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*** UPDATED RELEASE MAY 29th 2024 ***
OPENSIM FIREWORKS V9 (VERSION 9) - All in mesh fireworks (*) with lower complexity- V9 now is even better than previous version - it summons flashing lights on different colors and has more sounds, all to make the effect even more real! Available for FREE and FULLPERM at PARTY BOX.
Here is an example how it looks like now:
Enjoy :)

(*) An old particles firework available as well inside the box!

Safinemahoe2: These fireworks are fantastic! They look amazing but do not cause lag. I put about 20 of these on a one sim island as a test. OMG that was pretty.....but no lag! These are the best fire... 18 days ago
This week on Safari - a glorious walk around GermanworldGrid, a nd the welcoming delights of Ocean Grid, plus all the latest news about 3rd Rock Grid.
If you're curious, read more here:
So many beautiful places and nice, drama-free things going on in Opensim.

and... one new ride for the fun.... for speed try the orange snake car .... ;-)

LeonitasLionheart: YESSSSSSSSSSSS....SSSSSSSSSS....i soooo need thisssssss in my life! 1 month ago
Dear fairy tale fans,
Cloudshead Worldheart 2
opens again
on Sunday, May 5th.
We look forward to seeing you :-)

Liebe Märchenfreunde,
Cloudshead Worldheart 2
öffnet wieder
am Sonntag, den 5. Mai.
Wir freuen uns auf euch :-)

Margie: tried going there but says I'm denied access 2 months ago
Dear fairy tale fans,
Cloudshead Worldheart 1
opens again
on Thursday, May 9th.
We look forward to seeing you :-)

Liebe Märchenfreunde,
Cloudshead Worldheart 1
öffnet wieder
am Donnerstag , den 9. Mai.
Wir freuen uns auf euch :-)

Warm invitation to the opening of the Elven Light Garden on the enchanting Sim Cloudshead Worldheart 2!

Bebe: Congrats Lampithaler I know how long have been working on this projects :) 2 months ago

We now have text-to-speech as well as speech-to-text in world.

Star Ravenhurst: That is awesome Mr. Wolf! After my gallery opening, I will be spending some time on your grid. I am looking forward to it! Good work! I need to go shopping for my avi! :) 2 months ago
Amor fati is a Latin phrase that can be translated as “love of destiny” or “love of one’s own destiny”. It is used to describe an attitude in which one views everything that happens in life, including suffering and loss, as good or at least necessary.

And it is also the name of the new exhibition at Art Gallery GavezDois. It was brought from a large and magnificent exhibition taking place at Grid Craft World, entitled "La Terra Inquieta", where several artists, including us, were invited to exhibit art on the themes of War, Migrations and the Environment.

We were very moved by this exhibition which, from now on, will also be available to visitors at Osgrid.

Jerralyn Franzic: I've enjoyed all of your current exhibits. I'll check this one out soon! 3 months ago

Decorating my region for Winter Solstice Festival.. listening to the Frank Sinatra Radio Station ( great channel! and find myself getting in the wintery mood.. :)

Luna Lunaria: Lol I'm still trying to get into a Fall mood 9 months ago

You can end up where you started from, or you can go elsewhere. Sometimes you have to try elsewhere.

Lone Wolf: What an amazing structure. 9 months ago

Is the sky falling or is the ground falling up?

Safari returns with a roar today at 12 noon SLT with a visit to Dinkies and Dinosaurs on Discovery Grid! Join us if you can we depart from Safari where you'll find the details of the trip.
Can't come? There will be the usual writeups on a big thanks to @ShalHeira and @KayakerMagic for making this wonderful debut adventure possible!

Thirza Ember: wow thanks to everyone who showed up to the event, about 25 of us (including the naked and the clouds!!) If you'd like to see a few pictures, here are the links 9 months ago
This is just one of the many beautiful sights to see at the Wildlife Preserve called Peaceful Enclave located on the Lioness Den region of our grid. Glow worms are such a beautiful sight to see in their dark caves and this little cave is no exception to that rule. Stop in and tour the region, enjoy the animals and the landscape, there is just so much to see and you can tour on foot, on a horse or use one of our many vehicles available. Blessings and much love, Lavia.

LaviaLavine: On a side note, the preserve covers the entire 4x4 region not just the front quarter where the museum is. 10 months ago
"When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam may luck be yours on halloween"

The shadows are getting longer again, the heat of summer is slowly fading. Slowly but surely, a melancholic mood is spreading. Autumn puts out its feelers. (at least in the northern hemisphere). Urgent time to open


I think that this year a lot of nice things have reached the region again, which have been distributed all over the sim. So it gives you something to do finding all the new stuff.

