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3D Art scape immersive sim.
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Highly visual immersive interactive experiences. It all happens in the Midnight setting. A dozen unique awe-inspiring art environments. Take the tour and expand your virtual eperiences.
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Beach Oceanfront sim Arts, Clubs, Immersive Interactive Experiences.
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Sunset Beach
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Detailed builds themed events for Rocking The Blues. Voodoo Theater - Tropical Beach Theme - 1950's/60's themed city - 50th Anniversary Moonlanding Party 7/20/2019
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Forest Azure @ Jazzland on Immersive I Sunday 6/4/230 @ 2:00 SLT

Thirza Ember: unmissable! 5 days ago

It is coming soon to Immersive IV @ Pangea Grid.
Using 20 prims or less and one texture, will you be amazed? That is my challenge and your experience. 3D Art Experiences by Nyx Breen

Immersive IV @ Pangea grid

Zahlensymbolik @ Immersive IV on Pangea Grid. Coming Soon -

Across the sky I fly like a cloud.

Zahlensymbolik @ Pangea
Art is pushed to the sky. 3D Immersive Experiences by Nyx Breen
Now 4 - 4x4 VAR size sims Experience virtual art in a way never seen before.
Zahlensymbolik coming soon.

Peace & Love, Brothers, and Sisters. It is the dawning of the Age of Pangea!
It will be time to Keep on Trucking at this Groovy event with Zowie Maui and Wavey Gravey as we Boogie to the jams of the '60s. Psychedelics provided by Nyx Breen that Cool Head is righteous and bodacious. Don't be Bummed Out Man and miss this Shindig.
Coming Soon!

Jupiter Rowland: Far out, man! 1 month ago

Nyx Breen - Immersive Experience

Mit mir selbst tanzen - Coming soon to PANGEA.

nyxbreen: :) 1 month ago

Don't get in a lather; enjoy some giggle water, and dance at Jazzland; it's the Berries.
4/26/2023 @ 12 SLT

Louis Armstrong - Duke Ellington - Bessie Smith - Benny Goodman - Charlie Parker
Ella Fitzgerald - Count Basie - Dizzy Gillespie - Billie Holiday - Fats Waller.
Movie Stars - Celebrities - "The Swells & The Who's Who Crowd"
Experience the Jazz Age at Pangea with HG Safari on 4/26/26 @ 2:00 SLT.
It's the Cats Pajamas
Jazz Age inspired 3D Artscape Experience come be Immersed.

real-life side of the avatar abstraction at Pangea
hope to see you there.

Easter Egg Hunt for Textures at Immersive Sim on the AMV Grid.
Fifty unique textures individually created by Nyx Breen from real-life photos.
A magical experience on multiple levels, turn Windlight setting to Midnight. The Music is on, particles activated, and grab a Note Card from the givers for Landmark points and enjoy. Good Hunting.

RemmyRavenhurst: This is like drugs for texture hoarders like me! 2 months ago

Celebrate The Cornflake Festival at Immersive 3 today at 12 SLT.
Sneak peek of the new Immersive Artscape.

3D Art Experiences

Monuments at Immersive 3 - Pangea

Bubble Land Opening pictures thanks to those who came to celebrate the one and only Veritas McMaster.

nyxbreen: Thank You, Zimp Rexie and Medora Chevalier, for some beautiful images. 4 months ago

Thank You, Zimp Rexie and Medora Chevalier, for some beautiful images. Pictures from the opening of Bubble Land today on Pangea

Willkommen bei Bubble Land 3D Art Erfahrung! eine gemeinsame Anstrengung von Veritas McMaster und Nyx Breen Dies ist die letzte Kreation, an der Veri und Nyx gearbeitet haben. Veri am 23.12.2022 verstorben; Ihre Liebe zu virtuellen Welten und der Wunsch, dass alle einbezogen werden und am Prozess teilnehmen, war ihre Vision in realen und virtuellen Leben. Bitte feiern Sie die Vision und den Traum dieses bemerkenswerten Individuums am 28.01.2023 @ 11SLT, Pangea hop://
Welcome to Bubble Land 3D Art experience!
Bubble Land 3D Artscape is created by Nyx Breen, with 40 years of real-life photography and 17 years of virtual, and 6 years of gaming world content creation.

Bubble Land "Veris Dream" is a joint effort between Veritas McMaster and Nyx Breen to produce an immersive interactive art experience.

This is the last creation that Veri and Nyx worked on.
Veri passed on 12/23/2022; her love of virtual worlds and desire for all to be included and participate in the process was her vision in real and virtual lives.
Please celebrate the vision and dream of this remarkable individual on 1/28/2023 @ 11SLT, Pangea Grid.

Bubble Land is a single art creation spread across a 4x4 VAR that is a thousand meters tall. (16 regular SL sims).
You can explore Bubble Land in several ways, a visit to the skybox to look and be amazed. Use the teleporter system to a dozen key locations. Walk and fly through the piece and discover a different look and experience with each turn of your avatar.

