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Wolf Territories

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Lone Wolf from Wolf Territories

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Riding Horses

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If your cow does not give milk, sell him.

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We have a cluster in the cloud

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Wolf Territories National Park
hg.zetaworlds.com:80:Wolf Territories National Park 0 Users
Part of the Huge Wolf Territories area in Zetaworlds 64 4x4 regions. Our national park includes everything you would expect ina park, you probably will get lost.
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Wolf Territories Ballroom
hg.zetaworlds.com:80:Wolf Territories Ballroom 0 Users
Wolf Territories Ball Room part of the 576 sim Wolf Territories Regions.
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Wolf Railyard
hg.zetaworlds.com:80:Wolf Railyard 0 Users
Wolf Railyard is a part of the 500 sim Wolf Territories where we build and test trains!
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Wolf Territories
hg.zetaworlds.com:80:Wolf Territories 1 Users
Wolf Territories is 64 4x4 regions (1024 sims) of Trains, Nature, Towns, a National Park. Probably one of the largest areas in OpenSim.
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Wolf Territories Wolf Dock Station Terminus renovations complete. Catch a train from platform 1 or platform 5

Fishing for cat food.

Lone Wolf lost in a desert

Lone Wolf Lost in the Desert

Come to the National Park. Be prepared for a long journey

More terrain work with VUE 3d. our National Park coming on nicely

Train ready for departure

Amazing night with the Clan

Sunset over mountain range. These mountains are over 160 Metres high

Huge mountain ranges.

Forest update.

Bridge in Death Valley. Train you can ride!

Our new theatre! Now working on new train lines.

Cabin on an island

Mangroves at Wolf Territories National Park

Visit Wolf Territories National Park

Lone Wolf on Patrol

Tonight visit our amazing Ballroom from Midday (8pm UK Time)

Just added another 64 sims (4 4x4 regions)


Take the train! working trains over our 512 sims!

The clan are live come on over

The awesome CLan playing live!

We now have 500 Sims!!! Wild West Themes under construction but lots here to see. Come and Sail your boats down our rivers. Ride the train!

we've moved to our own server! Which means we have expanded to 256 sims!!!!!

Wolf Territories National Park under construction - messing with terrain textures. I've still got about 15 regions to generate terrains from VUE 3d for.

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