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Co-creator, along with Mudpuddle Cleanslate, of Pepperland and Pepperland II on wonderful Littlefield Grid. I shall add my own region, Hideaway, when I get around to it :) It can been seen on the map from the Pepperlands, and you will see Mudpuddle's Arles in the group of regions. Feel free to visit.Meanwhile, I love to hypergrid to see all the fabulous creations.

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I found this cool looking funky retro couch but alas it had no animation in it. I found the perfect fix with the "Pineapple Engine" from @AuroraAsteria located at her Starchild Shoppe at Darkharts. With barely two clicks I now have a couch with dozens of great animations in it. It is easy to use, even an idiot like me can do it!
Highly recommend!

hop:// Boutiques/398/395/23

Rhowin Blackwell: A huge thank you for the heads up about Starchild Shoppe! I was very pleasantly surprised to find items I hadn't yet seen, as well as the plethora of adult time fun options that are available. 16 days ago

new shop coming to three rivers, heda is bringin over some her things she made in sl to share.


Warm invitation to the opening of the Elven Light Garden on the enchanting Sim Cloudshead Worldheart 2!

Bebe: Congrats Lampithaler I know how long have been working on this projects :) 2 months ago
Today, from 11am grid time, the Expo party ! some hear 3 hours of great music, and explore the 100+ booths from all over Opensim, with freebies Landmarks, information, and links to many exciting places and people!
Thanks in advance to the fabulous Zoree Jupiter, Marlon Wayne, and Zeno Stark for the music, and everyone who has participated so far, for all their hard work to make this such a fun event.

Emma Florido: It was a great time i could spend there, thanks to all who made it posible ♥ 2 months ago
This wonderful combat system has been masterfully scripted by Ares Halostar. It let's you set up a game on your land in your woods, where avatars can fight vampires, spiders, werewolves, and more! Not only this, but healing fairies and magical spirits fly to your aid to heal you! The entire system is FREE and is a massive amount of work. If you always wanted a complete roleplay situation this is it from A to Z. It's Amazing! :) It's at Village It is well worth the trip! He has put some heart & soul into this system! Enjoy!

Marpil Grafenwalder: wow sounds interesting!!! I want to try this 2 months ago

Hugabug: this is one of his Best builds it is a must see 2 months ago
Teaser photo of a much larger VAR going online soon, Will be a tank wars region with every Military vehicle in my massive inventory.
Its been a toss up do I make fighting Mechs or Dinosaurs i will not do zombies :) Everyone has zombies. This will be the most ruins you have ever seen. Perfect Battleground.

Inauguration! new store .... dark, really dark hop://

SilviaFrey: Me encantó la ambientación infernal, los muebles y la ropa es muy original y elegante. 3 months ago
Hello dear friends, it has been a while since I posted anything here. You know how that goes. Flying between RL and the other world. Fortunately, we are back in full swing and that has yielded results. Samsara has a shop, there was a lot of demand for the creations on Samsara, and "Sharing is Caring". Not everything is in stock yet, but it is a start. Hop over and take a look in and around the shop.
Wander around or use the teleport system.

Namaste. Love Yana
hop:// Noctem 2/245/332/3000
NEW Halloween Market, decorations, textures, clothes,(still working on more),
Come over and have a look also check back as im still adding things for you.

SheaButter: this landmark doesn't work. 9 months ago
Now we are releasing the CLUB LIGHTS Box
A package with the most requested disco balls, and in the package we have added the STROBO LIGHT ball
2 Perfect accessories for your club!
Come and see for yourself inside the Mosqiuto club in MI AMORE
"use the large stone teleport at the entrance to Mosquito"

Ahora estrenamos la caja CLUB LIGHTS
Un paquete con las bolas de discoteca más solicitadas, y en el paquete hemos añadido la bola STROBO LIGHT
2 ¡Accesorios perfectos para tu club!
Ven y compruébalo tú mismo dentro del club Mosqiuto en MI AMORE
"Usa el teletransporte de piedra grande en la entrada de Mosquito"

Fitheach Eun: Beautifully done, well worth roaming around. Great attention to detail. 9 months ago


Adry: me lo avete rubato, portato via, il mmmiiooo tessorrroooooo XD 1 years ago


HEAR YE HEAR YE THE NORWAY MALL is now open although still under construction. You can make your way to Aurlandsfjord, Norway landing point, to your right is the teleport to the mall...that is after you go shopping at the freebie shops at the landing zone, thank you so much for making Aurlandsfjord one of the many great places to visit. Here is the OSURL hop:// come on by and enjoy (Please click or copy paste the OSURL in your map to tp into Aurlandsfjord, the beacon is glitchy sometimes, thank you)