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Media Planner & Paranoid : I am employed by a NO record company : I guess nothing records very well !

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My animal !

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Author cinema : Dramaturgy ; Cinema Klub.

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Shangrilla Dolls World
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This is for our friends having shared our "World" during these years and supported ; by collaborating also in designs : I wanted to show you my small "tiger" animal : it is a young Bengali (marble) "Tipi"...
-"You will see that the nature is well made inside a bed of leaves!".
This is our: Tip' - If you dedicate care for the life of your animal "you make him happy" and you will receive a great energy in return...- Treat your animal as you would like to receive all affections from humans... Beyond codes and machines -This is how you can still keep being real in this "reality"...
Time to give some information about the Shangrilla-Dolls Label/NO here because it was directly linked to the process of OSGRID creative inception : we have had some amazing productive years with our settlement of V3 remixes.
Nine Inch Nails V3 Remixed had 2 perfected Albums as NINMIX "With Teeth" V3RTIGO and "Year Zero" V3RSUS. Plus we also had HTDA "How To Destroy Angels" V3NOM Remixes. Video-Dolls machinimas also represent the project and are performed into the metaverse ; then edited and publicated at Vimeo.

Shangrilla-Dolls Label is a more than 15 years venture. It had 25.000 streams during AMONN Spotify's and Apple/Amazon settlement. The catalog A&R holds 250 titles.

= Monkey Business =

1/ Most can be found through Reverbnation for the label @:

2/ Direct Bandcamp streamables @:

3/ All Links regarding the Label tasks @:

Discover our collection of remixes ; collaboration tributes and original creations. Thankful yet to our supportive buyers of physical-digital releases!
A new presentation WP for Shangrilla-Dolls Inworld and Off-world broadcast radio !
On Demand Fav Tunes ; Darkwave ; Coldwave ; Synthetic and EDM...
After the pandemics : - Would you believe in Aliens ?
Principle metaphysic wouldn't request any alien entity to travel inside a machine in a heavy metal with any propulsion. This because if any alien existed ; to travel to us would request to be very fast ; less submitted to attraction or subtil etheric - with rather a low mass like some tiny insektoid : so it wouldnt requets to be much organic. To me if aliens wanted to show proof of existence : I would't see yet any of them into the nature ; nor by sightenings - meaning they would yet be surely living among us all and we didn't notice. Loving the alien could be some energetic entity ; a paranormal Luciferian phenomenon and at this level of perception my poor 5 senses cannot see... (Rather I'd be blind like "Ray" Charles than to see this science)... Nazi UFO's by BMW motors eventually ? Razorback to future 1926 hmmm... And what about the "invisible man" for a next theorization of H.G. Wellls... any clue ? : Miracle of Miracles are maybe less illuminated than those strange lights into our skies... I'd shut down the lamp and give it some rest : -"Miracle goodnight!".
A war between Wallstreet and Cryptocurrencies ? : Yes the war has started and it comes from regulations SEC and Federal Reserve. It has started less than a week ago. Why does it happen now? You have heard of FTX. To me FTX token FTT and its collaterals+business system had been created by democrates to erradicate the crypto-market by bringing in trolls-market makers. Eventually backup Zelinsky's administration so he can wash it into his personal bank accounts in Cyprus island. How this is happening ? - very easy to understand that the banks take profit out of the inflations from the rise of interest rate. Pandemics and War create National debts ; Nations money is emitted by Banksters ; debts generate profits. - Money is then pulled out of winds. Inflationism is an economic regression especially due to the large emission of liquidities getting uncontrolled and the past warrants being rotten kind as the Hedge Funds. Both do not compensate a market - resistences very fragile. So the only investments refuges are generally meant the commodities; reason why Nordstream II had been exploded by U.S. policies. The NYSE big companies are those weighting a lot in the balance if you invest even and something bad happens to the financial market ; you bided onto something everyone needs as a conditionned product. A service on contrary can bankrupt and be replaced by another one years after or get absorbed by a bigger company. For the cryptocurrency - avoid buying Ethereum in the now. Shanghai Protocol perspective joining the BNB merge will have a lot of shortages. Liquidity is there but many wallets will be dumped because since many months the liquidities are LOCKED inside the pool. People will sell to get their gains ; once they get liberated by the Shanghai Protocol release. You can still argue buying BTC but the idea of the regulation was to remove your people cash monies and introduce a digital centralized USD (kind of a fascist capital). It is the trap and the mondialist aim as WEF global reset. With the emergeance of multi-polarism ; the world economics dump of SWIFT system would mean that the world splits in 2 parts. Ukrain war was just an appetizer. Some more to follow up with China ; Korea and Japan. Ava's advice (yes I do live in some kinda paper-bag !) : Be prudent with the crypto assets blow-up ! Shelters are GOLD ; SILVER ; COMMODITIES/ENERGY SECTORS and some SMP 500 .The bear market is showing a fatalist convenience from the occidental central banks and overall actors : FED ; ECB, IMF...
- Facto is : "If people understood economies and money instead of entertainings ; it would be a disatser for those who can get a profit from this ignorance. " - You might have entertained too much so far living your life at a universal credit ? - Time to get practical :)...
You surely didn't find this escape having both ULTRAVOX-UK BAND stage and UVOX Virtual Office. How to find it ? You pass the theater bridge and will find an orientation table giving all our destinations "TP's" in the Shangrilla-Dolls World. Have a bit of curiosity... Find our destinations ; those letters are hover texted...

