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Summer's Sonnet wedding set-In the wedding ring dept. Jewelry

Lunaria Emporium is my flagship store located on Wolf Territories Grid, where you'll find unique products created solely by me that can be purchased with Gloebits, or with other pay options through links to the Kitely Market.

The central store is large, with multiple rooms that include themes such as Christmas, Gothic, Vampire, Arcane Magic, Castles, Steampunk Airships, Medieval, Japanese/Asian, Greek and Roman, Statuary, Decor, freebies, large architecture in multiple styles, and large Venues.

Surrounding the central rotunda are large viewing parcels at ground level where you can walk through all of the structures available for purchase and fully experience each build. They can be accessed by teleport boards, bridges, flying, or taking a boat ride.

There is a freebies section inside the central store with several items free to anyone. Also available for free are the Ruth 2.0 and Roth 2.0 mesh avatars.

Important Note: Use Shared Environment and higher graphics to see the region properly. As you explore the various parcels, the sky settings will change to fit the theme.

Many of my products can also be found on the Kitely Market here:

Lone Wolf: The buildings there clubs etc are incredible. Its worth a visit just to see the build! 6 days ago
What a difference it makes to visit a region and get the guided tour. Amazing Shapeshifter sim on OSGrid has a story to tell...
Part one of this week's Safari trip
Ferd Frederix-BS News-Sunday Funnies hot off the press!! There is an inworld edition of the magazine you can pick up at the VHG HQ on the third floor.
The next time you visit VHG region you will likely hear a cow moo or a lion and dragon roar! I have added the Outworldz gateways to VHG making it a 2x2 with Gateway to Dragons-Gateway to Outworldz-Gateway to Africa and we added the BS News office to the VHG Headquarters-please check the lounge while getting tanked you can get caught up on all the BS! Located on the 3rd floor

Marianna : Pick up your BS News Hoodie on the 3rd floor-----> in the BS News Lounge! 22 days ago
Mind Odyssey art exhibit is a spectacle of vibrant colors and animation. If you are free this weekend, please consider taking the time to visit this exhibit. Art is presented by these artists:

Cherry Manga
Amaranthim Talon
Shirl Tainted Angel
Nyx Breen

Bibiana has beautiful pieces about too! Odyssey

nyxbreen: Great place for surreal to magical experiences by many artists. Thank you, Mariana for supporting virtual art with this wonderful space. A new piece coming soon. 1 month ago
Join us for a fun time as we celebrate the big band era with live music from BG Singer. His 1-hour set will include vintage tunes from the 20s to the 60s. DJ Rosa will also grace us before and after. The event will be in our newly finished Coopersville Dance Pavilion. Dressing for the era is fun but not required. All are welcome.

TP: Kitely - Coopersville 1175, 341, 22
Nyx Breen invites
Louis Armstrong - Duke Ellington - Bessie Smith - Benny Goodman - Charlie Parker
Ella Fitzgerald - Count Basie - Dizzy Gillespie - Billie Holiday - Fats Waller.
Movie Stars - Celebrities - "The Swells & The Who's Who Crowd"
Experience the Jazz Age at Pangea with HG Safari on 4/26/26 @ 2:00 SLT.
It's the Cats Pajamas
Jazz Age inspired 3D Artscape Experience come be Immersed.
You can find my work at these locations:

Wolf Territories Grid:
Gloebit Store: Emporium - Main Store
Podex Store: Emporium - Podex

Many of my items are also available on the Kitely Market here:

SkyRealm Bangle please find this at the SkyRealm Observatory

SkyRealm Observatory~A dream realized~Thank you, @FerdFrederix

Skyrealm Observatory is a work in progress. @FerdFrederix is giving me a hand with building this project. I showed him my Observatory Model and he explained it could be greatly improved with Blender modifiers like the edge modifier. It will take some time to complete it is a huge build. Thank you, Ferd for teaching me about the blender modifiers and what can be achieved, just wow!
Star Ravenhurst and I were honored to be on the Inworld Review program today, March 19th to be interviewed about Masala Al Kohav, Star Jinn Palisade Mall. It was an awesome time and it really let us talk about why we do what we do and what we have to offer. I'm including a link so you can watch it if you like. Blessings and much love, Lavia.

Lavia and I had our interview on Inworld Review.

What an HONOR to be featured on HG SAFARI! Many thanks, Thirza!

Spax Orion: Since the posting of this article, I have added 3 NEW rides to 'The Afterlife' area (Hint: Take a swim) and "Festival of Fatalities" Funhouse is completed. So, get your free SYSTEM avatar at hg.osgrid... 3 months ago
Medieval Marketplace and majestic Monastery! The Monastery is truly an outstanding build by Tenshi Engel; from its imposing portcullis entry, thru its many rooms with unique textures and gold highlights, all backed with Byzantine Music, it is worth the trip! Land at the dock and make your way thru the busy Marketplace and over the moat.
Many of you know I have a lot of statues in my store, but I didn't set out originally to offer them. A few years ago I wanted one for a build I was doing at the time and found one on the Kitely Market. Wanting to add materials, I replaced the base texture with a marble and realized that all that was left was an amorphous blob that barely resembled the original statue. So I decided to see if there was a better way. The resulting workflow is pictured. I start out with real world scans of famous statues (such as Hebe pictured) that are readily available, and load it into Blender. Since it had 2 million faces, I needed to reduce the complexity to 80,000 faces or less to be able to upload it inworld but still have detail for those who are unable to use higher graphics. You can see the two models side-by-side in Blender. At that point I bake the normals to replace a lot of the details that were lost without increasing the complexity, then upload the less complex model and the new normalmap into opensim. The final photo is the result.

