo that you know nothing about and write a stunning message underneath it ... about something else.
I just don't understand why people instantly believe in fraud and fakes. I don't understand why they are ready to go to war in defense of foreign interests.
I don't understand why and when we stopped looking for the truth...

Spax Orion: "BE" the change you would like to see in the world. Our actions can often influence others. I cancelled social networks several years ago and have been better for it, there is no reasoning with a "mob... 1 years ago
Judging Others
1 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.
2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.
3 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?
4 How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye?
5 You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.
6 “Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.

(Matthew 7:1-6)
Today again I was wrong to share an opinion...
And immediately I received a barrage of baseless accusations and a bunch of lies.
That's what happens when you share...
Followed by a visit from Priscilla.Kleenex
Then a warning to be careful...

I have no words...

OSW is again independent from politicians propaganda. No flags on top.

📝 Planet Of The Children (Junior Eurovision 2014)

In 2014, when some were watering the flowers in the Alley of Angels, three children tried to tell us something. No one understood them.

I see Satyr changed the flag above. Not that anything, but the colors are still wrong, the support is still for a dubious favorite and...
But what should he do? Such is the "western world" or at least what we call it.
Does it really matter, since then no one will find the strength to admit their mistakes and apologize?
I see that I have a huge list of "friends", most of whom are just number hoarders. Many others are online but never thought to at least insult me. So if you're one of those, don't be mad that I'm cleaning up the list.

I just want to let the admins know who keep restricting my access. My ISP changed my IP address and you need to fix the filters. I don't want accusations of hiding or abuse!

================The neoliberal doctrine: ================
==To establish pathology as the norm, and everything normal as pathology==

A large part of Bulgarians still do not realize that the West, from being conservative, national and right-wing, today is now liberal, global and left-wing, writes Irini Zikidis
Sofia, Bulgaria 16 Aug 2022, 09:56 - Author: BLITZ

"These days, an opponent shrewdly told me something like, 'We support Ukraine, not because we love it, but because we hate Russia. Like you support Russia, not because you love that bitch, but because you hate the neoliberal doctrine." We shook hands".

This is what the famous blogger Irini Zikidis writes and continues: And now let's remind ourselves once again what the neoliberal doctrine is:

The neoliberal doctrine represents today's western left, and its representatives are also called liberals, neoliberals, progressives. I strongly emphasize the fact that only in Bulgaria the defenders of the neoliberal ideology beat their chests for being right-wing. This nonsense is not found anywhere else, and in the West, people with liberal beliefs are called liberals (not according to Hayek!), neoliberals, leftists, leftists, progressives, Marxists, Trotskyists, etc. But never right.

In the 1960s, Frankfurt School member Herbert Marcuse argued that Marx had mistaken the subject of revolution. According to Marx, the inevitable global conflict is between the working class (the proletariat) and the exploitative upper class parasitic on its back.

According to Marcuse, however, this is wrong because the working class has discredited itself by being conservative and even endorsing capitalism at the moment it has won more goods and rights for itself.

Therefore, Marcuse corrects Marx, arguing that the conflict is not class, but between "oppressing privileged bullies" (conservatives, white men) and "oppressed underprivileged victims" (all minorities). Marcuse became the guru of the Western left, which at that time entered into a violent conflict with communism in Eastern Europe, declaring it a "perversion". This, by the way, is particularly misunderstood in Bulgaria.

A large part of Bulgarians (even well-educated ones) still do not realize that the West, from being conservative, national and right-wing, is now liberal, global and left-wing today. These people say "Nonsense, the West should be left-wing?! That he denies communism?!” Well, here's the big surprise. Yes, the West denies communism. Eastern Communism. Communism of the USSR. He even calls it "vulgar Marxism", and accuses us of perverting the ideas of Marx, Trotsky, Lenin and Marcuse.

Here is Marcuse's most famous quote: "The bourgeoisie can still be defeated. Marx mistakenly believed that the proletariat was the authentic revolutionary class. The real revolutionary force today is the various minorities, the 'ghettos', who live outside the general order.

All pathology must be affirmed as the norm, and all the norm as pathology. The fusion of political and sexual-moral rebellion is key to effective opposition. Then bourgeois society will finally collapse.»

I mean, what does it turn out to be?

If a hundred years ago the progressive liberal forces fought for such fundamental things as social solidarity, equal rights and duties of people of every race, ethnicity, gender, religion and sexual preference, then modern Western left-wing ideologies boldly stepped into the quagmire of stupidity.

If the old left made a major contribution to today's luxuries that we take for granted (fair pay, two-day weekends, the eight-hour day, twenty days off, safe working conditions), the new left, the Starbucks-iPhone social justice warriors inspired by Marcuse, they have long since drawn one on the "working class" and have focused on "protecting" completely different ideas and social groups.

If the left in the past fought for class justice, this discourse has already been successfully replaced by the identity one, and the neoliberals have begun to stimulate new and new parasitic masses of victims.

The great collapse, the great schism in leftist ideology between East and West, occurred in two stages: after Stalin's death, when the Western left repudiated socialism in the Eastern Bloc as a "perversion of the ideas of Lenin and Trotsky", and a few years later, when the counterculture of the 1960s became mainstream culture, and leftist ideology was redirected from traditional class politics to the politically correct world of gender, racial, and sexual politics.

