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I started to express myself creating and building more design gardens and interiors by modifying textures or using a slight bit Blender. Having yet worked for physical custom models (handmade) - I discovered so much things were possible to do in OSGRID, that I rather got fastly addicted and trapped like a mousey into the Metaverse! Osgrid is offering power to ideas... Djays are welcome to apply.

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Media Planner

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Read and play the piano ; look at new technology ; use some of those tools at my disposal.

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"Errare Humanum est - et preservare diabolicum"

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Elizabethean ; Classic & Operas some Jazz ; Rock...

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Author cinema : Dramaturgy ; Cinema Klub.

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All a Russian library of the XIXe : Anton Tchekhov ; Pushkin ; Lermontov ; Marina Svetaieva ; Nikolaï Gogol ; Leon Tolstoï- Philosophy and History... much more...

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Isjus Xmoc

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Shangrilla Dolls World
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REGION IS MAINTAINED AND ONLINE - NO ISSUES WITH STATUS EVEN IF YOU READ OFF. The Codex is Everywhere ! And yes, the gnosis is everywhere ; even in your plate with pasta designs... Did you see it yet ? you didn't... This is how we hope to settle a Da Vinci Code getting much entertaining to discover...
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At 2PM-PST Sunday 23rd of January 2022 ; our POPCORN Film-Club is happening - "THE THING" from JOHN CARPENTER (rated above 16 years old)... A CYCLE proposed by Aaack - We await for then that day ; bring your friends !

At 2PM-PST today ; our Sunday POPCORN Film-Club is happening - "PRINCE 0F DARKNESS" by J. Carpenter (above 16 ONLY!)... We await for you ; bring your friends !

Aaack: Yay Carpenter!! FINALLY 6 days ago
At 2PM-PST today ; our Sunday POPCORN Film-Club is happening - "THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU" after H.G. WELLS 1996 VERSION (rated above 16 years old)... We await for you ; bring your friends !
Note : This film adaptation of H.G. Wells book is now your reality with the vaccine. The ARNm is embed as a modification penetrating original DNA and giving an alternative synthetic fix creating proteins and anti-bodies but reverse transcriptases can also happen to morph a single strand RNAm into DNA - becoming a more resistant host messenger during its life short-period - It might transform the genome into something else (if not a progress ; a regression like in the projection of H.G. Wells?) : on a long term? No-one knows yet. [abstract] https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33330870/ (ref. Harvard-MIT). Transhumanism ? A bad scenario ? A reality ! - Visit the VR-VOD tribute to The Brando Atoll & get a breed of science with the futuristic vision of Marlon Brando. Seat and come watch the movie with us !
The Script:
DONT'T FORGET another SUNDAY will be a POPCORN DAY for us all to come at the ATOLL THE BRANDO and watch our 5TH Cinema Club movie "The Island of Dr. Moreau version BRANDO"... SUNDAY 12-26-2021 2PM-PST. We have an amazing ticket machine fabricated by Aaack and many seats. Come and see the movie with us NEXT Sunday for our session...
°Last time we incidently watched and older film that was not the last version"

At 2PM-PST today ; our Sunday POPCORN Film-Club is happening - "THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU" after H.G. WELLS 1977... We await for you ; bring your friends !

DONT'T FORGET another SUNDAY will be a POPCORN DAY for us all to come at the ATOLL THE BRANDO and watch our 3ND Cinema Club movie "The Young Lions"... SUNDAY 12-05-2021 2PM-PST. We have an amazing ticket machine fabricated by Aaack and many seats. Come and see the movie with us NEXT Sunday for our session...

At 2PM-PST today ; our Sunday POPCORN Film-Club is happening - "Julius Caesar" by Joseph L. Mankiewicz with Marlon Brando... We await for you ; bring your friends !

At 2 PM-PST ; come watch with us the movie The Wild One featuring Marlon Brando... Come enjoy and discover the Atoll and Marlon Theater only@VOD.

