Mike Chase @mike.chase


Co-Owner (with Calliope Andel) of Utopia Skye Grid and primary maintainer. I have a long history working with grid technology as a user and developer. I was one of the primary contributors to InWorldz grid tech. during it's heyday. Still trying to move the ball forward in OpenSim despite a somewhat dysfunctional technical community. I'm Mike Chase on any grid you;d fine me including SL.


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Mike Chase 2 months ago
Miss Delgato, so sorry we are missing each other's messages. I did reply a few times but it looks like the messages aren't delivered unless I am on your grid directly (or you on mine). Probably a configuration issue of some sort. Regardless I am happy to try and help with any issues you are having with the OsCollar distribution. It's not a for fee supported product but I do endeavor to provide support for it as part of hosting the distribution. When I have a moment I'll come to your grid and send a message and hopefully we can re-establish communication.
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Mike Chase 4 months ago
It is so refreshing to see excellent original created content, Thank you for making it available and even better, for free.