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I like it when stuff 'just works' :)

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About Myself

Running a cosy microgrid called Tamai. I struggle with social stuff and am quiet, mostly withdrawn on my own sim. I play with two avies, wildly different in looks; transitioning to the more plain avi since I lost interest in the adult scene :)

I currently don't feel motivated to spend time in/on OS and I'm almost always in SL.

My Interests

Scripting, creating, vehicles, (mini-)games, combat, RLV

Favorite Quote

- A large landmass is pointless if all that land is devoid of people
- It's easy to be 'generous' when sharing stolen goods you didn't create or sublicense
- Banning fiction is just as bad as punishing people for 'thinkcrime'

Music I Like

Techno; the more underground, obscure and faceless, the better

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