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Welcome Traveler to Satori Starport! Many journey here from far off star systems. There are many areas to explore and play in. There is Club Nova for events. Try out a vehicle or two and fly or race around the area. There is a garden of native plants we found here. Be sure to stop at the gift...
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Grand Opening of Club Nova w DJ Maia
Where: Satori
When: 14 days ago [1 Oct 2021 17:00 SLT]

Club Nova has finally been finished and we are inviting one and all to our first show!


Where: Club Nova @Satori Starport
When: Friday Oct. 1st 5PM
Who: DJ Maia
What: Eclectic Electronica
Dress: Alien, Space person, Sci fi, Cyber, or come as you are

LM: hop://

The music will play and the particles may flow!