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Lunaria on Mobius Grid

My goal with all my stores and regions, but especially this region, is to show that even a store can be an artistic expression of the highest order. Every piece I sell and every place I display them is a work of art.

See Lunaria here:
Use shared environment and advanced lighting model to see it as it was meant to be seen.

Lone Wolf: I love your work so much... 2 years ago

Updated Avi-eater, with goggling eyes

Justyn Tyme: Is he/she up for grabs? 2 years ago
Witches Hud update to VERSION 5
What do the magic huds look like?
NOTE: you MUST have OSSL enabled in your sim.

Well depending on which magic hud you got they can be very different.

The witches hud has purple buttons that turn blue when you click them to cast a magic spell.

The vampires hud has red glassy buttons.

The fae hud has light green buttons.

Remember, to end all spells simply close the HUD menu button. This retracts all the buttons and ends all the spells. :)

Each hud has a part you have to wear as an attachment. The vampire hud requires the vampires magic ring to be on your finger to work, the witches hud requires you to wear the witches heart, and the fairy hud requires you to wear the fairies necklace.

Of course you may GOD MODE these and take the guts out and put the magic into any ring, necklace, or object you prefer.

These huds tend to work best for people that own a dream grid, or own their own region setup with npc support. I did go back as a special favor and make the vampire hud runnable on osgrid. Changing some of the original spells so they would work there.

Please note: If you go to my region, go with no scripts, and as plain an avatar as possible. This is because there is a device there now that will kick you if you are wearing too much stuff, if your avatar is too new, or too small. This device has become a necessary evil, due to a few talentless people who insist on editing the things I've made and destroying them so no one can get a copy. Currently they have found a way to delete textures inside my unlocked objects, and they can kill scripts. So if you get something that is not working, just ask me, and I'll give you a full working version. This also helps to let me know when the talentless jealous b/c they can't make anything, people, have been back to my sim damaging my creations.

My newest region on Utopia Skye grid. This is a brand new ongoing project.

See it here:

Lone Wolf: ooooh. Someone will be buying one of these when it's ready :-) 2 years ago

LIGHT MUSEUM opening! All FREE and FULL PERM for LAMPs, STREET LAMPS and LIGHT related..
In STORE 05 u will find: Neon signs. Enjoy :)

Oubliet: TY! 2 years ago
now a little bit of ChinaTown on BastelWastel. have a lot of fun building it makes your world a little more interesting
etzt neu auf BastelWastel ein kleines bisschen ChinaTown . habt viel spass beim bauen macht eure Welt ein bisschen intressanter

Hello Folks! I just wanted to say thank you for your great comments and support towards Autumnville. I close the sim for public end of week. Thank you all ,stay safe and a Happy Halloween weekend!

New Batty Dress and Outfit just in time for Halloween! Come check it out at .::Beautiful Disaster::. Georgetown

Early 20th century desert region

So much to see!

hi.. added some new stores and content ... now available - mens wear .. weapons ... music instrument animated with hud .. have fun xxx

New to the sim " Soul Eater" . You find it at the Zombie Scene

oops I found a lot more items that are related to Halloween inside my inventory. I places them all inside the magick should do a second look inside

2nd year!
Hello folks, happy weekend. I decided to open my Christmas Sim for public sooner than scheduled . So it gives you time to explore the sim and for decorating your winter sim to make it cozy and to snuggle around with your beloved ones. All things i found so far on the open sim..The sim is really, really fully loaded so give it time to rez or make a relog, that mostly helps! Have fun exploring! If you need any help, give me a call!

bonjour hello
gardes numéros un
guardes number one

HG Houses with Snow Control - NEW @ Needful Things

I added to all my HG Winter Prefabs a Snow Control Panel, so you can switch between summer / winter with just one click.
Most of these houses got a Light Control Panel, too.

p.s.: More modificated HG prefabs will coming soon in "Need a new Home?" store - opposite to the Bank of Needful Things.

* * *

HG Häuser mit Schnee-Menü - NEU @ Needful Things

Ich habe meinen Winterhäusern mit Schneedach, die ich über die Jahre im HG aingesammelt habe, einen Schnee-Kontroll-Schalter hinzugefügt, so dass man mit nur einem Klick zwischen Sommer- / Winterstyle wechseln kann.
Ebenso haben die meisten der Häuser einen Lichtschalter zum Kontrollieren der Lampen bekommen.

p.s.: Mehr modifizierte HG Häuser (ohne Schnee^^) folgen nach und nach in den neuen Shop "Need a new Home?" - gegenüber der Bank von Needful Things.

I wish you all a good start into the week. I found this on Internet, eastern canada
, so peace and colorful..

Male & Female ready for fall full avatars ready at gasworks mall & German mall

A new item added to the scene.. "Hydra"..You find it inside the scenery "cabin in the woods"

This is the Camelot build - a passion project and another place in my region off the beaten path. This is my largest build, occupying 4 regions, and is also my longest ongoing project at 4 years so far. There is a massive keep, multiple large gates and an underground complex that is about half done. One of these days I'll complete this one. Look for the teleport sign to the right inside the lobby.
Did you know?

There's something fascinating and romantic about old horror movies. The acting is so histrionic and exaggerated, the emotions are raw and hyper expressive, the sets are mysterious and based in sketchy science and the monsters are normally hilarious by today standards, what's not to love?