A gentlemen gambling and smoking room at Villa Istria...

Thank you for visiting our curiosity on week-ends : I have moved the BEACON so you would do an effort to climb the hills and discover the panorama :) !

I have minted "me" and friends (it is super fresh!) ; if you want to get our NFT's for few ETHs ; they are unique digital arts with treatments and collectibles by Ava-O-zero : https://mintable.app/u/o-zero
Everyone asked me : well but... when is the end of the world ? : And I have the answer for you... My world will end on the 31 of december 2023. I have a duty to do now ; it is not so well payed comapred to EU but it will be heroïc !! So I decided to take the training... You can access Shangrilla-Dolls World until next year - after that due to another schedule - I will not be anymore available to maintain it nor server. Enrole now to vist the world and the nice shop that will have some add-ons until February ; at the HOP page...
Thank you for kind support always...
Wishing you happy new year 2023!
Note : some visitors tend to ask me copies of my builds. I cannot forward my designs into other gids it states. The "World" at Shangrilla-Dolls is made to discover and is a unique creation as a brainstormed design+terraformed and I must keep its integrity so I can at least get a few visitors... Thank you for understandings.
Indeed some hidden spots in the region ; but if you go to the table of orientation passing the theater bridge you find small teleports on a map - then you can travel anywhere you like... Same direct to the Villa di Vecchi for example ; hover texts all indicating the names of the areas...
The Villa di Vecchi also has her pure-gem bathroom. There you come for brushing teeth before saying good night ! Designed like some antic art decorative 1900 ala Mucha ; the glass frames Czeck & Candelaber style reflect the space - it is like a Boudoir's own personalized retreat.
Some master bedroom tend to be calling for a warm 'comfort of stranger's' honey moon ; the Villa d'Istria has 3 of them installed a pink and an art deco one... Would remind the Villa d'Este at Lake Como.
Insider of the Villa di Vecchi ; you find yourself into relaxing Baroque and Roccoco designed living room : for a tea and a chess-play. Some medieval bow-windows bring light ; mixed up a bit like the impeccable taste of the russian Ballet dancer Rudolf Noureev...

Maybe you know the Russian 1925 theater yet... many ghosts into the derelict !

A little Italy with its small garage Enzo Ferrari - everything needs a beginning...

360° at the Bélvèdere... a tent witha view !

