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Greetings, since I have the SSL/TLS connection setup on my regions with an extra Cert on WinAcme, it renews the Certs every few months, and then I have to import the private key it into the Windows Store, then export the PFX Cert again. Which is what the regions utilize for the SSL/TLS connection.

So you may not be able to teleport to my regions till I complete that. Will try to get that done soon, though you can still listen to my SHOUTcast stream from any region/parcel that you own or are renting, and/or listen to it through your favorite media player on your computer or mobile device which supports Stream URL's. Plus it is possible to listen to it on your web browser, though that is not ideal. If you use Brave on your mobile device, it has a setting now that can enable it to keep playing media when you switch to another app, but keep Brave open in the background. or

Edward Ashford: Teleporting to my regions is now possible again. Thank you. 3 months ago
Quintonia now VivoSim
As VivoSim seems to have got over the expected teething issues, I will now be shutting down Quintonia on Monday (10 April) - If you have a quintonia account, it has been migrated to Vivosim (