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A Lover of music and respect and humanity!

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Anyone having issues with private voice calls the ones started in instant messages. ? any place in os, thinking this maybe a vivox issue?

Why are people spamming events sometimes over 6 times ina row??

I recently lost this bridge and the sims that it was on because of a Database crash, has anyone seen this bridge around any place? it was called "The Old Bridge from Studio Skye"

Farm & Home Updates

Farm & Home Updates

Farm & Home Updates

Farm & Home Updates

Farm & Home Updates

Farm & Home Updates

Farm & Home Updates

Farm Progress

Farm Progress

Farm Progress

More to come..

Working on a farm sim and Forest and park, river with boats and sailing, paths with snakes and things that attack and send you back to the start. This should be exciting.

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will use a copybot viewer to get things from other grids regions and then makes negative post on regions who ban him, heed warning!

Discovering Breath

WOW, it's like a time machine to old SL...

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Sacrarium grid

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Rakis Heron 11 months ago
Very much lag you hang and crash all time by tp :-(
Defiled Fraggle 11 months ago
you seem upset my friend, you okay?