My Living Room @ the Villa d'Istria

Wishing all a Merry Christmas... !
19/12/2022 NOW OPEN!
The ANJ-Vintage shop is installed below the terrace of the Shangrilla-Dolls World main Villa - it is a kind of luxury. It will TP you with the beacon right in front of the entrance. More to be installed as apparels and add-ons but a main part is done for this last project by brandings of couture vintage. Selection is made very precise and genuine. Hope you will like it - it is an occasion to visit my builder's world if you didn't do this yet and communicate at OSGRID. Maybe we shall meet some day there who knows - an hourly where I do inventoried of our sales :)...
PS: Try to get a nice Christmas in families though in this warbug ecomomy.
Beacon sometimes is offline but doesnt mean the world isn't online - I might be busy doing other things. Don't be shy to visit.
Best fun shopping & lots of kind wishes...
Lots for Women : Athena & Blind Date petite Athena Grab All!
Ava Ozerova.

Aaack: Congrats Ava! 3 months ago

Another ROOM there are 3 of them filled of vintage fashion goodies. Just da best Babyy!

The OPENING of Vintage Shop ANJ is for the 19TH of DEC 2022. There you have no overloads. A strict selection of what fits by brands ; for some decicated stylistic and fashion occasions. There is a nice choice that will be discovered with a direct TP as soon as all is in order : verify group and contain is very important. When you get dresses by VIVIENNE WESTWOOD you can be accepted at the "BLITZ" and visit our World.
I hope you'd enjoy - this fashion concept for dolls as it is a very genuine move and different! ONLY at SHANGRILLA-DOLLS WORLD.
Good day ;
The shop advances with this type of campaign where creative concepts and genuine are simple ideas ; packed or unpacked depending of primies : surely I had loved to have a small couture shop - I had been a good seller and picked up ALL THE BEST! You will be happy to find all the goodies there well settled for share. No surcharge or overload of freebies : just the right STUFF applying to the good RL brand.
Opening in december surely to have a great Xmas. A little speedy road up front for the finish... Thank you for all supports to the community making things possible...
ANJ/Vintage Boutique at VILLA D'ISTRIA Shangrilla-Dolls World Opening on the 9th of December 2022
Welcome back ! : Our event re-opening on friday the 9th of December 2022 is getting perpared as your XMAS GIFT. It is a tremendous job to offer to our community a TRENDY "Vintage Couture shop" named "ANJ/Vintage" for Shangrilla-Dolls World. What it will feature then ? - It represents OSGRID clothes as a tasteful wardrobe of the corresponding REALITY BRANDINGS that "you girls" ever dreamed of to acquire and collect - from 1985 up to 2008 -. These are best years for fortunate buyers to dress and gift with - Thierry Mugler ; Dior ; Chanel ; Paco Rabanne ; Loris Azzaro ; DG and much more - there is a bit of ready to wear with Diesel ; Bebe ; Ralph Lauren and some more represented... For the beach Eres...
The SIM shall reopen with a direct TP to the Italian Villa Terrace where the shop is incorporated. Don't forget you must wait and stand a bit to rez all the shop and share the goods that we deliver to you. Patience will reward.
For this an Event meeting will happen that will be prepared as a brunch gardens.
- It is a fantastic opportunity to represent MEDIA CROSS-MARKETING options for sponsors and brands : to show that everything is ready to merge inside the Metaverse. Many potential actors can be represented - let's TRY-OUT with some fashion first...
Have a great time in the Opensim !
+ Note : When the shop is entirely settled as it does represent our best years fashion it will be like a Fashion Museum Concept Boutique and not like a Fashion week. So you can come and find the wardrobe for every local event you'd need...! : It will fill out all your desires permanently :x° meow!

Dare to listen to Shangrilla-Dolls Inworld and Off-world broadcast radio !

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Looks great will get to visit!

The Art Factory

This is the best educational virtual Universe I have seen so far for the 20th century's decades of modern and post modern ; contemporain and minimal arts. All is there represented retrospectively. The Events seems planned with such a perfection and teaming... The best SIM I had seen ever that must be claimed and awarded...

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Yes a Wonderful place, i could not see all, i have to come back, i like your style and the vibes in your region, well done :D
Thank you so much it will acknowlege all efforts !
You have a wonderful place. It is very nice! ^^ Thank you for your kind word as well. "waves" :)