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It took me a few days before I recovered from the originality of the Arkham landscape; a landscape that becomes part of us and even if one moves away from it, it becomes impossible to forget it; it is a world in which you live "in" it and when you turn back it is as if you open a window to the future. It is the sense of a new "totality" that transcends the forms of which it is composed and that fr...

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Quando la passione, l'arte e la professionalità si incontrano ... è così che nascono le creazioni di Valeria: splendidi doni per tutto l'universo di OS, che ci fanno vivere e sognare e che diventano anche una occasione di catarsi dai problemi della vita quotidiana. When passion, art and professionalism meet ... this is how Valeria's creations are born: splendid gifts for the whole universe of OS,...

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