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Lbsa Plaza

A more a-social place. No friendly welcome, one is bored to death standing around and always the same persons that are in the middle of attraction!

Free Life Freebie Freeway

hmm ,mostly the same freebies you find anywhere else. but nice arranged..for sure. I really miss this Absolutely Bodacious Confusion sim from izzie and jim, they had very different freebies..


wonder what would happen if a sim opens only for male and females are ejected.... I bet tons of discussions would be started ,cause of female discrimination...


today the teleporters work again..great.. but sad to see how many regions are down or have "technical issues" meanwhile..seems as the interest on open grids is not so high anymore than it was months ago


Visited Foundation for the first time.. sorry.. just horrible..slowly as a snail, rezzing takes up a long time..and if you teleport to several other places,you must have luck not to stuck and crash during teleports!


Der Platz ist echt schön gemacht..da gibt es nicht zu rütteln. Auf die Freebie Abteilung in der MS Deutschland hätte man bestimmt auch verzichten können. Uralter Kram den man schon von anderen Plätzen kennt.


still a highlight and must visit vor Science Fiction Fans

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