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Website Developer and Documentation Writer for Satyr Farm.
Engineer at Astraios Colony, United Federation Starfleet

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The OFFICIAL SATYR FARM MEGA REGION! For all things Satyr Farm, Come Here!
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A General Overview of SatyrFarm
As I receive oh so many questions, I am publishing the following:

The Official Documentation for SatyrFarm, written by Developers and Community Members is found here

Although we try to update the FAQs and Information as often as updates are made, This is often the most current information here

SatyrFarm is published under the license: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International
Read more about it here:
The New Source for all Things Satyr Farm
Hey Everyone, Cody Here, Project Manager and one of the Developers of Satyr Farm! In order to help expand SatyrFarm, We now have a Whole Region Dedicated to SatyrFarm in 3rd Rock Grid. You can find that here ->>>

While the OpenSimWorld Region Will Still Have the SatyrFarm Package, This allows the other developers to put together releases, and helps everyone have better access to the SatyrFarm Components made by others, such as Plants and Animals not in the SF Core package. Hope to see you there!
OpenSimWorld / Satyr Farm 2018 Community Satisfaction Survey
Hello My Friends, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year(soon), I would like to ask that everyone who is willing take a quick survey on OpenSimWorld and Satyr Farm, so that we can make them both even better in 2019!

Does anyone know where to find a good home, with multiple rooms that is modern-ish/realistic(mesh maybe?) Iam looking for at least 2 Bedrooms

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Glamour Isle Welcome Center

The Grid is wonderful, the management can be mean sometimes, they should be able to have people self host simulators connected to the grid

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