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allie Dawson 3 months ago
Sadly I have to agree that opensim IS dying ... slowly. But, it's not just opensim, I see in SL the same decrease in activity, as compared to earlier years. And it it's NOT from a lack of other things to do. There's PLENTY of activities throughout the metaverse and advertised here on OSW. Surfing, sailing, combat sims fighting zombies. CARP sims. I never attended any, but I saw av soccer games mentioned either here or in the MEWE forums. So there's LOTS of things to do already... but I see none of these regions being SWAMPED with avs looking for something besides clubs and dancing.

I think the real underlying problem is an aging av population. Most of us in opensim spent YEARS in SL beforehand and we are all 40+ now. We look more for PASSIVE entertainments than interactive ones. Plus there's the factor of "we've seen all this before". There's no "WOW" reaction left in any of us. Does anyone remember the feeling of AMAZEMENT we all felt in our first days and weeks of SL and/or OS?

What opensim (and SL) needs is an influx of new blood. And I DON'T see that happening, given the flashier appeal of newer platforms. SL and opensim were my introduction to virtual life, so will always be the 'standard' for me. But if I were being reintroduced to it today, I can't say I'd make the same choice, given all that is available now. I had high hopes for Sansar .. as being a platform that might appeal to us oldsters AND a new generation. But.. leave it to LL to screw that up too.

I sure would LOVE for someone to convince me I'm wrong.
Han_Held 3 months ago
I agree with everything you say about aging -I've been in virtual worlds 16 years myself. There's another thing to consider -where SL (and opensim) are in the tech life cycle. Going by this: I would say that we're in the trough of disillusionment, and as developers have peeled off it's questionable if Opensimulator will progress to later stages or not.

What that means is that new people won't be drawn to Opensimulator. It's too old, the graphics (compared to modern games) are too primitive to be impressive and it requires a desktop computer in an age when most people don't even own one (and instead use mobile).

There's exceptions; I know folks in their 20's who are in opensim; but they're exceptions.

My point is: we need new blood but because of how old the tech is, I don't expect us to get it.