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It's been a while coming, however we have 6 brand new dance packs for you at our Sinful Studio's store as well as some new couples HUD's for dancing and simply standing around.

If you like what we're doing, please pop on over to check out what's new in our stores today!

Mike & Zoey ♥
A special thanks to Ellen for all this unique and wonderful content! Welcome to Warehouse 13! Where you can get hundreds of bodies, clothes, houses, & etc Things not even seen in the metaverse before! NEW! AWESOME! AMAZING! A MUST SEE!

CyberGlo CyberStar: Yes! Thank you Ellen for giving me all this stuff! :D 4 months ago

***JUNIPER COMMON MESH SHRUB PACK NEW RELEASE*** Seasonal textures included // V1 e V2 (2 versions) // Smooth animation on leaves! Available for FREE and FULL PERM at BOX 01, GARDEN AREA. Enjoy :)

Valentines Day is fast approaching and we can feel the love in the air already! We will be putting together some Valentines Day packs for you all and we started with this cute little set that is now available at the Knick Knack Shop at Raven's Peak. If you like what we're doing, pop on over for more new items in stores every day!

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For the last 3 weeks, I have dealt with a intermittent issue on my grid that has about driven me nuts. I have tested, and eliminated possibilities …..without luck.

Yesterday two of the largest grid owners in open sim, Lone Wolf from Wolf Territories and Josh Boam from Aviworlds, took time from their busy schedules to help finally fix this issue. In addition , Rafael from Wolf Territories assisted. I cannot say thanks enough!

Although I work with Josh’s hosting business, this involved much more. Josh would not give up and recruited Lone Wolf.

In my opinion, maybe this is what opensim was designed to be: sharing of knowledge and helping each other.

Lone Wolf and Josh did not have to give up their time to help a tiny grid…..but they did!

Maybe we can all learn from these individuals!

Sharing knowledge is Caring

FYI. The default setting of 2 threadsets can cause major headaches depending on your region….it is way too low in some cases. You all probably know that…but I learned.

thedeeferry: So, OpenLife has me blocked, so I cannot reply directly to its comment. Nor can I send it a private message which I prefer. I apologize to any others if what I type now offends you. This is directe... 5 months ago

360 degrees PIC of MAGABAGA MEGA MALL in Europa. All SCI-Fi stuffs and related can be found here for FREE and FULL PERM. Enjoy :)

Mystic Moonlight: great build jimmy and ty for sharing~S~ 5 months ago
Announcing the opening of the Raven's Peak Grid (ex Resurgence).

We managed to find an old backup from a month ago and have loaded it up. Not ideal, however we are all encouraged that not all is lost!

We have decided on a separate landing area to the main regions. You will now land on an island where you can TP to the region of your choice using the region teleporter.

The shops are open along with Hellfire Bay and Cinders Beach & Residential. We are all working hard to re-upload all our lost items and more! This means everything else has been put on hold so we can bring you quality items once again. So pop on over regularly because there will be new items in the stores daily.

If you were living at Cinders Beach prior to the hack, please contact Mike or Zoey. Either your island is still standing and needs to be handed back to you or it was lost. Either way, we can certainly assist.

We do have whole regions available and payable monthly POA:
1x1 - 30,000 prims
2x2 - 60,000 prims
4x4 - 90,000 prims

If you wish to live at Raven's Peak or have a store here you will need to make an account. You can make an account at Raven's Peak on this link:

There are shops available for rent in the main shopping area. If you are interested in having a store here please contact either Mike or Zoey. Store owners are provided with a free 1x1 region with full admin rights.

As we get back on our feet again, we will be reverting back to our original plans to bring you a grid that you can live at, play at, shop at and more. The regions currently allow you to sail and fly around, we will be bringing back our Friday and Saturday night events and there will be lots more coming!

Everyone from Raven's Peak would like to thank you all for your support and look forward to welcoming you back.

Mike, Zoey and the team at Raven's Peak ♥

Mistressdalgato: Welcome back! any backup is better then no backup, i will come shop soon. 5 months ago

Ab sofort sind auf Dorenas World die Regionen Weihnachtsmarkt und Wintersport wieder online.

JeanDagostino: sehr schön gemacht dorena :)))... wir haben grad ganz viel spass ... 2 years ago

SAILOR GREEDY GAME TABLE ** NEW RELEASE **FREE and FULL PERM ** Up to 06 players! Enjoy :)