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I am that I am.

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Anything but Drama, gossip, backbiting, bragging.

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Oh so you dislike me? Well maybe if I stand with my hand held out long enough, a random f**k will fall into it and then I can give it to you.

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All kinds but Rap and acid rock.

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The Passion

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The Bible

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Jesus Christ - the real superhero.

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The same one everyone else is using.

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Home of the realm of Amasango where the Thaums and Obeah, forces of light, work together to defeat the Amagazi and the Omubi, the forces of darkness. The Obeah are led by a man named Hawksinger and his mission is to defeat and destroy the adversaries. This Role play is structured and the region is...
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The region of Amasango is NOT a FREEBIE region nor is it a shopping region. If you want the free stuff go to the mall on our grid and get it or shop around the Hypergrid like I did. It's just a little annoying to think I have people showing up because they're interested in Roleplaying and all the want to do is run around and copy what I've put together. So I am going to mark every single thing no copy. I really hate to be hateful about things but there are times when rudeness deserves it. I greet the people and say hello and they just walk past me like I don't exist and start copying. more. You may come and visit and enjoy the region and if you're interested in roleplaying talk to me. If you're coming for freebies - don't bother. The instant I made the stuff they were walking toward no copy, they left the region. A little bit of common courtesy would have people returning a greeting and asking for things. I know this will probably tick some people off but I really don't care because as a rule if you "ask" me if you can copy things, I'll say sure. But to ignore me on my own region and just start grabbing stuff is majorly rude.

Crazyposeidon: This is OPEN SIM :((((((((((((((((((( a shame / ppl come want all and / cause virtual nothing prims them lost all them humanity 1 month ago
The hidden temple of the ancient mages, high up in the mountains beyond the reach of any but the Thaum Mages and the Obeah. Come, visit, see the wonders and discover the secrets of this mystical land.
The Kingdom of Runalaqta protected by the Thaums and Obeah, it's former queen seeks it's destruction, it's current King vows to keep it safe. Visit, enjoy, ask me about the roleplay and characters sought.
The Port of the land of Amasango - A role play set in the ancient past or in the distant future. The characters are amazing, the story intriguing and the region is breathtaking. Visit the region just to enjoy the build - ask me about the roleplay.
This region is now open to any who would like to visit and explore a great adventure. It is a role playing region dedicated to a story line set in another galaxy, a place both ancient and futuristic supernatural. It is a world undiscovered and exciting, beautiful and dangerous and the right role players could bring it to life....we're looking for YOU.
From this day forward if you post negative drama about ANY grid owner, I don't care who it is or what they've done, I will block you. YOUR drama is NOT what this OSW page is for. I don't care what other grid owners are doing, it's their grid they can do what they want so, back up, grow up and shut up.

CyberGlo CyberStar: The problem is this... What a grid owner does is his/her business. Ok, you don't like Alex, then warn people in your IM's, or start a group. This board does not need to become a negative downer plac... 1 years ago
This is our new mall on our new grid, incomplete and still in the works so it's not open to anybody but when it is we'll let you know, we plan on having everything from Houses to Hats provided by 4 awesome builders. COMING SOON!
I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported and encouraged us on grid our dawn while we were there. I want you all to know that every like, every message, every note, every visit, every comment of encouragement has meant more to me than I can say, and thank you is somehow - inadequate. With that said, the same builds that so many of you have enjoyed from that now defunct grid, can be found on my new grid and will be available as soon as the region is ready. We are all working very hard to get things ready and rebuild as we start fresh and new. This promises to be an amazing adventure with the phenomenal builders we have. As for details, they are unimportant to anybody but those directly involved. But suffice it to say that the family is still together, just on a new grid that is mine. Blessings - Thor

Hugabug: Wishing you all the Best & look forward to visiting your new grid. :) 1 years ago

I am now on look us up at "Lioness Den". New life, new beginning, new friends and fun!

Sometimes all we need to do is speak the truth and let it do it's job. Blessings.

Misty_Falls: yes ...history will make it's own judgement. 2 years ago

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AvatarLife Freebie Island

people from my world are not allowed.....okay

Kat's Korner Shop

After searching all over the place I finally found exactly what I was looking for here at Kat's Korner Shop! Awesome Job!

Neo Rome

AWESOME build that reflects futuristic and ancient times. A must see for the pure pleasure of how well it's done with a little shopping on the side. Great job, keep up the good work!

Natural Harmony

Beautiful, harmonious and well planned. Clearly a work to show the appreciation of nature. Simply stunning.

Mare Welcome

Absolutely awesome! Laid out nice, easy to find what you're looking for! I give it DOUBLE THUNDER!


This place is positively AMAZING! So much beautiful stuff for both women and men. I positively love it!


This place is GREAT!

Masala Estates Office

AWESOME HOST: This man is awesome and always willing to help in any way he can. Sometimes it may take a while for him to answer you as he is a very busy person, but he is always there and always helpful in whatever way he can be. Really, I cannot say enough good about Unadecal Masala and I'm thankful we have our grid with him. I give him two thumbs up and my recommendation to anybody looking f...

Mega Store

It said freebies, but when I click on something it says "Unable to buy at this time you do not have sufficient funds." So I guess it's not free.


I do not have access because my viewer, the latest in Firestorm, is banned. Okay well thanks, I guess I really don't want to come there anyway.

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It's been a long time since seeing you active here, old friend. Hope all is well with you, your glorious builds and friendly nature really always made me feel comfortable. Praying things are good :)