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Wander the land of Merlin! Explore his Castle. Find an empty cottage to make your home. Adjoined by Misty Isle, Lothlorian and Tir Na Nog, this fantasy land has much to see. Afterward, make sure you beam up to Stormy's Galaxy for a trekkie treat! There are 2 space stations, five ships and four...
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Start your roleplay here among the hobbits, satyrs, fairies and elves. Hope to see you there!! There are free homes here for all those interested in rp. Contact Stormy Scorpio
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Visit the village of Misty Isle and surrounding lands. There are homes in the village and cottages in the countryside available for home and roll play. Misty Isle is bordered by the elven land of Lothlorian and the land of Anam Cara. There is much to see. Afterward, make sure you beam up to Stor...
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Elves of Lothlorien and Rivendell live here.
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