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R. Lion - Stores
New Items *ALERT*
I'm so happy to bring this new items for you all.
Do you sing? Are you a Karaoke's Fan? Love declaiming? Come get this Mic at the Animation Store.
2 new awesome FatPacks we also added at our menswear. And so much more!
Come get it all, and have fun!

Sinje: OMG .....ich liebe es , so schöne Dinge immer wieder ! very very NICE 4 days ago
Aufgrund vieler Anfragen und Wünsche haben wir alle Artikel auf Mod/Copy gestellt. Wir wünschen weiterhin viel Spaß beim shoppen :)
Sollten wir einzelne Artikel übersehen haben bitte eine Email schreiben, wir ändern dies dann umgehend :) Danke

SheaButter: Sharing is caring! :) Thanks for that. 14 days ago
R. Lion - Stores **NEW ITEMS**
We have added lots of new items these days, including a whole new floor of Odds&End (3rd. floor of decor). Every store/floor has something new waiting for you.
Hints: New Hairs (women&men), women's clothing (Reborn, Legacy&Athena), jewelry, babies decor, houses, landscaping, kitchen area. Too much stuffs, come explore and find your favorites.

Join Jon and Topsy for the awesome show you will love it see you In London CITY AT 12 gT TIME

Just want to chat and listen to music Join us at Star cups coffee shop
Every week . At Dwell mall hop://

Lilastone: This is the most awesome place to hang out and talk with friends so come and hang out with us here at the coffee shop. 5 months ago
Marqs DeSade
Where: Gentle Fire Grid
When: 10 months ago [11 Jun 2022 11:00 SLT]

He live come listen to the awesome Voice of marq today
Marqs Live singer Saturdays 11 am to 12 noon club majestic
at Gentle fire Grid welcome Center Centen

Photo Done By Emily Sear at photogenic shop at Gentle fire Grid hop://
make appointment or Just Visit to see what she can do for you!
Its free to all as a Gift from Gentle Fire Grid please contact Emily Sear

DjArianna Nightfire: beautiful 10 months ago

we are about to reopen with animesh children for everyone

RuSandals: I stand corrected. There are different ethnicities available at this shop. Pardon my error. 10 months ago

animesh children created by astralia for all of you

KrisTina: hmm 10 months ago

still time to party come Join Dj Dan rocking !

For The Love of Zoree
Where: Gentle Fire Grid
When: 10 months ago [7 Jun 2022 14:00 SLT]

Join Zoree at club majestic
When: june 7 2022 14:00 SLT] Zoree
Join us Tuesday for the amazing Zoree at 2:00 gird time .. where at Majestic Club at Gentle fire Grid


Grand opening, Masked Ball
Where: Venice
When: 10 months ago [16 May 2022 12:00 SLT]

The Grand Opening of this authentic build of the most romantic Venice. To celebrate this official opening, there will be a Grand Masked Ball at the prestigious ballroom in Venice. DJ Jon Temple and Hosted by Topsy Janus, the event will be strictly formal attire, with masks available on the rialto bridge.

Everyone loves the Music
DJ LEE spinning tunes for everyone to get down and party so come and enjoy the best of funk and a mix of tunes for everyone. Wednesday April 27 1:00 pm grid time the party starts.


Lilastone: DJ Lee did a outstanding set tonight and I Loved it so much 11 months ago

Rudi Bakerly: Feen, Elfen Kobolde. Wo die Fantasie nicht weiterkommt, hilft diese Sim. Sie ist einfach bezaubernd gestaltet. Viele kleine Ecken, mit Liebe fürs Detail hergerichtet. Fantasy Freunden kann ich diese S... 12 months ago

partyyyyyyyyy Half time

Just for fun!

"No Outfit For You!"
Shopper: "It's warm enough for shorts but cold enough for a down-filled vest? Why are there down-filled vests anyways? And why doesn't the outfit have more color?"

Me: "Too many questions. No outfit for you!"

Dear reader...the hair is color-change. The shorts are color-change. The vest is part of a fat pack. The boots are part of a fat pack! Want more color? Well, that's a DIY thing. The warm/cold thing? Don't ask.

oh HELLO: Outfits with Options. And, today only, mangled Seinfeld quotes"

Lilastone: such a sweet person who helps you out and i will tell others about here 1 years ago
at southfork at Gentle Fire Grid

Lilastone: Good friends here dancing at the club and having a great time to the event Saturday NIght Fever tunes. 1 years ago

Was great show
Again thank you for Joining us
at Club Happy Day for the Kenny Rogers Tribute
Thanks go our to member and Opensim member for being there god Bless and Keep you safe.

Lilastone: loved the music tonight by dj Howie tribute to Kenny Rogers. Howie does a set every week on Wednesday 2 grid time so come on over and have a great time with us all. 1 years ago

Half time at Majestic with dj Howie come on down enjoy

club happy day Join the fun

cher at the GrandOpening of Happy days

Happy Days GrandOpening
Where: Gentle Fire Grid
When: 1 years ago [8 Dec 2021 14:00 SLT]

Happy Day Grand Opening surprise entertainment
where at mandina Monutains
Dress to have fun causal or dress Up
date Tuesday 8, 2021 time 2:00 pm Grid time

welcome Zoree Jupiter
where at Majestic club
time 2:00 Grid time
causal clothes
when today Tuesday
Bring your friend and family its about fun and Music
and her awesome Voice ,


welcome Center memorial Park in loving memory for those we lost . add a candle of peace and love for them thank you Topsy

Designers and builder Adore , Jon , Topsy , Help to put together Howie , Lila, Pp.
Give thanks to all you for your Contribute to our welcome Center Campus .
and to Member of Gentle fire for being there And Opensim Visitor .
its a Great View take walk through .M♥♥♥

Dj Howie great event thank you it was fun dj Elvis Live singer wosy and member of gf welcome and and Opensim member . yesterday from 1 pm Grid time to 4 Pm Grid

enjoy the Music with dj Elvis

Where: Gentle Fire Grid
When: 1 years ago [3 Dec 2021 13:00 SLT]


Join us December 3, 2021

Time 1 :00 PM to 4:00 pm
Dj Elvis Wilbers time 1:00 Pm to 2:00 PM

Live :wosy ogrady 2:00 Pm to 3:00

Dj Howie Mandina 3:00 pm to 4:00 Pm

Lets Party !!

welcome welcome Please Join us at the new welcome Center Gentle fire Grid we are offering so much more and enjoyment and peace of Mind Thank everyone for your support for making this happen . and thank to members of Opensim of Soul

yay 1969