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Gay Pride Farm
virtualgaypride.com:8002:Gay Pride Farm 0 Users
Gay Male Naturist Working Farm with working NPC's. This is an Adult region with naked males.
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Palm Beach Club
virtualgaypride.com:8002:Palm Beach Club 0 Users
Palm Beach Club is a Gay Friendly Dance Club, please be aware that this is also a naturist region and so male and female nudity is highly likely, so if offended by this then please stay away as we are a drama free zone.
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virtualgaypride.com:8002:GayPride 0 Users
Partnered gay male and co-owner of GayPride. Home to a fully working farm with naked farmhands. Check out the sailing and HandGliding areas. Shopping regions for Mesh and normal avatars. If you are against nudity then you need to stay away as these are adult and naturist regions.
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Good day all you lovely farmers out there. Can anyone tell me what i have to do with the honeycomb, i have no storage for it, and i do not see it required in any of the menus. ?


Does anyone know where i can get any clothing for Dinkies please ??


Anyone know if any of the opensim regions have the dinkies like they had in Inworldz grid please ??


Hello can anyone out there help me please. I am trying to find the Rock Feeder in the Quintonia farm update pack :)