The visitors' favorites, the unbeatable Wolftones and the Sanderson Sisters, will also be there again..and brandnew "Dancing with the mon - stars" another awesome creation by Kimm Star.

Remember..Most items,( and meanwhile tons of !) but not everything is for sale. Please remember and RESPECT that please. You can see beautiful things "made in open sim- for open sim" for example made by Kimm Starr, Cloee Heslop, Luna Lunaria ,Bibiana Bombinate and many more. Thank you!!

I wish you a lot of fun ,exploring, laughing, crying , getting scared, collecting beautiful autumn decoration and and and.. the Gates are open now !!!

(hints...the sim is fully loaded, so give it time to rez and if it is not rezzing please relog that often helps
- Please make sure to have a good balance between Music and Sounds, otherwise you would miss half of the fun)

NineZero: The highlight, for me, was The Wolftones and the crowd dancing to Monster Mash. You rock, Thomas! Great sim! 10 months ago

It is almost Jazz & Blues Festival time! Here is the schedule for Saturday September 9.

I love challenges, but my recent review mentioned that my belly button rings are not rigged for Athena. Athena is not a standard avatar shape so when rigging with Avastar it isn't quite right. My belly button rings are meant to attach to the belly for standard shapes. I just added a new Peace sign belly button ring that attaches to the standard avatar belly. I never say never, but this time I am - I don't want to take a ripped rig into blender to please my critics.

Jerralyn Franzic: It does take a bit more effort to install stuff for bodies outside of standard and Ruth2. That said, it's not impossible to install standard rigged earrings or other jewelry onto the more advanced bod... 11 months ago

OSFEST 2023 Has a new website! Follow it to see what's going on in the planning phase of the event, which will be happening in the last 2 weeks of September

OSFest: Message from Rosa Alekseev: "Hey all we have more spots for performers to fullfill , lets do it! We opened some earlier and others days cause was all almost fullfilled ! Pls contact me if you have in... 12 months ago

July is here and once again OS-expo opens its doors to bring you a collection of new items from around the grids. Don't miss the party at Zee Lounge - playing classic soul from 70s/80s.

How many women writers are celebrated on this build at NoiLab?
Brilliant build by Tonino Lane and dreamt up by Lorenza Colicigno...
A must for all booklovers...

Thirza Ember: Fun fact: the world's best-selling author is a woman, Agatha Christie. Go ladies. 12 months ago
This year’s theme is Jazz/Blues Era, late 1860's to early 1970's and all the styles and genres that Jazz and Blues have inspired.
Progress report: Website is almost ready, and the grid admin are working hard to get the new grid up and running.
Good luck and happy building! If you have questions about your build, consider joining OSFests's discord channel where you can find help and suggestions

It's coming! You're invited!
For the best way to get all the latest news about OSFest, consider joining the Discord server - it's fun and it's free!

I have Re-Opened Paragon Park after many have been asking about it I do hope you enjoy the revisions & upgrades we will be adding more later this year enjoy & thank you for asking about our park we appreciate all those wonderful comments .. thanks you Huga,

Summer's Sonnet wedding set-In the wedding ring dept. Jewelry

Lunaria Emporium is my flagship store located on Wolf Territories Grid, where you'll find unique products created solely by me that can be purchased with Gloebits, or with other pay options through links to the Kitely Market.

The central store is large, with multiple rooms that include themes such as Christmas, Gothic, Vampire, Arcane Magic, Castles, Steampunk Airships, Medieval, Japanese/Asian, Greek and Roman, Statuary, Decor, freebies, large architecture in multiple styles, and large Venues.

Surrounding the central rotunda are large viewing parcels at ground level where you can walk through all of the structures available for purchase and fully experience each build. They can be accessed by teleport boards, bridges, flying, or taking a boat ride.

There is a freebies section inside the central store with several items free to anyone. Also available for free are the Ruth 2.0 and Roth 2.0 mesh avatars.

Important Note: Use Shared Environment and higher graphics to see the region properly. As you explore the various parcels, the sky settings will change to fit the theme.

