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We decided to change the name of our Pandora region. So many named their grid or region Pandora we decided to choose a name special to us. iknimaya which means Stairway to Heaven in Na'vi. Iknimaya is a treacherous but fundamental rite of passage in which a young Na'vi must select, capture, and successfully bond with one of the ikran who nest in the Hallelujah Mountains.
We hope to see you soon...

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I'm exited to announce the first beta release of Satyr Farm Q2 edition. This is mostly to allow people to try out the new HUD (option to make it more like 'the sims for opensim'!) Pick up the pack at the Mintor farm shop I'm going to be adding more information on the Quintonia website soon but have a play anyway and see what you think!
This could be your farm! I have two parcels (about 1/4 of a 512x512 region) available for free for anyone that wants to set up a Satyr Farm system. Charter at
Electrify your farm! I've just released the new Wind Power extension:
* Generate power with wind turbines to create a region wide power grid.
* Electric pump system with new water towers - one pump feeds all water towers.
* Power your kitchen oven with electricity.
* Electric Swan vehicle.
* Supports Multilingual & updater-box systems.
And more...!
All at