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been in opensim since 2012live to give, share and help

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Adachi Clubs
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Adachi Clubs is a region for CopyKat grid events. Alex Zatespin every Friday at 2pm grid time in her new Rock n Roll club at Adachi Clubs Find many free clubs here and a lot of dance HUDS. Let's party !!!
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Freebies, Mermaid, Underwater Landscape, Fun Funny Stuff, Hats, Skins, Shapes, Creepy Freebies in the Caves .... Magical & Mystical - Everything is copy, Buy for 0 and Full Perms BAN POLICY - DEGRADE SERVER PERFORMANCE - RUDE OR SERIOUSLY BOTHER OTHER GUESTS {WARNING FIRST THEN BAN WITHOUT R...
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Alexandra Zatsepin - Adachi Clubs
Where: Adachi Clubs
When: 17 days ago [8 Oct 2021 14:00 SLT]

Born in Moldavia, at 6 years old moved to in Montreal, at 18 moved to Vienna for classical singing and piano, at 19 moved to EspaƱa for 1 year for to study Spanish Guitar and in Montreal at age 20 began musical profession with music in metal symphonic.
I play and sing all types of music.

acoustic guitar
harp guitar
3 electric guitar 6 strings 1 - gibson, 1 - fender stratocaster, and 1- ESP E-II Horizon NT-II Blue Purple Gradation
2 electric guitar 7 strings 1- Ibanez RGD71ALPACKF RGD Axion Label - 7 String and 1 - Cort KX507MS-SDG 7 String - Poplar Burl Top Body Electric Guitar with Fanned Frets
1 Schecter BASS SLS Elite 5

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Wonderful fantasy !! Super creative ..


This racetrack is built by Mike Gallery. He has many years building tracks in SL and opensim. It is a ubode physics track that performs fantastic. Your into racing this is your track. Car rezzer is super good and a big selection to choose from. Best racetrack in Opensim !!


Wish I could leave more stars. A lovely sharing place with cool goodies to take and share with others. Super !!!!

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