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WE'RE BACK!!!! Onzestad means "Our Town". There is a play called "Our Town" and the name of the village in that play is Grover Corners. Well we made this town "Grover's Corner" and it's Our Town. It is a better organized better built version of my old region "New Hope" on the former grid. Here...
more info


From this day forward if you post negative drama about ANY grid owner, I don't care who it is or what they've done, I will block you. YOUR drama is NOT what this OSW page is for. I don't care what other grid owners are doing, it's their grid they can do what they want so, back up, grow up and shut up.

CyberGlo CyberStar: The problem is this... What a grid owner does is his/her business. Ok, you don't like Alex, then warn people in your IM's, or start a group. This board does not need to become a negative downer plac... 2 months ago
Aunt Etta-Jean's Village Inn is one of the "happening" places and a great social place with a huge dining hall and plenty of food made from a gorgeous, pristine, ginormous kitchen. It's still being completed but you're free to visit and enjoy!
Grover's Corner in Onzestad is set in the 50's so put on your bobby socks and poodle skirt ladies, and the duck tail hair cut, and leather jacket fellas and slip back to a much more innocent time and enjoy the park and the whole region.

A panoramic shot of Grover's Corner (Onzestad) on, a happily contented client of Masala Estates.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, and they realized Father Yule was already there ... muahahahaha - Blessings - Thor

Getting ready to celebrate Christmas with our group family on our new grid. Our 2nd Annual Get Together, but the first one on the new grid and it promises to be a lot of fun. Blessings - Thor

It's back up and working! The Kiddie Train ride now located in "Our Town Park" once the region is ready it will be open to all, especially families, kids and people who enjoy living in a time when things were more innocent. This region on our new grid is called "Our Town" and it's set in the 50's. What a wonderful era in America. Blessings - Thor
There is much to do in getting things rebuilt on the new grid ( ) after leaving grid.our-dawn. The process seems slow but it's actually moving along rather quickly and we are renaming the village we had on the old grid that was called "New Hope" to "Our Town". Our Town is an interesting play you may want to read some time. But this is a picture of our arrival point and "Effie's Kitchen". With this region we are going to take a step back in time to when things were far more peaceful and people were more sociable. As soon as the region is ready I will post the beacon. Blessings - Thor
This is our new mall on our new grid, incomplete and still in the works so it's not open to anybody but when it is we'll let you know, we plan on having everything from Houses to Hats provided by 4 awesome builders. COMING SOON!
I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported and encouraged us on grid our dawn while we were there. I want you all to know that every like, every message, every note, every visit, every comment of encouragement has meant more to me than I can say, and thank you is somehow - inadequate. With that said, the same builds that so many of you have enjoyed from that now defunct grid, can be found on my new grid and will be available as soon as the region is ready. We are all working very hard to get things ready and rebuild as we start fresh and new. This promises to be an amazing adventure with the phenomenal builders we have. As for details, they are unimportant to anybody but those directly involved. But suffice it to say that the family is still together, just on a new grid that is mine. Blessings - Thor

Hugabug: Wishing you all the Best & look forward to visiting your new grid. :) 3 months ago

I am now on look us up at "Lioness Den". New life, new beginning, new friends and fun!

Sometimes all we need to do is speak the truth and let it do it's job. Blessings.

Misty_Falls: yes ...history will make it's own judgement. 7 months ago

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Natural Harmony

Beautiful, harmonious and well planned. Clearly a work to show the appreciation of nature. Simply stunning.

Dyvalls Shopping Fun

An outstanding job in organization, and aesthetic display. This place is highly recommended for your shopping pleasure. This place just keeps getting better every time I come back!

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This place is positively AMAZING! So much beautiful stuff for both women and men. I positively love it!


This place is GREAT!

Masala Estates Office

AWESOME HOST: This man is awesome and always willing to help in any way he can. Sometimes it may take a while for him to answer you as he is a very busy person, but he is always there and always helpful in whatever way he can be. Really, I cannot say enough good about Unadecal Masala and I'm thankful we have our grid with him. I give him two thumbs up and my recommendation to anybody looking f...

Mega Store

It said freebies, but when I click on something it says "Unable to buy at this time you do not have sufficient funds." So I guess it's not free.


This is one region you do not want to miss! It is beautifully laid out, gorgeous stuff, makes shopping actually fun instead of tedious. Way to go!!


I do not have access because my viewer, the latest in Firestorm, is banned. Okay well thanks, I guess I really don't want to come there anyway.

Ezra's place

Beautifully organized and well laid out this region is a positive joy to explore. I'm never disappointed when I go to Ezra's Place.

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