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a rl dom and viking reenactor

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Dominic Coh 5 months ago
sum nice stuff to find thes S expo is a joke should be renenamed in sexmuseum only boring old stuff and laggy as hell even after cleaning caches and several resatrts an fps of 2.5 and thats not just me
but thay for sharing ur oldies :)
Monica Querrien 5 months ago
Hello Dominic!

Thank you for visiting our sExpo! I am sorry that I missed seeing you on our Grand Opening event. We received a lot of positive feedback. There was a bit of lag, but if you had a FPS of 2.5, that sounds like something on your end.

Feel free to contact me on Discord if you have any other feedback you would like to share at Monica Querrien#1781. Thank you!
Dominic Coh 5 months ago
it wasnt only me i ve been there with 4!ofmy friend s all the same
iwasthe the one with the best fps so its defently ur end and not mine
sorry lady