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Come relax at the new Wet therme day spa. Enjoy soaking in our natural hot springs with your friends and lovers. Our luxurious massage tables, locker room and relaxation stations. Due to hygiene reasons no clothes allowed. Everything is open air and pleasing to the eye.

Can you find the easter eggs (surprises)? ;-)

RaynaF: forgot to mention. I found one hidden gem. 10 days ago

Beach parties!!! At JaM's Sex Hideaway...

RaynaF: very cool place. great people 10 days ago

Black Pearl Bay with Tortuga Island, La Muerta and Matagorda Bay

ANNOUNCING the newest shop to join the Star Jinn Palisade Mall at Masala Al Kohav is COSPLAY CORNER the proprietor is Artman Xue, a dear friend from several years ago. When he saw what we're trying to accomplish here at the mall, he volunteered to bring a portion of his shop to our grid and offer his amazing costumes, which he creates for classic avatars (and mesh) and offer them here for free to our visitors and role players. We very much appreciate Artman for doing this! He also joined our "Friends of the Genesis Roleplay Grid" family so there is a portal from our grid to his where you can find more of his great creations!

We also have some other new shops like Thor's Forge, Indego's Market and Boutique, Heart of the Matter Boutique, and Creations by Tainted Angel. While you're checking out our shops be sure to stop in and see the beautiful creations by Star Ravenhurst, and she's got a lot of them. There is a LOT to see at the Star Jinn Palisade Mall in the Masala Al Kohav region of the Genesis Roleplay Grid. Stop in, bring your friends, and have fun shopping. Most of our builds and creations are originals with a few general freebies thrown in. Blessings and much love, Lavia.
Good day!!
I have made a few new things and they are available at my shop, Star Ravenhurst Designs at the Star Jinn Palisade Mall. Find the shop on the teleport board to get there. Al Kohav

LaviaLavine: Star, your creations are always beautiful!! Outstanding job on these, I'll be around to pick some up for my my regions!!! 10 days ago
THESE ARE THE BEST stargates & stargate dialers you will ever find in the grids. These gates & dialers let you put in your own list of destinations. When you press a button on the dial pad it tells you what grid that goes to, then you press the center button, and the button light up animation sequence happens. Next the stargate will start to turn to dial in the location. Finally a worm hole will appear and you just walk right into it, and it tp's you to the destination you chose anywhere in the metaverse. One of these stargates can take the place of hundreds of "teleport portals" and "teleport signs". THEY COME PREINSTALLED WITH 72 POPULAR HOT SPOTS. NOTE: There are THREE PARTS. The Gate, The Dialer, & The Stand. I have the ATLANTIS GATE, the PEGASUS GATE, and the SG1 GATE. All with dialers. All FULLY working. You can pick yours up at

Milly Money: Excellent! Thank you for adding The Matrix to destinations 10 days ago
Your IP Address is recorded every time you visit any sim in the robust log. This means you cannot go to ANY sim without your IP being recorded. All I have to do to see anybody's IP is go to my robust file, and search on part of their name. This pulls up their name, ip address, cmac, and key. So if you are paranoid or don't your information out there, then don't come to the metaverse. First of all the way ip addresses work, your IP address MUST be told to the server you are visiting so it knows WHERE to send visual data back to so that you can see it. In fact, this is how the entire internet works. So get a grip.

Lillysparks: Cyberglo, you are so cool the way you ended this crash-course in IP basics. "Get a grip" LOL. You must have been around someone who was complaining...this seems oddly specific. Hehe 25 days ago

These are three of my avatars just dancing' the night away on my Magical Fairies Pass 2 Fantasy region! ;)
So much fun adding to these OAR builds ;)


Jerralyn Franzic: Whoo... just like SL... Legacy seems to be gaining ground in the fantasy depth. Anyway, this outfit is... *jaw drops* 2 months ago
The Land Rental System. This amazing system is available on Valands in osgrid. It's a work of art in scripting and she has done an amazing job of creating this, if you are in the business of renting land you should check it out and stop by val lands and get a copy. Really awesome work!

Jared Seda: Simply Amazing! 2 months ago

The Wizard Of Oz sends you all greetings!

skate with your baby in your arms

tree with poses and children...merry Christmas to everyone

Christmas companion and skating children gift for Christmas

go for a walk with your baby

Mistressdalgato: to bad you cant rig it to put another avi in it. its very cute tho 8 months ago

la sim e' aperta sono nuovi bambini animesh con aspettano

EVAN WILLIAM IS NOW LIVE !!!! come join the party at Barefoot Dreamers

new...coccole al tuo bimbo prima di trova nel nuovo negozio

new interactive sofa finally for dads too......hop://

these children everyone knows I did it I'm at a construction site in Astralia I wrote it only for personal use no resale everyone knows it and everyone respects the rules instead this grid newlife italy doesn't care about the rules and respect for the work of others .. too much comfortable so they take everything and put it on sale to attract people .. but the others know it anyway you make a bad impression ... you came here .... learn to do it yourself and remove my things