Here what I had forgotten to mention about The Brando Theater : it was named "Marlon Theater" and will have a POPCORN day - we have there 3 movies and a MEDIA selector (activate your media) scripted by Aaack that will give you 3 options for a free TICKET TO THE CELEB' MOVIE's IN FULL LENGTH : 1. Julius Caesar ; 2. The Wild One ; 3. The Young Lions... Yippie it's BROADWAY ; get me this POPCORN day with some friends !
Finishing line for THE BRANDO ; installation of the POST by our talented MESHER Aaack Aardwark ; about 6 posts planted in this Atoll - you won't be a lost boy/girl having to deposit little stones... : the arrow will indicate our spots and fields into the light... : HOW IT all WORKS ? click on panel and TP to the area of destination being indicated :)
5 special gifts "THE BRANDO" for our supporters had been elaborated by Arcadia now found on the beach to pick-up ; it is the "Special Gramophone" with an old Tahitian song edited "Tahiti Nui MAREVA MA"... grab it this week as fast as you can ! With many thanks from "The Brando" for your fidelity...!
The Brando Sim development delivered to The Brando group-clients. It is a beautiful way to discover a VR realisation - this operation was an amazing time spend made of dream and relaxation with Arcadia development and professionalism. Meaning that ; with the right proper efforts and by contacting people : - there is still for all "OSGRID builders" a way to consider to promote or market a full standing concept having precision and a structure more focused upon timing and investor targets and having a full-throttle elaborated marketing mixed-up priority - in terms of a VIRTUAL 3-D concept. My friendship and regards to all of you who have supported. Congratulations to the team having ventured the project... :) Welcome back to REALITY ESTATE!
The Brando Video and Website are completed - I thank you all for having supported this project ; it will be presented this week to The Brando resort marketing team...
The Brando Onetahi Party Beach Event
Where: VOD
When: 4 months ago [17 Sep 2021 16:00 SLT]

Djay acts ; Beach Music ; Opening Atoll

This evening ; I tested the Arcadia FPS machine installed at NEMO and it is now up-to-date and a very nice gadgetoid that you will appreciate... It gives all indication for your SIM to maintain in a Steampunk way ; a real revival of Nikola Tesla apparatus... I recommend to catch it while the supply is on high demand... :)

Two new spots achieved for The Brando are the Nautic Club and the Diving Area... advancing close to the edge of delivery !

Some workshop until the 20th of September... edu center from nice illustrated sources... in this Twilight...

In September ; there will be an opening event for The Brando ; a film presentation will be proposed and a PDF presentation forwarded to the Official Resort office at Tetiaroa. I have found this nice painting that describes the surrealism of our VOD creation.
Our project ONETAHI part of original TETIAROA PACIFIC ISLANDS is nearly done ; some efforts more are made at THE BRANDO to install the Scuba DIVING spot ; the Nautic Cabin ; the Cultural Center and at last present the PDF promotion ; Machinima for september with an event...

Looking forward to a Theater name : any good idea welcomed !

Now settled our Panavision Theater with more small details coming up - there will be available tickets for the movie "The Wild One"... at The Bando ; by our cultural American French center - Pop-Corn and permanent Cine-Club for you and your friends !
I have something for you to study ; it is the future of metaverses and its economy in terms of investment and shares productivity... by Cathy Woods - a previsional. Look at where investing right. Mobile phones be on a descent...
These days I thought about the identity of the sister island of The Brando Tetiaroa... an other side of reach. This because soon the 1ST island is completed.
Then I watched the bench title of Dr. Moreau which is an amazing analog edition and presentation - that I recommend as it depicts much about transhuman research ; manipulation of the genes - encoureaged by the mondialists inside LAB4 of Yuhan.
The movie very much critisized and a bit clownesque stood a parody of the book indeed. See the narrative context of H.G. Wells - he was a supporter of the new age idea bringing the Open Society amongst others as : Huxley ; G. Orwell ; Orson Wells and many other writers - please be informed of the dangerous IDEAL. There be a ZOMBIE hunt on this island - that we would install. When you land there plenty dozens of Dr. Moreau's monsters would get out of the bushes and jump - you'd get surrounded. They prevent you to find the lab inside the jungle. In the lab something there be highly precious to mankind...

The Brando gets advanced each day ; a bit more of a patience to finish this part of the Atoll...: Ava & Aaak had reinvented the Brando as we couldn't have ever imagined!

What I did prepare today is a small cultural centre : the pearl ; the tiaré flower and Tahitian street art...

The Brando will be completed for end of September... a cool day installing the Atoll...