Many of my products can also be found on the Kitely Market here:

Lone Wolf: The buildings there clubs etc are incredible. Its worth a visit just to see the build! 1 years ago
What a difference it makes to visit a region and get the guided tour. Amazing Shapeshifter sim on OSGrid has a story to tell...
Part one of this week's Safari trip
Ferd Frederix-BS News-Sunday Funnies hot off the press!! There is an inworld edition of the magazine you can pick up at the VHG HQ on the third floor.
The next time you visit VHG region you will likely hear a cow moo or a lion and dragon roar! I have added the Outworldz gateways to VHG making it a 2x2 with Gateway to Dragons-Gateway to Outworldz-Gateway to Africa and we added the BS News office to the VHG Headquarters-please check the lounge while getting tanked you can get caught up on all the BS! Located on the 3rd floor

Marianna : Pick up your BS News Hoodie on the 3rd floor-----> in the BS News Lounge! 1 years ago
Mind Odyssey art exhibit is a spectacle of vibrant colors and animation. If you are free this weekend, please consider taking the time to visit this exhibit. Art is presented by these artists:

Cherry Manga
Amaranthim Talon
Shirl Tainted Angel
Nyx Breen

Bibiana has beautiful pieces about too! Odyssey

nyxbreen: Great place for surreal to magical experiences by many artists. Thank you, Mariana for supporting virtual art with this wonderful space. A new piece coming soon. 1 years ago
Join us for a fun time as we celebrate the big band era with live music from BG Singer. His 1-hour set will include vintage tunes from the 20s to the 60s. DJ Rosa will also grace us before and after. The event will be in our newly finished Coopersville Dance Pavilion. Dressing for the era is fun but not required. All are welcome.

TP: Kitely - Coopersville 1175, 341, 22
Nyx Breen invites
Louis Armstrong - Duke Ellington - Bessie Smith - Benny Goodman - Charlie Parker
Ella Fitzgerald - Count Basie - Dizzy Gillespie - Billie Holiday - Fats Waller.
Movie Stars - Celebrities - "The Swells & The Who's Who Crowd"
Experience the Jazz Age at Pangea with HG Safari on 4/26/26 @ 2:00 SLT.
It's the Cats Pajamas
Jazz Age inspired 3D Artscape Experience come be Immersed.
You can find my work at these locations:

Wolf Territories Grid:
Gloebit Store: Emporium - Main Store
Podex Store: Emporium - Podex

Many of my items are also available on the Kitely Market here:

SkyRealm Bangle please find this at the SkyRealm Observatory

SkyRealm Observatory~A dream realized~Thank you, @FerdFrederix

Skyrealm Observatory is a work in progress. @FerdFrederix is giving me a hand with building this project. I showed him my Observatory Model and he explained it could be greatly improved with Blender modifiers like the edge modifier. It will take some time to complete it is a huge build. Thank you, Ferd for teaching me about the blender modifiers and what can be achieved, just wow!
Star Ravenhurst and I were honored to be on the Inworld Review program today, March 19th to be interviewed about Masala Al Kohav, Star Jinn Palisade Mall. It was an awesome time and it really let us talk about why we do what we do and what we have to offer. I'm including a link so you can watch it if you like. Blessings and much love, Lavia.

Lavia and I had our interview on Inworld Review.

What an HONOR to be featured on HG SAFARI! Many thanks, Thirza!

Spax Orion: Since the posting of this article, I have added 3 NEW rides to 'The Afterlife' area (Hint: Take a swim) and "Festival of Fatalities" Funhouse is completed. So, get your free SYSTEM avatar at hg.osgrid... 1 years ago
Medieval Marketplace and majestic Monastery! The Monastery is truly an outstanding build by Tenshi Engel; from its imposing portcullis entry, thru its many rooms with unique textures and gold highlights, all backed with Byzantine Music, it is worth the trip! Land at the dock and make your way thru the busy Marketplace and over the moat.
Many of you know I have a lot of statues in my store, but I didn't set out originally to offer them. A few years ago I wanted one for a build I was doing at the time and found one on the Kitely Market. Wanting to add materials, I replaced the base texture with a marble and realized that all that was left was an amorphous blob that barely resembled the original statue. So I decided to see if there was a better way. The resulting workflow is pictured. I start out with real world scans of famous statues (such as Hebe pictured) that are readily available, and load it into Blender. Since it had 2 million faces, I needed to reduce the complexity to 80,000 faces or less to be able to upload it inworld but still have detail for those who are unable to use higher graphics. You can see the two models side-by-side in Blender. At that point I bake the normals to replace a lot of the details that were lost without increasing the complexity, then upload the less complex model and the new normalmap into opensim. The final photo is the result.

You can see all my statues on my store regions:

Main Store: Emporium - Main Store

Kitely Store: Emporium

And many of my items are available on the Kitely Market here: