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My review isn't based on the look of this sim - it looks great. However I was not able to get anything there. I'd click on the box, and wait - and WAIT. Nothing, Even though the message about giving me the item came up on my HUD. There was nothing in my suitcase or inventory. I came back several times to the same result. Very disappointing to say the least!


This is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places I have seen on the grid anywhere. Well designed and thought out, just needs some roleplay to make it perfect. Combines two of my favorite genres, fantasy and sci-fi. Love the place!

Valeria's Avatars 2

Great avatars! Saves hours of work setting one up, they look fantastic. Recommend highly!


Very cute coordinated outfits, including accessories and hair! The price is right at FREE, too. Customer service is friendly and prompt. I will definitely go back, to stock up and explore!

Resource Respawn

Very nice grid, some great stuff there.


Great houses, nice sim

Garden And Furniture

Really nice stuff for gardens and next to really nice clothing, too

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