You can see all my statues on my store regions:

Main Store: Emporium - Main Store

Kitely Store: Emporium

And many of my items are available on the Kitely Market here:

The grid is up and running now and the event is on.

Click the Rocket Club sign at the landing zone.

Nico Kaliani: 22 people here now. Join us! 4 months ago

No comments here... 3D sign says all lololol
Available for FREE and FULL PERM. Enjoy )

Emily Sear: O M G! Too funny ..Famous last words should be posted on all grids.. shut up and just take it! 4 months ago
I had for this lady a deep respect and appreciation and so created this memorial wall to her memory to reflect the beauty of the soul who was Veritas McMaster. May she know eternal peace and beauty as greatly and deeply as she created it in virtual for all to enjoy. She brought many smiles to many people may her joy be full in her eternal slumber.

nyxbreen: Thank you, Lavia, I know she loved this Virtual World, and now her soul lives in all realms. 5 months ago
My jewelry designs are inspired by the thoughts and sentiments of you, my friends. Your support, encouragement, and enthusiasm fuel my creative ideas and help me to create beautiful and timeless pieces. I love hearing your stories and seeing how my designs can be a part of your virtual lives. I also create in the Real. It's incredibly fulfilling to see you wearing my jewelry and feeling proud of your choice, thank you. In the end, it's not just about the jewelry, but about the relationship I have with you and the joy that we both share when you find that perfect piece.
I have had requests to create heirlooms to be worn virtually, I cherish this, thank you.
So many people ask me, why is it that I don't create in Second Life anymore? The last time I tried uploading in SL some of my pieces cost 300L to upload. They have the testing region to check jewelry prior to upload which helped but for me, my pieces never uploaded the size I created them. They loaded huge and distorted, whereas here in Opensim all upload the exact size I create it in my RhinoGold studio. It is why I am here, easier workflow it is that simple. Firestorm has updated the Mesh Uploader so that you can now "preview" your mesh inworld in SL called "Local Mesh" which allows you to preview your mesh creations inworld and see edits you make to the mesh dae file in real-time prior to uploading which will save lindens. I will give it a try again and see if I get better results. Until then you are stuck with me, I love Opensim and the friends I have made here, thank you for your support!
Just finished this "Stairway to Heaven" fountain which is located in Haven of Memories memorial gardens and I hope to add a couple more Memorial tributes. This region is open to everyone to visit, relax, reflect, remember and if you need to hold memorial services we have a large pergola/pavilion with plenty of seating. If you would like to commemorate a loved one and would like a tribute memorial built for them to place in Haven of Memories, just let us know we'll be very happy to do that for you. Blessings and much love, Lavia
I will be closing down my Lunaria region on Mobius Grid at the end of this month for financial reasons. You will still be able to find my regions on Wolf Territories Grid and on Kitely Grid. A heartfelt thank you to all who supported my work on Mobius, especially the grid owner Royale, who has been and continues to be so kind to me.

Mistressdalgato: as they say when one door closes another one opens, I hope it works out for you in the end. so does this mean no more gloebits? 5 months ago
Friends of Veritas McMasters I have a special necklace to remember Veri by. She had come to the store with a special request to make for her a "Back Necklace" when wearing this please remember the loveliness of Veri, and hold your friends close always. Jewelry

Luna Lunaria: Thank you Marianna, I picked one up :-) 5 months ago

When a new year begins at midnight, you know how fast time flies. I wish you love, success and happiness - only the biggest piece of everything!

The Soul-Grid wishes all a happy new year

KikiBaily: Frohes neues Jahr wünschen Kiki & Wollex 5 months ago
I enjoy creating caged beads and thought it would be fun to create a little kit of a few caged beads, round and elongated beads so that you can create your own necklaces. You can also add these to your charm bracelets. I started you out with a few beads and will add more beads as I make them.

Star Ravenhurst: Beautiful! Nice work! 5 months ago
Wir wünschen Allen ein besinnliches Weihnachtsfest. Danke allen die uns 2022 unterstützt haben.

We wish everyone a merry Christmas. Thank you to everyone who supported us in 2022.

Vi önskar alla en god jul. Tack till alla som stöttat oss under 2022.

Adult_life: Dir lieber Marlon, Deiner und allen anderen im Grid auch von mir frohe Weihnachten und eine besinnliche Zeit. 6 months ago

Interactive Art Exhibit now at Atlantis. Scripted images made using Dynamic Texture. Touch the paintings to render a new image.

