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nice sim but if you no have 2m50 you invited to leave I have the sizes I have on real , 1M60 and I am considered as a child cause I no have 2 meter and not big boobs and big butt .... nice sim but if you no have 2m40 as a girl don't go

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as i say and show you my size FAR to be a kids i have a size to adult on RL if you people to you grid like to have 2m50 and be not real is real life is your choice and i respect that so please respect my choice to have my RL size adult married and with kids ok ? i not know any woman with 2m50 on RL like you i respect you rules so not bore me i not will come on your silm anymore i respect you rules but listen me 22 meter is not a real sizes for a woman ok ? and zeta world have nothing to do here ok ? i am on many gridand sim and so please shut up and be like you on RL !!! you have 2 meters giant miss ?
I find it funny that this person 0 rated both my region and bare lilies for the same thing. If you want to be a child avatar go find a children's grid to play on..A means adult.. and I dont care if your 100 and have 25 kids, if you look like a child you are not welcome on my region, or this grid.. so dont say we are at fault for upholding the rules of what an Adult grid or an Adult region is.. GROW UP
i dont care to what you think
i go on all sim andgrid for shopping and dance but jutssome sim like your and the one other you mean now allow people if us no have 2m50 , as i say 1m55 is a sizes to many adult in real but you with your 2m50 your not at all realiste better to have boobs like a ballon and butt like truck , if is that your vision to adult people juts make us all tller like a real human and you see the worlds on other view , i am adult and your rules is your choice i respect and i not will never back on a grid like your , i not upholding i am allow on many adult place for shopping and dance so enjoy your region and your giant friends
I dont want Child avatars on my region I don tcare if your 100 in RL this is not RL except I can still be finded or arrested for being a pedophile for having you on my region.. so go back to Zetaworlds and play there.. cause IM dont want you here