Nice home & garden breathing interior ; lofty and spacious and light - it makes The Brando home very unique - stylished -Seventies. To be visited with your friends and meet...

Last will be for instance ; corrective add-on to modified texture of the landing field - cracks and oil-wheel marks ; look now like a more realistic surrounding and path...

As a plus following the leisure idea ; an installation of tree-cabins as it was in Huanine Atoll. Two tree-cabins be settled upon baobabs to rest and enjoy the view...

So I get an official answer last week from the Resort Atoll "The Brando" Julie LOYON who is responsible for promo and marketings and the team get interested in the finished realisation of the virtual instance. Much work still ahead - if there is an interest - it will need to have traditional arts represented as the making of Monoi from Tiaré flowers ; the Pearls ; create some parks and a boutique to explain the culture of oysters and birth of the natural pearl.
Today I have emailed The Brando Resort to get a promotion of our project Island - representative of their needs in terms of cross-marketings. If an interest on their side ; then we could see an intention to promote the VOD Islands inside their official website. An extract of my letter:

"The legendary presence of the actor Marlon Brando being a resident of Polynesia through the years birthed the idea to a team as a media that I have promoted and helped with company charge of a small independent label Shangrilla-Dolls/Norway.

Once the 3D is finished it would have a link at The Brando website if possible - it is amazing and magic to have created the first home that carried Brando and his family on the territory island.

We worked as a team in OSGRID having private 3D servers attached to the official VIRTUAL GRID.
Experience is that avatars can visit the island so far as we have respected a code cinematic and heritage Brando/USA it does represent well the properties.
- The project is developed at the moment and shall end in about one year with 2 islands.
The island of The Brando and the island of DR. Moreau fronting each another one.
The full set is scripted ; boats can be active and sailed by avatar as well events and parties can promote The Brando in a merge and cross-marketing.

Budget was non profit and held by our teaming partly owned in sharing into OSGRID.
This promotion is free for you to seize. As it will have the flavour of the PACIFIC ISLES...
And in return would also promote OSG."
- Ava Ozerova -

I hope it would be convincing with a small movie and it doesnt hurt to try!

From Tethiaroa with love !

At the island The Brando ; I have made a new friend. From a simple idea Arcadia has scripted a mastered rain working on EEP. What it does - on hour morning and evening it will automatically change weathers and make it rain like in Equatorial Pacific environments... fantastic - this new CLOUDY friendship will make the isles alive ! Come visit and dance to make rains happen!

Installation of Hot-Dogs and Party Beach at The Brando ; Tetiaroa island replica...!

A real home of architect ; now designed in mesh with stairs by Aaack ; gives a real feel to the homestyle and gardens. Island progresses with ideas - now open! - you can visit and feel confy like your own property.

Heavenly as a Tahitian paradise island patiently settled and super relaxing... We hope you will enjoy "Marlon Brando virtual dream" and his gardens...!

How to populate a region was a bit complicated ; as you would like your realisation to be comprehended and attract.
I had met people who told me different things.

1° About commercial regions ; I defined that OSG it is not a place to make money, as the competition can only be in applications as scripting ; building ; designing and programming. Therefore the competition is applied with good intention to a creative standard with the tool offered to public to create their dreamland.

2° About Osgrid : I have met here persons telling me - "look I have a lot of space ; I have 25 regions (watever the sq-m)" - then when I had visited the regions ; I was facing emptyness in the "know-how" ; no terraform - no space management & no optimization. As "optimize" is a clever alliance of both TIME & SPACE ; we spend hours there to get to live in a "TWILIGHT". All those elements are very important to consider. The difference between an expensive marketing rental at SL and OSGRID is that : - SL will prevent your budget to have enormous space because you'd need a much bigger wallet to spend your monies. Large spaces meant on clouds or severs - are useless as individual. Simply because you are greedy for hegemonic space but have no capability in one single life to build an overall filled space upon such wide parcels. They were empty and never visited but by the landlord and owner of the server.

3°About doing an HG : Hypergrids need a maintenance and a management and a team of people as in a dedicated enterprise having its engineers ; as a user will pay for his client service - if you want to do a business there ; it would need to be very professional not to have complains about what you sell and people asking for refunds. Hypergrid is thus impossible to rentability - unless a company declared and having a liability and a considerable promotion-budget getting allocated - would emerge as a solution VR service.
- This is my idea about creating here - take a small space ; there are imported things yet or stuff you can get as free mesh by creators or then get on mesh tools easy.

