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About Myself

lets see i been online since the 90's my first ever 3d place was on Rose aka Moove 3d... i was there 10 yrs ...then found SL i was in sl from 2006 to 2010 (can still go there but don't unless to visit 3 old friends who are still there..came to opensim in 2010 and love it here i hang out on osgrid which is my first home and grid and also in escape2reality grid my second home ...

My Interests

i love to build and tweak scripts that are free to do what i need them to do,,, i also love to hang out with friends dance play games ,,skydive ,,scuba dive and surf and other things ....

Favorite Quote

you are who ya are just be you!!.....and get to know someone before judging them don't go by what others say get to know them yourself ~s

Music I Like

classic rock and roll , some oldies , and country......

easier to say what i don't like real heavy stuff u cant understand the words to just gives me a headache ..and nasty rap its crap lol ohh and,,slow opera and elevator music is borinng and makes me sleepy lol

Films I Like

films based on true events
and horror and thriller flicks

Books I Like

stephen king
dean koontz
and all types of true event books

OpenSimulator Version

osgrid latest

Viewer Version

pheonix fire storm 6.6.3


8gb ram

My Regions

Seaside Karaoke
7 3 Karaoke 0 Users
Seaside Karaoke has moved and reopening in september 2023 keep checking opensimworld and facebook pages for the date and time cant wait to see ya'll here
more info
Mystical Mall
15 3 Mall 0 Users
free tattoos,plants, furniture ,homes,decor and misc also 2 shops avaliable if you need a shop to give out your creations send me an IM
more info


Hey ya'll it's Mondy come join us 5 to 7pm grid time for Seaside Karaoke~s~

Hey Ya'll Seaside Karaoke will take place from 5pm grid time till 7pm grid time tomorrow MONDAY MAY 13th hope to see ya'll there ~S~

Karaoke Tomorrow Monday April 8th 5 thru 7 pm grid time

just a friendly reminder from Seaside we will be holding karaoke tomorrow Monday March 11th@ 5pm Grid time hope to see ya there ~S~

Escaped2Again: hi all if you wish to come listen to some good toons come to seaside karaoke happening now 4 months ago

5pm grid to 7pm gridtime march 11th

Due to rl issues mainly my internet going in and out i am rescheduling tonights seaside karaoke ,,, i will most likely hold it on next monday if they fix the issues completely thanks for your understanding !!hugs Mystic

come join us mon feb 26th 5pm grid time!

monday feb 5th 5pm grid time

Escaped2Again: woot got 6 more songs to do make sure you bring ear plugs and also political incorrect songs with it 7 months ago

karaoke time at seaside karaoke come join us!!!

come join us at seaside dec 4th 5pm grid time

if its your first time being here ,,, and you ya plan to sing please pop over and get the info from the huge board in front of the stage so you will know how our karaoke is ran ,,,, hope to see ya'll there ~S~ Mystic

karaoke by the sea@ 4 to 6 grid time ,,followed by halloween party @ 6 to 8 grid time see pic for details

karaoke time tonight 5pm grid time

due to my internet being off 13 hours karaoke could not take place on the 25th ,,,,, the new date will be Monday October 2nd @ 5pm grid time ,,, hope to see ya there and ty for understanding ~S~

SheaButter: No worries Mystic, it happens to us all. :) 10 months ago
Come Join us Monday September 25th @ 5pm grid time for karaoke by the sea @ Seaside Karaoke ... come to sing or just hand out and listen to the rest of us howling out our favorite tunes hope to see ya there !! hugs Mystic ~S~

ozzmosis ozzy: Hi, all due to Mystics power being out, and talking to her from a phone call at 4.57 grid time, seaside will not be running today I am sorry if this has upset anyone. and have a nice day. 10 months ago

Seaside Karaoke returns @ its new home on Monday September 11th@ 5pm Grid Time hope to see ya'll here!!!

Seaside karaoke has a new home will be opening in september will post here on opensimworld and on facebook when we do

seaside karaoke will be reopening soon on a new grid stay tuned for reopening info !!

Seaside Karaoke is cancelled for tomorrow and until further notice due to personal reasons ,,, but we will be back soon will post on facebook and in opensimworld when the next one will be held ty for understanding

it's karaoke time once again come on over and join us ~s

it's that time again come on over and join us Monday May 29th @ 5 pm grid time Karaoke

Seaside karaoke come sing or just listen ,dance lplay sploder bring your friends and make some new ones!!! we would love ya to come join us!

PLEASE NOTE// if ya plan to sing go to seaside and click the big board next to stage or contact Mystic Moonshine on how to send in your tune links or mp3s at least a hour prior to start time ty~S~

karaoke time lets party!!Monday May 1st @5 pm grid time!

new items at mystical mall in my homes and more shop

new items at mystical mall in my homes and more store

Please visit Karaoke prior to March 12th to read the info posters on how to submit your songs via MP3 as we pre record our songs for sound quality as not everyones internet connections are the same and we want everyone to hear the voice and music at the same rates ,,,come on over and have fun as we dance and join together to listen to each other howlll out some kool and awesome tunes and we also have a few people that love to sing some tunes with thier own special touch of comedy by twisting and adding thier own words ,,,so come on over ya may get some great laughs with thier great sense of humor!!

Mystical Mall is back online !

Mystical Mall is down at the present time ,,, it could be down for some time ,,will let ya'll know when it is back online ,,have a nice day~s

Jupiter Rowland: At least you haven't vanished without a word. That's good. And some of the items in the shops can be found elsewhere meanwhile; check SeaPrior Plaza, for example, if you're looking for layer clothes. 2 years ago
R&M has recently moved into Mystical Mall the shop owner is MillyAnn Morgana she makes some Mesh and Non Mesh Clothing as well and has Landmarks to her Own Mall where she has many other items avaliable as well ,,,,so come check out her shop ya may just find something ya like also be sure to check out Adriana's Shop ,And Jons Drum shop ,,and the non-Mesh Avas by trex blessed made yrs ago,, along with my own shops and creations ive made over the years prim builds and non mesh ava wear ,,, i'm sure ya will find something there ya like ~S~,,,More to come in the future ,,, enjoy ~Mystic~
Adriana's New Shop opened today @mystical mall ,,,,please visit her store when you get a chance !! also check out jon baurs drum shop ,,and all my misc shops i am sure u will find something you like!
Mystical Mall has a brand new look !! along with our oldr items we are making and adding them as well so come in for some new items and have a look around hope you enjoy the new look and the freebies !!

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Adventure Isles

very well done amusement park one of the best i have seen on opensim ,,the rides i have tried so far worked very well ,,, and i had a blast there specially on the bumper cars!! lol!! i can't wait to explore and try the rest of the rides !! ...ohh ,,,be sure to try out the tunnel of love the decor in it is so beautiful and romantic as well !! very welll done chris !!!

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