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Wolf Territories

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Lone Wolf plays Folk, Rock, Irish and Country Music on Guitar/Mandolin/Octave Mando. Music starts at 10:00 with DJ Stevie

Snowing pretty heavily at the top of the mountain in Wolf Territories, overlooking the huge Wolf Territories National Park

Camping near an extinct volcano.

We have a number of wolf packs roaming the national park but they are friendly. Please remember they are a protected species.

Lone Wolf takes time out at the Wolf Territories church.

Mangroves at Wolf Territories National Park

Come to the National Park. Be prepared for a long journey

Visit Wolf Territories National Park

Lone Wolf on Patrol

Giant Waterfalls

Wolf Territories National Park a lot of terrain development and loading coming along.


More terrain work with VUE 3d. our National Park coming on nicely

Wolf Territories National Park under construction - messing with terrain textures. I've still got about 15 regions to generate terrains from VUE 3d for.

Wolf Territories has grown, we now have 64 4x4 regions with the Zetaworlds Real Deal package. (we have our own 16 core 64 gb ram cluster in the cloud)

https://zetaworlds.com/buy-land its' very cheap compared to some charging the same for an 8x8. Now for building!

Tonight visit our amazing Ballroom from Midday (8pm UK Time)

Gleobits has been down for 24 hours now anyone any ideas?

Come and check out this amazing animated set at Wolf Territories and enjoy our live band!

The Clan Live
Where: Wolf Territories
When: 1 month ago [14 Dec 2020 12:00 SLT]

The Clan Live at The Barn our Monday night treat.

Look what appeared!

Mountains at Wolf Territories - but can you find this location?

Lone Wolf from the Band Mandolin Monday is singing and playing from Midday hg.zetaworlds.com\wolf territories don't miss it!

Lone Wolf Live music played on Mandolins Guitars from 12 Midday.

Welcome to Wolf Territories arriving from Zetaworlds Ocean

Just added another 64 sims (4 4x4 regions)