The Etheria Network: Its a wonderful family offering, I have several friends with virtual families and all this means a great deal to them :) Moving, fun babies and kids, amazing!! One note, some of the items - many act... 12 months ago

new...give your baby a bath with an interactive menu

new baby in arms

Les couleurs d'opensim changent ! Encore en beta-test, le nouveau viewer de Linden change son modèle colorimétrique. Nous ne savons pas si et quand ces modifications seront portées sur Firestorm. Opensimulator a d'ores-et-déjà intégré les fonctions llLinear2sRGB et llsRGB2Linear. Les testeurs intrépides d'Atlasgrid se sont jetés dessus et les ont décortiquées. Sur le nuancier de gauche, les anciennes couleurs. Sur celui de droite, les nouvelles.

The colors of opensim are changing ! Still in beta-test, the new Linden viewer will incorporate a new color model. We don't know when and if it will be ported to Firestorm. But Opensimulator has yet implemented the LSL functions llLinear2sRGB and llsRGB2Linear. Fearless Atlasgrid's testers has dived in. Left colorchecker : old colors. Right : new colors.

Jupiter Rowland: Ooh, that could mean two or three fewer sim builders who put everything on full bright because it's so dark. 1 years ago

tonight at 22.00 pm baby dance evening .... we are waiting for you .. there are new baby avatars ...

Barefoot-Dreamers Grid is now Back online enjoy we apologize for the inconvience but maintenance must be done to keep us going

ce terrain est mort (land dead)
les likes doivent se faire sur
all on "pirate",
not on "falene pirate" (dead)

à retenir
et voila

Jamie Wright: Bonjour Falene:) This pic makes me hopeful you're soon to open one of your amazing regions again:) Whatever the path, all the best to you:) 1 years ago


iekocatnap: Happy holidays to Barefoot Dreamers grid, have a merry christmas ! 1 years ago

christmas blonde animesh baby girl in baby carrier gift from cloe for christmas

CLOE: certainly for all grids they are not like some grids that put sims on opensim and then ban them for no reason 1 years ago

christmas animesh girls for everyone best wishes

DALLAS MALL: Remove the Indiana and you can get there 1 years ago
You will find over 25 Winter destinations at our Travel Agency
Those destinations are in different grids
Use the Novale Teleport Hub (the greehouse close to landing)
To find a tp board to the Christmas Market

Dabici132: Novale's Winter Travel Agency now offers36 Winter Hypergrid winter destinations 1 years ago

Did you ever visited our Travel Agency for Winter Lovers ?
It is situated at our Christmas Market Place

Come and participate to our Advent Hunt 2022 from Dec. 1st to Xmas.
Once you are out of the Xmas Globe, walk toward the Greehouse nearby
The calendar in a shape of tree is very obvious
Click the Xmas Bauble on the ground to get info on the Hunt
Have Fun !

Kelso.Uxlay: Merci pour le commentaire et le like sur la région 1 years ago

News For Roleplayers Male
All news at the News-Box look at the Teleporter
have all a Good Time your Karin Becker

News For Roleplayers
All news at the News-Box look at the Teleporter
have all a Good Time your Karin Becker

News For Roleplayers
All news at the News-Box look at the Teleporter
have all a Good Time your Karin Becker

Head-Sharf with Rigged Hair
All news at the News-Box look at the Teleporter
have Fun and all a good Time Your Karin Becker

Soirée inaugurale d'AtlasGrid (anciennement Ignis Fatuus) ce soir, jeudi 10 Novembre à 21 heures, heure de Paris. Venez prendre un verre en musique et rencontrer le staff, Hart, Chip and Jeff, sur une toute nouvelle région.

Inaugural night on AtlasGrid (formerly Ignis Fatuus) today, Thursday, November 10, 12:00 SLT. Chill and relax. Everybody welcome.

Dabici132: Oh, j'ai raté l'inauguration ! Franc succès ! 2 years ago
Vous ne verrez plus çà, vous ne verrez plus jamais cela.
Le marché de Noël est mort, et ce n'est pas moi qui l'ai cassé !
Merci à tous ceux et toutes celles qui furent présents pendant ces 10 années, merci de votre soutient.
Maintenant c'est fini merci et au revoir.
N.B.: ce marché est l'oeuvre de Freddy Wright sur Francogrid vers 2010, et de personne d'autre.

This year you won't see that, you won't see that anymore.
The christmas market is dead.
I don't break it.
Thank you to all those who where there during ten years.
Thank you for your support.
Sorry Isn't my fault

Tristan Dehaie: @Dabici132, @Marianna, @MelodyStar, @ScarlettEarp, @monika, @thedeeferry, @Roleplayed, @Lampithaler, @Kelso.Uxlay, @elorift, @MoonroseGrid, @JeromFranzic, @soabad Il serait bon de cesser de raconter ... 2 years ago