The weaknesses of OSG are now visible ; the strong part also. Since there is no libertarian economy and capital ; there is less a desire to spend ; less an attraction for individuals new to it. Desire emulates to gift someone of something whatever the price (it must have a spirit) - whatever her/his culture or her/his education (a first thing intelligent you learn as a diplomat - exchange of brains). Being able to recieve a gift for oneself or get from others is the key to a success marketing story : it is called a TEAMING. Then OSG is made an egotrip sometimes mostly (I worked most of the time in a ghostland and alone) and can be a great challenge operated to "oneself" : per the educational - learning to do something and expand or grow in quality - exchanging with others to ascend in knowledge - with no greed anymore than found pertained in some ideologies and insider of discourses or a method - it is a way to learn with digital modern tools applied to the public technology. It can be reasonable by using a defined schedule.

Then it is revealant that there shall be less an interest in entertain or party ; reason why you will find people much genuine in OSG and less individualist in SL ; in SL they shall copycat others in proposed edgy fashions - but are not so genuine or tasked - because it is violent ; it is an ideologist ecosystem made of marketings and it pushes on spending Linden $ in a desire to get what others have already from "Makers". As you know some people living in Argentina (as an example) wouldn't be able to spend like others from EU. They cannot afford virtual goods because they have less money to spend in there and need to safest their family capital. It has all the trails of the original molded mainstream society in place (the social distance through classes) as mirrored : - but it is not OSG.

My own part is what I had been always asked by engineers in Architecture cabinet - In real : - I did it once and worked a full year in Orient for engineers.
Real modelizations made of plaster ; balsa-wooden and glue and pastels ; paints and plastic. This to serve the idea presentation for a customer in a low-scale replication of a future building. It needed in-design : to look explicit ; painted-flocked ; terraformed-levelled and structured.

Interior design : might need a full library of books (even for a mesher to get impregnated with civilization-art heritage) from modern era up to now (this is how we worked as the library of the cabinet had 8000 art and design books ; we scanned the texture out of large expensive art-books in a higher [dpi] - to reprint ; use cutter and reuse by sticking on panels) ; maybe also get for yourself a tution in a school of arts ; this because it is all an education. After the model was made and prepared as a cast to showcase - a second team was searching the future design of the external walls (compound or new material in construction last only 15-20 years ; they need decorative molded amalgams imitating stone or synthetic marbles) and later interiors as stuccos ; glass ; metals - to have everything ready-at-hand for the future contractor's budget.
- Travels form the youth eventually with a train as you see changes in nature and residents along your journey - just like in Virtual Worlds - as it was ever told...

- "This had to be confirmed as my own user experience - because I had made so few friends and didn't get either much in a participation to activities events ; didn't attend the Plaza or Forum meetings ; refused even invitations to dance... lol : not because I disliked it or unfriendly ; but a justification here that - a very 'few time is impartited to get on-board as a funtime and entertain'. So I just spend time to build ; learn from others ; design & understand a bit more what was Unix programming ; how the engine OSG was build-up and runnig also. How all of this worked !"

What I will leave here with Arcadia owner is what you will get in few months of work... Indeed it will have a signature and it will relay to USA heritage and reality with Marlon Brando tribute.

- Best wishes with your own and owned creation !
Ava Ozerova

We shall be soon all survivors of the Bounty ; residents of a Pitcairn boreal age... :0P

Our land in a good detailed development - you might reach and have a look...
The interior will have a mood design very Marlon Brando.
Part of this land would get completed in March 2021.

Advancing with patience upon our project "The Brando Homestyle"...

A build slowly getting walled and textured...

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Looks great will get to visit!


Bad promotion from non-visitors ; makes good promotion...

The Art Factory

This is the best educational virtual Universe I have seen so far for the 20th century's decades of modern and post modern ; contemporain and minimal arts. All is there represented retrospectively. The Events seems planned with such a perfection and teaming... The best SIM I had seen ever that must be claimed and awarded...

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You have a wonderful place. It is very nice! ^^ Thank you for your kind word as well. "waves" :)
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