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Ok so normally I don't do posts here but I had to do this one so that people are aware of this dude.
If you do your research you will find that this guy has screwed over so many people on OS in the past.
I feel bad for Aviworlds, this dude is legit trying to piggy back off of the success they have built after he destroyed it and sold it.
I would say do a bit of digging on this dude and you will find that he is not one to trust your homes, creations, or time with. stick to the other grids.

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I really wanted to give this a better rating because the place is beautiful, Mathilda was extremely nice and very helpful. But after my experience at one of their parties, I just couldn't. There were half naked children on a region that clearly says no child avatars. They were more concerned on the Beacon numbers and being No.1 on it more than they were concerned about the people at their party...


This place always has fun events and friendly people. I totally recommend others to visit.

Gay Nation

Twinkz grand opening was a blast. Very friendly staff, loved that not only did they welcome me when I arrived but did so to everyone that showed up. Great DJ's and banging music. Very friendly people and good vibes. I recommend this place for all to visit.

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