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I am a builder, creator, imagination expander. I am I love to meet new people, explore, and expand my world with positive people and experiences. Drama is childish and something I just have no time for. I am a veteran in RL having served in the Canadian Armed Forces as an MSE-OP (driver), and medic. I am very proud of my country. I am a vampire Queen but it is all RP here.



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Tigerkitti Eberdene 11 days ago
It really is a good grid. Lots of us "GCG'ers" have come here. I love that we can save our own oars especially. I lost soooo much from GCG closing and us not getting our oars. :-( I had memorials that people who have passed away, or no longer are online made for me. (Loki...my rl daughter) I have been re-doing the army base and memorials, along with a cool town where people can come get a home or store for free. It is all different than before, but I believe it is better! Feel free to come and visit! I would love to catch up with you. Safe paths! Hugs
Marianna Monentes 11 days ago
Hugs Tig, I am saddened by what all happened and the loss. Sometimes it inspires us to create more vividly and yes at first we may feel it won't be the same, like before, but then it takes on a deeper meaning to the project and becomes even more special. Your memorial needs to be always preserved for the opensim community, I appreciated it and know others do too. Reyn and I would love to see you too sometime, we will stop by one day and say hi. I see your listing here, we will come visit.