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I received a complaint the other day from a visitor who was not happy that they were automatically ejected from my welcome region by my child gate scanner. The scanner ejects avatars who are under 1.6 metres in height, 1.6 metres being the smallest a female avatar can be using the sliders in the appearance section of the viewer. Whilst this can falsely eject dinkies and fantasy avatars and for this I apologise in advance, most human like avatars under 1.6 metres in height are usually child avatars.

I make absolutely no apology for this ejection whatsoever. My grid is my personal home and not a commercial grid. Whilst visitors are welcome, child like avatars are NOT welcome under any circumstances and I couldn't care less if your little fee fees are hurt! If people would like a say in who I allow in and who isn't then they can do so just as soon as they start paying me for the upkeep of the server.

Child avatars are not welcome and nor are your pedo perversions!

EDIT - to be clear this isn't "my" script, it was created by Spax Orion and is available on this website here :-

Thanks Spax for a great job!
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