Los Suenos de la Muertos The Dreams of the Dead is a cocreation of Veritas McMaster and Nyx Breen that was presented at the OSCC OpenSimulator Community Conference this past 12/10-11, 2022. The art piece and the real-life experience were explored and explained.

Los Suenos de la Muertos can be experienced at,

Looking forward to meeting you and sharing the experience Veri loved.

Nyx Breen
Opening of Bubble Land 1/28/23 @11AM SLT on Pangea

The last art exhibit Veri and I worked on, please experience her dream.


LaviaLavine: Astonishingly beautiful this is a must see for everyone! 5 months ago
I visit worlds none have seen.
Dante's Inferno Ice Skating is open because people in Hell want to Ice Skate.
Grab skates add them out of a suitcase and Add the X-speed hud.
Settings - Midnight/Particles/Max Draw, space is a 4x4 VAR.

Bubble Land at Pangea opening 1/28/23
3D immersive experience like no other seen in any virtual world.

Lampithaler created a memorial video in loving memory of Veritas "Veri" McMaster. Thank you Lampi, love you and miss you Veri.

Hugabug: Very beautiful 5 months ago

Lampithaler created a memorial video in loving memory of Veritas "Veri" McMaster. Thank you Lampi, love you and miss you Veri.

A celebration of the life of Veritas McMaster is to be held on the Alternate Metraverse Grid on 1/2/23 @ 10 -12 SLT grid time
Veri loved this world and the people who lived in it with her. Please show your love and respect for the person she was in your life and celebrate her together.


Littlefield Grid: So very sorry to hear this she was a wonderful lady and she will be greatly missed by all of us. 5 months ago

With a broken heart, I inform you that our dear friend and lover of Virtual Worlds, Veritas McMaster, passed away in a house fire trying to save her beloved cockatoo Sophie.

Derrybeg Arabello: I did not know Veri .. very well, only chatted in passing. She seemed to me like a very sweet and caring person, and of course, she'd care enough about her bird to go back for it. We need more peo... 5 months ago

All Skate Forever at Dante Inferno's Skate Park is coming soon at Pangea, Immersive

People in Hell want to Ice Skate.
Join them in Immersive at Dante's Inferno Ice Skating 3D Artscape Immersive experience. Coming SOON!

Thirza Ember: hell freezing over? It'll never hap... oh wait. 6 months ago
Hypergrid Safari Four Region Tour
A whirlwind tour of four art venues in Opensim, this year’s HG Safari Tour for the OSCC is a Special Event taking you to OSgrid, Pangea, Kitely and Craft.
You will see the work of Ellen Tiratzo and Ernest Moncreiff, Karima Hoisan and Dale Innes, Tosha Tyran, and Nyx Breen. 12/13/22 at OSCC. Visit the largest 3D Art in all of the Virtual Worlds. Immersive at Pangea. hop://

Marianna : I love seeing the arts being promoted at the OSCC, thank you Thriza! 6 months ago

Bubbleland Coming to Pangea Soon - Ride the Love Bubble through a unique 3D Artscape.

Thanks to everyone visiting Muenos de Muertos; today was a great time. Marlon Wayne has excellent tunes, Veri is helping with hosting, and Lamp sets it all up.


Visit explore Be Part of the Art

nyxbreen: Thanks to all who came great crowd fantastic to meet so many new individuals. 7 months ago
Opening 11-11-22 / 11 - 11 PST/20UHR at Pangea Art & Cultural Festival.
Dear friends of art and culture. in the context of our Pangea art and culture festival we present to you on November 11, 2022, a very special artist, many of you already know him, Nyx Breen.
An incredibly fascinating art installation is waiting for you, which is called Suenos de Muertos - Dreams of the Dead.
A 4x4 space filled with the largest immersive piece he has ever have created.

Musically we will be accompanied by Joao Frazao and DJ Marlon Wayne through the evening. Please dress to impress be part of the art. Looking forward to seeing you all.

11 - 11 - 22 Opening

AMV Home Tour - Aedifex Sunday Nov 5th @ 2PM Grid Time. Don't let the boat leave without you!
H G Safari article -


Pangea 11/9/22 Immersive Opening
Los sueños de los muertos permanecen entre nosotros.
Coming soon Be part of the Art

Immersive 3D Artscapes by Nyx Breen at Aedifex. - Have a Seat -

Immersive - Have a Seat is the newest 3D Artscape by Nyx Breen.
Total immersive art experience come explore art as you have never seen before.

nyxbreen: Part of - Have a Seat 3D Artscape. Immersive visual art experiences, Turnoff the light and Turnon your mind. :) 8 months ago

Immersive @ Mind Odessey A sim dedicated to an artist community showcasing various virtual arts.

AMV House Tour is coming - explore the worlds others have created. 4x4 sim waiting for you! Discover the interactive designed world with possibilities that are unique and visually astounding. October 23 @ 2PM AMV time. A dozen designer homes are unique, with a terraformed and landscape environment to enjoy. Aedifex Arts Experiences Interactive waiting on you.

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