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Avitron has been my home for almost a year, it is my home from the end of the pandemic and I return to normality, but the virtual reality glasses and almost three years of confinement already make it difficult to leave home in Avitron, I learned the worst part of life
I met intolerance, envy, hate, evil
This has made me more prepared for when I face the competitive life in studies and work
The last thing that Avitron gave me was betrayal. I was happy to be Troy Junior, an avtar from the Matrix Grid that had the power of God, but not all that glitters is gold.
then I discovered that I was not free to choose my clothes my skin my shape everything was done by troy matrix he said what to wear what to do and when to talk then they asked me choose
MATRIX or AVITRON and it was not difficult to choose obviously was to choose the freedom to do what I wanted to dress as I wanted and to be able to say what I thought this decision has caused an earthquake because Troy gives many things to grids things that he steals from second life and Obviously, the owners of these grids do not want to lose that, so they do what he tells them. I am calm, I never stole anything and I have managed to do a few things that I sell in my store, the 3 things in the lawsuit are free.
The most painful thing here are the people who come out in favor of Troy so as not to lose to continue having free objects first try to get to know me first, read carefully, investigate a little and draw your conclusions (remember Troy has hacked my computer more than once) I chose to live in avitron

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For the cynical and jaded: never doubt the love of a son for his father. Let's join Troy Jr. in celebrating his hero, Troy Matrix.
"I put all this together out of anger that I left matrix but I took the wrong path making alliances to attack avitron with the hope that they will ban me."

Everyone supports you Troy Jr. They also want AviTron to ban you!