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Co-creator, along with Mudpuddle Cleanslate, of Pepperland and Pepperland II on wonderful Littlefield Grid. I shall add my own region, Hideaway, when I get around to it :) It can been seen on the map from the Pepperlands, and you will see Mudpuddle's Arles in the group of regions. Feel free to visit.Meanwhile, I love to hypergrid to see all the fabulous creations.

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Hideaway is an eclectic little region which is constantly in a state of not finished. I have a corner at the moment, that you can visit to collect lots of Halloween goodies :)
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Pepperland, based on the 1968 ground breaking animated cartoon, Beatles 'Yellow Submarine', is the first of two regions created by Mudpuddle Cleanslate and Chelsea Louloudi. We hope you enjoy your visit!
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Pepperland II
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Pepperland.... 80,000 leagues beneath the sea it lay, or lie. I'm not too sure. Mud and Chelsea invite you to join them and the crew to explore the depths of this amazing undersea world that is Beatles ...Pepperland II
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Menu Giver Script

Hello All...would someone have, or know where to get a menu giver script? Thanks :)

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Shipyards Welcome

very impressive train ride :) Train is real and stays on the tracks! This is unique in OpenSim? This whole grid gorgeous... need hours to explore every nook

VVM Freehouse 1

Thar be treasures all over this grid Really nice smooth grid to spend a lot of time wandering around :)


Groovy AF :D Train ride is well worth the visit

Zoes Mall Welcome

amazing shopping here...will take more than one visit great collection of those useful timeless favourites

Sampa Mix

Really lovely update and very relaxing to wander around

Mermaid's Cove

This is a very pretty place and your underwater reef is gorgeous:)

Twiztid Timez Welcome Area

So colourful and surprises everywhere...a very enjoyable visit

Santas Winterwunderland

i love coming warm and homely :)

Black White Castle

So impressive and so relaxing (Thinking of all the work that went into this)


gorgeous place Rug up...there's a raging snowstorm :)

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