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I started to express myself creating and building more design gardens and interiors by modifying textures or using a slight bit Blender. Having yet worked for physical custom models (handmade) - I discovered so much things were possible to do in OSGRID, that I rather got fastly addicted and trapped like a mousey into the Metaverse! Osgrid is offering power to ideas... Djays are welcome to apply.

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Media Planner

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Read and play the piano ; look at new technology ; use some of those tools at my disposal.

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"Errare Humanum est - et preservare diabolicum"

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Elizabethean ; Classic & Operas some Jazz and Ultravox...

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Author cinema : Dramaturgy ; Cinema Klub.

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All a Russian library of XIXe : Anton Tchekhov ; Pushkin ; Lermontov - Philosophy and much more...

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Isjus Xmoc

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Where is The Brando Located ? : The Brando has now become a luxury resort at Tetiaroa 40 miles away from Tahiti - but the idea is a tribute having Marlon Brando's signature > inside the original island's home getting designed - in other ways - this simulation will celebrate the beauty of French Polynesia guesting the United States of America ; inviting visitors to revival Marlon Brando vintage cinematic epoch and a great heritage.

Welcome to "The Brando !" Enjoy our mini-model...

When you wil design and build you will say : "and if what I dream about always had existed ? It always was there planted since the origin ?" and so... a miracle will happen ! Yes it was always there and I had seen all of this before...

Aloha !!

Wishing Happy New year 2021...

...Visits will happen from time to time ; the world remains open to few friends to continue to work at OSG. IM : ava ozerova for details.

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Johnny Rebel 3 months ago
You have a wonderful place. It is very nice! ^^ Thank you for your kind word as well. "waves" :)
Ava Ozerova 3 months ago
Thank you very much!