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Stranded the shipwrecked stumble ashore, not knowing where they've come, surrounded by a mindful mist or is it their foggy minds playing tricks with what is real. A gentle voice is calling them, up, come here this way to the good land you may find, if you can lift your foggy spell.
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Started a new sim to maybe copy items that are more surely not copy botted, if that is even possible thanks to the massive amount of copy botted stuff. At least the automatic growing trees can quickly populate the forest (user-level system not the opensim module).
Due to the copybotters I feel like i just better destroy my whole land because there is no way to check everything to see if it was stolen or not. I cannot have a region with stolen things on it, and then use it to advertise a more fair economy. So this may be the end then. I removed the link to this land from my website. This was already the second time I rebuild everything, I may not be doing it a third time. Logins are disabled, possibly forever.

Moved to a new grid with the land:
Great grid with excellent administration ! Thanks much.