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One of my very favorite flowers is the Gladiolus, and I haven't really seen any anywhere in Open Sim so, I got busy and did my best to reproduce my beloved flowers here in virtual so I can share them with everybody else. These flowers always make me smile they are so regal and beautiful. You can find them at the Star Jinn Palisade Mall in our Masala Al Kohav region at the "Create A Scene Garden Center". They're beautiful, they're free, they're full perm so have fun with them. Blessings and much love, Lavia.

Star Ravenhurst: The picture doesn't do justice to these lovely flowers. You want them in your garden! 3 months ago
I repaired MAHJONG by Xylor Baysklef. The amazing Xylor made this years ago, and it was broken and stopped working. I just went through thousands of lines of code and fixed all 13 broken scripts. Now it will work in dreamgrid or anywhere. :) I'm leaving it at This is a fun 1 person or multiplayer game and it is very advanced and sophisticated.

Rogue Galaxy: awesome I love playing majong!!! 4 months ago

Mystic Moonlight: kool i can get here now! 4 months ago
I'm excited about our very newest shop opening at last. Indigo's Market and Boutique with beautiful items that are unique! Stop by and check it out, you're gonna love it!! You can find it on the Teleport Billboard...Indigo's Market & Boutique! Open for your shopping pleasure.

IndigoQueen King: Thank you Lavia for the space and the opportunity to share my creations on your amazing grid. Huggs you tight :))) 5 months ago

360 degrees PIC of MAGABAGA MEGA MALL in Europa. All SCI-Fi stuffs and related can be found here for FREE and FULL PERM. Enjoy :)

Mystic Moonlight: great build jimmy and ty for sharing~S~ 6 months ago

Halloween display coming soon. and Kinky Havens 4th birthday.

Lizzy: Be afraid. Be very afraid...... 9 months ago

Classic Rock , will be playing all classic 50's and 60s and celebrating Ozzmosis Ozzy's Birthday, good tunes, requests, sploder some trivia and hope to see you there!

One little tip about My Wicca Market:
1-If you see something you like to copy and it is not copy please send me a message or a note and I will check the item ASP
2- If the item is not copy at all it is because it belongs to my collections and you will find it in its vendor. Just check around and have fun
Thank you so much for visiting Wonder.

Valentine earrings and pendant. Monentes Jewelry please find this on the little table in the foyer. Jewelry

Halloween Hunt! Sleepy Hollow! Find the Skulls
Where: The Sprawl

Visit Sleepy Hollow for your frightful fun! Explore the Halloween sim, avoiding all types of Ghosts and Ghouls and search for well over 20 hidden Skulls scattered on the region. Collect the Skulls and you will collect Prizes from Rusty's Rags, Brick in the Wall, Patchwork Garden and others! Once you find the Skulls, either copy or buy and the prizes are yours! Watch out for the Wolfman!