Lone Wolf: Can't get there. Would you like to have an exhibition @ WOlf Territories Grid? 6 months ago
Hypergrid Safari Four Region Tour
A whirlwind tour of four art venues in Opensim, this year’s HG Safari Tour for the OSCC is a Special Event taking you to OSgrid, Pangea, Kitely and Craft.
You will see the work of Ellen Tiratzo and Ernest Moncreiff, Karima Hoisan and Dale Innes, Tosha Tyran, and Nyx Breen. 12/13/22 at OSCC. Visit the largest 3D Art in all of the Virtual Worlds. Immersive at Pangea.

nyxbreen: Make sure you view Lampithaler Artist video great job thanks. See you all at the conference and visit Pangea an awesome art-based grid. 6 months ago
2007 was a year of wanting to make positive changes - I started an environmental awareness blog “Climate of Our Future.”

Having researched the Pacific gyre and seeing all the plastics accumulating on our ocean floor was devastating to me; to learn at that time it was twice the size of Texas.

In my research, I discovered a Marine Biologist who has an incredible love for our oceans. Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, Ph.D. “J”. J was a frequent contributor to Climate of Our Future and allowed the use of any resources he had. He still does, thank you J. His philosophy The Blue Mind Rx: Our Waters Can Be Lifelong Medicine for All People. This is an important message that I wanted to share virtually.

I have added the @JoeBuilder "Barrier Reef" to my virtual installation of Blue Mind, thank you Joe. J's water philosophy is here. I keep J close in positive thoughts, two years ago his home was destroyed by fire. You can read about it here:

Thank you J for your contribution to our planet.
DJ CLASS @ KORYPHON ACADEMY Monday 11/7 @ 10am
DJ Cataplexia teaches DJ Class @ Koryphon Academy 11/7/22 @ 10am
Learn on MIXXX Free broadcaster from a DJ with 16 years experience!
The Class is free but needs a couple of Pre Requisite downloads
Download MIXXX Latest Version here:
and LAME here:
Download libmp3lame 3.99.5.....either the 86 or 64 Bit depending upon which MIXXX you downloaded, make the numbers match (64 or 86)
Copy the ENTIRE FOLDER of the lame player into your MIXXX main folder in Program files

See you Monday - Upstairs @ The Koryphon Academy Annex Academy
The Class is 100% free and so are the downloads!
Wir möchten uns bei allen Bewohnern fremder Welten bedanken, die mit uns die Einweihung von FLUXANTIS feierten.
Die Feier hat uns allen richtig Spaß gemacht mit super Musik von DJ Marlon.
We would like to thank all the residents of alien worlds who celebrated with us the inauguration of FLUXANTIS.
The celebration was really fun for all of us with great music from DJ Marlon.?
Today is a great day for a little Odyssey. "When light bounces off of something and is reflected back into a human’s eyes, we perceive color. For millennia, color has been one of the elements of art that artists use to render the world as they see it." When you view the colors the Mind Odyssey artists display, such as Nyx Breen, you will see a dance of color and movement. Make sure you take the time to spend here and appreciate the artists of OpenSim.
Cherry Manga
Nyx Breen
Amaranthim Talon
Shirl Tainted Angel Odyssey

Image shown is artist Shirl Tainted Angel

Jerralyn Franzic: I've visited a few times. Once with an alt, and a few times more by myself. :) 9 months ago

thank you Webby.. hugs Sister

MidnightRain Glas: It was so beautiful, thanks to Webby.... I am so glad you had a fantastic time, and as Nyx said you looked HOT.... LOL but you always do... we love you Esse so much... 9 months ago
Mind Odyssey art exhibit is a spectacle of vibrant colors and animation. If you are free this weekend, please consider taking the time to visit this exhibit. Art is presented by these artists:
Nyx Breen
Cherry Manga
Amaranthim Talon
Shirl Tainted Angel
Bibiana has beautiful pieces about too!
and me~
A special thank you to Reyn Softly for creating this great region! When here you must view the land looking down from above, you will see a very cool head residing here! Odyssey Odyssey

River: It is a beautiful region, a must-see! 11 months ago
New Location for Fetish Factor
Where: Trianon Complex
When: 11 months ago [10 Jul 2022 17:00 SLT]

Set in the big city, were at night the latex and leather rule the streets, lays a club the Fetish Factor with the "Expanding Dance Floor™" so no one feels crowded.
Come as you are or in you are favourite Leather or Latex to the BEST Party on the OS in the 5pm Sunday Time Slot. And dont forget about the LaTeX Source being right across the street for now. Free Latex
DJ Esse playing a Classic Rock and your Requests.
every Sunday 5pm grid/PST and Click Portal to the Fetish Factor

If you like Drama, and judging by the most commented posts on this page, you clearly do, then check out the DRAMATIC* pictures of past Festivals.
Luna Lunaria has compiled a History of the event, with photos, videos, and articles going all the way through from early editions of AvatarFest, through to the Gather region, meant as a place for Fest alumni to party and remember past chaos.
OSFest begins on July 8 2022
(*nah, not really any drama, but pretty interesting as part of Opensim's cultural legacy.)