Inspired in those old movies I made a mad scientist lab coat. It comes in two versions, clean and bloody and it includes a bunch of accessories, including a crazy hair (the only hair I've ever done). It's not meant to be taken seriously, it's a fun costume for halloween parties or pictures that will remain as a fond memory. =)

Happy Tuesday!
ALEPPO PINES PACK ** Available for FREE and FULLPERM at DESERT AREA, BOX 02. Only 2 prims and light leaves animation. Enjoy
"Pinus halepensis, commonly known as the Aleppo pine, is a pine native to the Mediterranean region. Its range extends from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Spain north to southern France, Malta, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, and Albania, and east to Greece. There is an outlying population in Syria, Lebanon, southern Turkey, Palestine, Jordan, and Israel."

Flirting with the fusion plasma on the sci-fi region

NEW Men Swimsuit in our Surfshop

Another View of the ShipYard in Galaxywarz Grid

New Avatar minotauro Female !! and New Clothing male - Female Avatar minotauro !!

The Gallery Theme from Myst Uru is playing when you walk into this room

Upgrade Avatar - Hud alpha and eyes,honrs.

French & German OSWRS Radios found at landing point of
The shame of it all is that the AllFranceRadio OSWRS actually has 33 24/7 CommercialFree streams found, but only a few of those have url's that can be used in OpenSim. The thing about stream urls is, some use 1 or 2 formats and some many more than that, and finding the exact ones that play inworld is a headache. Really would be great if OpenSim were to accept any and all. And yes, I know, I have no clue as to what exactly, having that happen would entail.
AllFranceRadio OSWRS









AllGermanRadio OSWRS


Lunaria is more than just a store. This is part of Ceridwen's Temple which sits on top of the main store. You can find the Temple teleport in the lobby. Ceridwen is the Celtic goddess of change, rebirth, and transformation, and her symbol is the triple moon.

Lunaria is a lot more than just a store

All of my large venues are now displayed together on the new region on Mobius Grid, with many styles to choose from and more to come in the Japanese, Sci-fi, and Castle styles in the months to come.

These were all fun builds and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. You can walk through them all by clicking on the teleports in the main lobby under Viewing Platforms. And while the builds look good under basic graphics, they look absolutely stunning with graphics set higher. Be sure to use the new Firestorm EEP viewer to see the wonderful sky effects.

My sincere thanks to the many patrons of my architecture :-)

The Emporium is here to help you complete your own personal vision. I sell only the highest quality original mesh, structures, and decor to take your world to a higher, more realistic level. Here you have many styles to choose from: Medieval, Gothic, Japanese, Classical, Steampunk, or Modern, all unique and all using the best quality textures and materials.

Lunaria Emporium is a Gloebit region, which means all products are sold for Gloebits. There is also a nice Free section as well with several items available.

PLEASE NOTE: None of these venues are listed on my Kitely Market store yet, except older versions of the castles
Did you know?

You can test all the vehicles I've made at the shop: go through the door at the left labeled "Runway".

You will see all the rezzers for all the vehicles I've made, you can fly, or ride them all, but here's a catch: if you manage to smack your test vehicle against a sim border it will disappear and you'll probably end underwater lol.

So test your skills flying under bridges or try to ride a pennyfarther on unpaved terrain and have fun!
Did you know?

Arcadia Shop's building is a relic of the past, it was my first building in SL and I never used it there. In time it was a bit modernized with mesh floors but it's using the original textures I made for it (mostly fine marbles and noble woods).

It's floors represent the progression from earth to heaven, the base floor have thick windows frames and on the floor there's a compass: it's earth; the ceiling is a starry night the passage to the sky.

The first floor has bigger windows, thinner frames, it's all blue: it's sky and on the ceiling there's an angel (I draw that in gimp long ago), the passage to heaven.

The third floor is paradise, there's no walls and no limits, everything is golden and white and instead of having stuff to get, there's a place to sit and chill while admiring the view around, welcome to heaven =)
Stressed about Corona Virus? Keep Calm, Play Greedy: Zen Greedy Game for up to 08 players to ur relaxing moments and having some fun at same time. Play Greedy with a relaxing water stream sound. Available for FREE and FULL PERM. Enjoy :)
Another shot of the movie set for the Silent Running system. The scale aircraft carrier Valley Forge is where the movie was actually filmed. The elevator takes you to the space Ship Valley Forge a few days before the movie was filmed.
Thanks to Aaack Aardvark and Bibiana Bombinate we have new designs for the OpenSimWorld Teleporter, including a steampunk version!

As always you can get them from the OSW region:

SFposer is now in v0.9, more complete than ever!

SFposer is an animation controller compatible with PMAC that packs the functionality offered by addons in a single script. It also provides many additional commands to enhance animations and communication between objects. SFposer offers:

- Fully Automated editing allowing you to create new notecards and poses for up to 99 avatars without any editing, and real-time experimentation with different animations
- Live adjustments for positions, as well as additional expressions / sync and more
- Built in support for LockGuard chains
- Built-in support for RLV
- Built-in support for Rezzing NPCs
- Built-in Object Giver
- Built-in rezzing of Props including temporary auto-attach props
- Built-in utilities such as sending chat channel messages, OSSL messages, attachment messages and more
- Online converter to convert notecards from AVsitter, MLP, as well as existing PMAC addons and CHAINDATA notecards (
- A full set of short-code commands for powerful scripting without scripts.
- Custom buttons which execute custom commands
- Auto-upgrade mechanism to upgrade to future versions with a single button click
- Extensive configuration via the '.SFconfig' notecard which also support startup commands
- Small footprint: A single script for everything.
- Link_message and dataserver-APIs for fully remote operation. SFposer can thus become the animation-controlling part of another object such as a vehicle or a game
- Permission system for limiting access to menus.
- Snappy operation and uncluttered menu dialogs

Learn More here: