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Recreating the infamous Norse Realms of the Aesir and Vanir gods honored by the Vikings. We have all 9 realms and then some, including the realm of Midgard with viking villages, Quintonia Satyr Farm system and of course the gods to keep life interesting. We look forward to meeting you.

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I'm Thor. You know, lighting, thunder, storms, agriculture and a really big hammer.

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All kinds of things and people.

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I'm no better than anybody else, but there ain't nobody better'n me.

Music I Like

just about anything but rockabilly and rap, not a huge fan of Regaee either.

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Total fantasy Sci-Fi, or very historically accurate.

Books I Like

ones with very large print

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Jesus the one TRUE super hero.

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It buzzes a lot.

My Regions

Helheim 0 Users
The land of the disreputible dead on the dark side and of the innocent on the light side. It was established by our Goddess Hela that these people, the innocent, do not know they are dead.
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Alpheimr 0 Users
Home of the light elves, fairies, unicorns, light sprites and all kinds of nature spirits.
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Land of the Norns of the Norns 0 Users
The realm of the Norns, those who hold the fate of both mortals and gods in their hands, the three rulers of the Norns are Urd (Past), Verdandi (Present), and Skuld (Future). The youngest is Skuld and she's a mischievous one as she unravels the tapestries her sisters make because she is the one who...
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Hjartabilun 0 Users
The home of the Disir, noble women in many ways equal to the Valkyries but they were the teachers and philosophers and judges among the gods.
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Welcomer 0 Users
WE ARE NOT A SHOPPING OR FREEBIE REGION - We are a role playing and educational region. Welcome and Information Center for Asgard & The 9 Norse Realms of Norse Mythology and Viking culture. Our Asgard started in Second Life as Asgard Aito until Ragnarok. We moved to Opensimulator and now a work t...
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Jordheimr 0 Users
WE ARE NOT A SHOPPING OR FREEBIE REGION - We are a role playing and educational region. The home of Jord, Thor's mother, also known as Mother Nature, or Mother Earth in some cultures perhaps Gaia, at any rate she is perhaps the most powerful goddess of Norse Mythology and revered even by the gods.....
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Aegir 0 Users
WE ARE NOT A SHOPPING OR FREEBIE REGION - We are a role playing and educational region. The Kingdom of Aegir and his wife Ran, god and goddess of the underwater world. In Norse Mythology they were called Wave maidens and men, in others they were called simply "Mermaids and Mermen". Recruiting bui...
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Neifelheim 0 Users
WE ARE NOT A SHOPPING OR FREEBIE REGION - We are a role playing and educational region. Those cold hearted frost giants are from this world of snow, ice and wind, nearly a baron wasteland through there are some signs of life. Their world is virtually a winter wonderland. Recruiting builders, scri...
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New Valhalla Valhalla 0 Users
WE ARE NOT A SHOPPING OR FREEBIE REGION - We are a role playing and educational region. The Gem of Norse Mythology - ASGARD - and Castle Valhal. Valhalla was located in Asgard and Castle Valhal was Odin's most favorite of all the castles he had. Recruiting builders, scripters, teachers and those ...
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Muspelheim 0 Users
WE ARE NOT A SHOPPING OR FREEBIE REGION - We are a role playing and educational region. Land of the fire giants, and other huge critters, a most beautiful region to be sure even if it's king is a hot head.
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Jotunheimr 0 Users
WE ARE NOT A SHOPPING OR FREEBIE REGION - We are a role playing and educational region. Land of the giants of Norse Mythology fame. While mischievous, these giants were not evil like some of the others, in fact, one of them, named Jord, was the mother of Thor and also known as Mother Nature, or mo...
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Midgard East East 1 Users
WE ARE NOT A SHOPPING OR FREEBIE REGION - We are a role playing and educational region. Midgard - Home of Vikings and other humans. Regions available free to those who would like to develop them under Viking history and culture going back into the Viking times where Men were Men and Women were W...
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Night time in Asgard and New Valhalla.

Village of the gods in New Valhalla, Asgard.

Midgard East's Village of Kattegat, ruled by Ragnarr Lodbrok!

The Village of Heimland in Midgard East, ruled by Hemi Skywind and his wife Eyja.

Gemsheimur village in Midgard East, largely unsettled and waiting for a nice Viking group to love the land.

Midgard East's village of Fridland. Come visit you might decide to stay.

Our Christmas Party in Asgard, we had a really great time and DJ Rosa Askleeve was there to turn on the tunes! We decided then to have a dance the last Sunday of every month at 11am Grid time. Join us!

Our New Year's Party in Asgard at the new Amphitheater!

Where: Hjartabilun
When: 20 days ago [31 Dec 2020 19:00 SLT]

This party begins at 7pm Pacific time and goes on for as long as we want but we will watch the ball drop in Time Square New York....Midnight Eastern Standard Time. That will be 21:00 Pacific time. We don't have a DJ but that's okay we have good classic rock and roll Radio, Great friends and great fun. Join us we'd love to have you there.

As more developers arrive, and designers, some of the regions have been turned over to them. I'm sure you will see them posted as soon as they are ready. It's so nice to have people working, building and developing. We have a very talented group here and growing.
While we understand that Open Sim is free and full perm, our grid is not a commercial grid, and our regions are not shopping malls. Most of our builds are personal builds that we are happy to share, however, it would be nice if the person who would like one of our builds would ask us if they may have a's called common courtesy. We welcome visitors, however, if you would like something we have built, have the courtesy to ask, don't just walk through taking what you want without even a thank you. We are friendly and welcome all but if this continues that can change. Thank you and have a nice day.

The 9 Norse Realms and Midgard, "our" Asgard is growing and it's been a wonderful experience....Come and share in the dream and the fun and the beauty that can be created in OS.

Anybody know what a conundrum is? It is also known as a "catch 22", in essence a damned if you do and damned if you don't kind of scenario. I have had people visit our realms, say how amazing they are, but then say "I'm not coming there to stay because there are no other's there." There are a few we're just not here all the time as we have lives in the real world that are more important. However, if everybody who comes here and "claims" they love it but are disappointed with open sim because the sim or grid they're on doesn't have any people continue to "not go there because there is nobody there", guess what? There never will be anybody in either place, because they're not willing to recruit for the grid or sim they're on and they want to go to a grid or sim that is loaded...not very many of those around. So if you love a grid or a sim and you think it's amazing and awesome then go there to stay, and recruit others to be there to stay and in no time at all, the grid or sim will be full. But, I will say this, if you're not going to help and be a part of it all to help make it grow and become something that everyone can enjoy....don't come here. We want people who #1. want to be here regardless of how many people there are or are not, #2. want to help see it grow and become something and have people on it and #3. share the vision of what we're doing - it's educational in many ways. If you're not really interested in anything but visiting that's fine, everyone is very welcome to visit unless you come there to proposition me for age play, in which case I will report you, ban you and block you in a heartbeat. And understand, we are based entirely on "Norse Mythology and Viking Culture" we are NOT Gorean. Nothing against those who are into that but we are not Torvaldslanders, we are Aesir and Vanir gods, Jotuns, dark elves, light elves, good guys and bad guys following the eddas to a degree without making them the "gospel" of the Norse mythos. We offer the Quintonia Satyr Farm system which is amazing, free land and homes and clothing and avatars for those who want to be a part of it all. We are recruiting all positions and characters with a few exceptions. People who know Viking Culture and Norse Mythology are very welcome to visit and or live here.

We celebrate your decision, you know who you are, you've made us ridiculously happy, uphoric in fact, the air is lighter, the sun is brighter and we all smile a lot more. Thank you.