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Hypergrid addict in a virtual world.

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Residential Region_02
gridfoundation.ddns.net:8002:Residential Region_02 0 Users
Rocking Horse Ranch, Eclectic mix of kinky, country, barns and castle. Teleport to other levels. Dance barn, play greedy, poker, country music stream. Line dancing, & Clubmaster dance ball.
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Residential Region_01
gridfoundation.ddns.net:8002:Residential Region_01 0 Users
Montego Bay - hop://gridfoundation.ddns.net:8002/Residential Region_01/218/226/22 Our tropical vacation island home down Jamaica way. Lagoon, Lot's of great outdoor space.
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Residential Region_03
gridfoundation.ddns.net:8002:Residential Region_03 0 Users
Residential region_03 , Tropical islands in a primarily water region (our Bora Bora). Relaxing tropical paradise with underwater mermaid. Ignore the naysayers and check us out.
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oklahomasocial oklahomasocial posted in the region Residential Region_03
Our beaches home now open to friends and hyper-grid visitors.
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oklahomasocial oklahomasocial added a comment in the region Welcome
Happily now owning three super fast regions here at Foundation Grid.
2 years
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oklahomasocial oklahomasocial posted a review of the region Freckles
I love love. love this region.. Whimsy, Fantasy and awesome decor all rolled up into one. Relive your child hood fantasy's and or make new ones. Freckles is a delight to explore.
2 years
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