The electorate in the face of the working class has been replaced with itchy latte metropolitan voters and minorities. In this way, Marcuse replaces the subjects of the revolution - the revolutionaries are not the poor and oppressed workers, but blacks, women and gays.

Oppressors are no longer the hereditary heirs of financial empires of the notorious 1%, but the white, heterosexual, working man. The worker becomes a bourgeois. The former victim has been turned into an abuser. The vast working class has been left toothless, fistless and heartless. But why?

How did the working class suddenly become the enemy of the New Left? Very simply - it turned out that the working class did not really live up to the expectations of a fundamental and revolutionary change of society, and professed conservative values, which led Marcuse to replace the Marxist proletariat with other revolutionaries.

As white, working-class hetero men replace the bourgeoisie as the hated oppressor class, the left picks up on the victims as well. The new hierarchical pyramid is created. At the top are the perennial abusers - white straight men, followed by white straight women, followed by white gay men, followed by white gay women, followed by white disabled, followed by black straight men, black straight women, black gay men, black gays women, disabled blacks and Muslims.

On the left we have a tragicomic battle about who is more screwed up, and while the debate over whether a black gay disabled man is more wronged than a black healthy hetero but ugly Muslim woman is being fought on an academic level (!!!) agree that the white straight man can never be a victim for anything. A white man in the west can only survive by self-flagellation and apologizing for being white and heterosexual.

What is the profile of liberals today? A layer of educated and well-realized people has been created who, despite their undoubted academic and professional successes, are totally devoid of the ability for critical and analytical thinking. In their majority, they belong to the new, modern type of liberal intelligentsia, situated in a comfortable, modern and cool ideological framework.

It's easy to recognize them - they're passionately committed to saving the planet, minority rights, feminism, Me Too, open borders for refugees - basically, all those clean, slightly abstract but terribly humane urban causes that are professed from a comfortable position of user comfort.

Despite their claims of modernity, awareness and progressiveness, however, in fact these people live in a state of serious intellectual disorientation and "block thinking". Completely mutually exclusive and even hostile ideas in the real world, such as Muslim rights and gay rights, co-exist perfectly peacefully in their heads.

If they had any critical thinking, they would know that in most of the countries from which Muslim immigrants come, homosexuality is punishable by death, which means that they cannot support gay rights and Muslim rights in Europe at the same time, because -the majority of Muslims sincerely believe that gay people deserve death. And because liberals use emotional discourse as a tool of influence that completely dominates logic and facts, it often happens that they intellectually crash in an argument with opponents.

(I'll digress slightly here to comment on what desperately lobotomized scumbags our liberal elite are made of - a week ago they were extremely busy enjoying how Putin was waiting for Erdogan at the Tehran meeting without uttering a single word about the decisions, that were taken, and the treaties that were signed at that meeting. And he hardly understood anything about them.)

Another matter is that the recently declassified files of the fathers of today's Western Left such as Marcuse show that they were cadres of the services. I do not know better proof of social engineering of the elites. They rode, tamed and replaced the left to destroy it.

Today's left is designed, created and run by those it thinks it is fighting against, which is why it has abandoned the topic of social injustice and focused on the social and biological gender of legions of victimized yuzles. The cause of today's left has been superseded and replaced with a toothless shill. No one is looking at the 1% who control more than half the world's wealth anymore because they are fixated on their 72nd gender and too busy making themselves victims. The New Left is a long dead ferret and smells like carrion.

Today's left, today's neoliberal cause to me is desperate. Identity politics is always attractive because it allows human stupidity and laziness to be presented as the product of oppression and historical injustice. Personal responsibility is removed from the equation.

This is how millions of white, working, conservative, normal people suddenly felt bad because they somehow found themselves redundant, confused and scared in the new global world. And we were declared "fascists" and "losers in love" by "journalists" such as Mrs. Kapka Todorova (correspondent of "24 hours in Berlin, note ed.").

The old-fashioned notions of patriotism, discipline, conscience, love and care for family, integrity, respect for tradition, morality, Christian faith and free will – the pillars of a society – have collapsed. Their place was taken by extreme individualism, contempt for tradition, and a refusal to take personal responsibility for one's actions. In a few decades, the old universal moral code was destroyed.

Unfortunately, the social and cultural radicalism of the left is in no way accompanied by a corresponding economic radicalism. On the contrary, the economic policy of the left turns out to be a complete failure.

So, let's point out the main causes for which today's western left is fighting, and which it is trying to push in our country through the generously funded political formations, NGOs and influencers:

Globalism and multiculturalism - open societies without borders; centralization of power and global decision-making by a small, extremely powerful and wealthy elite;

Digitization of society - a huge database with personal files and a scoring system for each person;

Green deal: yes, if you think articles like the one on CNN yesterday about the benefits of eating cockroaches is cheerful nonsense, I'm about to disappoint you - this is the future. It also includes limiting consumables (no way, the resources are finished, and Russia will not give theirs voluntarily), limiting travel (emission quotas);

Bioengineering - free sex change and sexual freedom in every sense of the word. Remember Marcuse's "sexual-moral revolt"?

And if all this sounds conspiratorial to you, just visit the World Economic Forum website more often.

It's called "The Great Reset" there.

Well, I don't care.

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