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3D Art scape immersive sim.
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Highly visual immersive interactive experiences. It all happens in the Midnight setting. A dozen unique awe-inspiring art environments. Take the tour and expand your virtual eperiences.
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Beach Oceanfront sim Arts, Clubs, Immersive Interactive Experiences.
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Sunset Beach
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Detailed builds themed events for Rocking The Blues. Voodoo Theater - Tropical Beach Theme - 1950's/60's themed city - 50th Anniversary Moonlanding Party 7/20/2019
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AMV House Tour is coming - explore the worlds others have created. 4x4 sim waiting for you! Discover the interactive designed world with possibilities that are unique and visually astounding. October 23 @ 2PM AMV time. A dozen designer homes are unique, with a terraformed and landscape environment to enjoy. Aedifex Arts Experiences Interactive waiting on you.

Immersive at Mind Odessey - In and Out of View a 3D Artscape immersive experience. Odyssey

nyxbreen: What you see changes with your view. Midnight WL setting - Draw to 800+ - Particles on - Sound on - Relax - Wander - Chill - Stay on the floor texture but go to the edge. Camm around draw back to se... 8 months ago

3D Artscape coming soon to Mind Odessey - immersive light art show experience.

Marianna : Wow!! Looking forward to seeing this Nyx! 8 months ago

Beach day at Aedifex - Sunset at Palm Islands

nyxbreen: Spearfishing hunting for Snapper at Sunset is the best. 9 months ago

Were' Back - Immersive - 3D Art - Be part of the Art

Aedifex where it all began full size 3D Artscapes
Midnight Max Draw Max Avatars

Immersive - 3D Artscapes by Nyx Breen
Be part of the Art, immersive interactive artscapes, great for photography and just chilling.

nyxbreen: hop:// great visit 11 months ago

Open Sims Art Fest 2022 - Be Part of the Art - Nyx Breen 3D Artscapes @ Immersive. explore the different and unique.

Thirza Ember: that's big art. 11 months ago

Terra performing at OS

Time to explore what else is across our worlds. Be Part of the Art and come see and support Virtual Artists that create visual wonders and experiences. Chlorine - Oxygen locations for a start are excellent to see many interpretations of virtual creations. Prim twisting to light bending many styles and imaginations displayed here. Participate in the experience follow the guidelines cam in close and explore and enjoy the other side of virtual worlds. Creativity is collected into a collective community for you to explore.


Mind Odyssey - Pain Passes coming soon. 3D immersive Artscapes. Be part of the Art. Explore Mind Odyssey a sim dedicated to Art.

Marianna : Thank you, Nyx... 12 months ago

Immersive - Pain Passes

Immersive - Six Sided Singularities
Be Part of the Art
1 Texture + 7 Prims @ 256 x256 = 6SS

Immersive - 6 Sided Singularities

nyxbreen: 1 Texture + 7 Prims @ 256 x 256 = 6SS 12 months ago

Immersive - Polaroid -Single Particle presentation - Hologram

Immersive - Tinsel Town

Immersive - Tinsel Town - Be part of the Art - 3D immersive Artscape's hop://

Thirza Ember: "look into my eyes ...." LOL 12 months ago

Immersive - Be part of the Art
There is more to discover... hop://

Have you gone Immersive yet? Be part of the Art. Discover the other side of virtual.

Thirza Ember: Lovely! (in an immersive way) 12 months ago


Experience Art uniquely only at Immersive

Immersive 3D Art Sim - Virtual like you have never seen before.

nyxbreen: Deeper look and chat with artist @ 12 months ago
New at AMV grid Immersive sim Multiple 3D Immersive Artscapes to explore and photograph. Settings Midnight - draw 600 - graphics maxing. Enjoy the discovery walk about fly and dance when you see the dance ball. hop://

another house and interior design finished

worked on a few houses and interior design.

New at AMV grid Immersive sim Multiple 3D Immersive Artscapes to explore and photograph. Settings Midnight - draw 600 - graphics maxing. Enjoy the discovery walk about fly and dance when you see the dance ball. hop://

Immersive - Aware explore to discover what lies inside the immersive experience. A darker Windlight setting is recommended. Post what you shoot.

OS Art Fest 2022 Lot 133 Nyx Breen Immersive Artscapes.

Enter an immersive experience - imagine being in an abstract picture that surrounds you. Listen to chill beats and just look and let the experience unfold before you. Prims, Mesh, Alpha, Textures, and a few scripts. Midnight or Luna Morning 7 - WL setting Draw max and Graphics up. Explore fly and discover something new in a virtual world.

AMV grid - Aedifex sim. Dozen large size Immersive Artscapes. Enjoy
Nyx Breen - Immersive exhibiting at OS Chlorine - Upcoming OS Arts Festival - Midnight setting - Draw 600 - Graphics Max - Music on. Enjoy. Post the images you take in multiple Artscape environments.

nyxbreen: Post images you take while visiting. 1 years ago
Tonight, make the scene with your glitter on and your platform shoes high enough to stay above the fire on the dance floor. Burn Baby Burn. DJ Cataplexia spins the tunes that packed the house back in the '70s, Soul, Funk, Dance, Boogie, Time to Shake and pass the Disco beat. At Funk It in AMV on Aedifex sim.

Immersive Artscape environments turn settings to Midnight Windlight, max out Draw and Graphics. Explore and be amazed, chill beat tunes, and your camera.

Aedifex Juke Joint Blues w/ DJ Cataplexia
Where: Aedifex
When: 1 years ago [17 May 2022 05:00 SLT]

Legendary club sublime blues jamming

Experience a dozen unique visual art experiences.
Midnight Windlight setting, Draw set to 900 meters, Music volume on-
Dance explore take pictures to enjoy.

Rudi Bakerly: I love it. For the fans of Light Art, Particels and Illumination is this the perfect spot. A must see and im amazed about it. Go on Nyx ! 1 years ago

Aidifex - Funk It - soul,funk,disco fun dance tunes in a retro 70's discotheque.
1st Tuesday of the Month 5PM till 7PM w/ DJ Cataplexia.

Night Bumper Car Surfers @ Aedifex *Graphic Motion May Cause Effects* CAUTION. Ride Bumper Cars in the drop-in, loop de loop, rails, or the pipe. The biggest challenge is riding the Wave! Fast action jumps flips and crashes sometimes. Set Windlight to Midnight.

Check out the Juke Joint on Aedifex in AMV grid great Blues
Come explore a beach style sim

Houston we have a party

50th Anniversary Lunar Landing Party
Where: Sunset Beach
When: 4 years ago [20 Jul 2019 15:52 SLT]

Houston ...beep... We have a Party...beep....
Join us as RTB celebrates the 50th anniversary of one small step for man one giant party for mankind.
RTB is off for a one day Saturday, July 20th to Sunset Beach for its Luna Bash at Tranquility Base.

Rockin' the Blues Road-trip to Sunset Beach June 29, June 30 and July 1!

Be part of an RTB memory making the experience with your Friends, have fun with an awesome blues soundtrack to boogie too!
Rockin' the Blues Beach Blanket Boogaloo is a road-trip for Rockin' the Blues built especially for the Tribe by Nyx Breen!
Gorgeous Sunset Beach is a sim size tropical beach waiting for you to explore! Dance to blues tunes by your favorite Rockin the Blues DJs under a warm sun, bright moon and in sof

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